Bucknuts Basketball Coverage is Here

Bucknuts Basketball Coverage is here! Read on for more.

Men's Basketball coverage is here!

The fans have convinced us... it's time to start covering hoops.  The basketball fans out there have let their voices be heard (and we were listening!). 

So what can you expect from our hoops coverage?

Good question.  Especially if you consider that not even we are quite sure how it will turn out.  But so far, here is what is in store:

  • We have a new basketball writer - A.T. Buckeye.  He will be doing articles on occasion and will be the main man on our basketball team.  I guess you could say that he'll be running the point.  He has already given some great articles to the Bucknuts Fan Club, and we think you will really enjoy reading his news and views.  Other Bucknuts writers will weigh in with some hoops thoughts on occasion as well.
  • Recruiting-wise, we're not going to have a resident expert like Duane Long for football, but A.T. is into recruiting and following the young Buckeyes-to-be, so every once in a while, we are going to hear from him on a recruit or two.  We will also try to bring you a recruiting update every once in a while, and we also will be pointing you towards the updates posted by the Insiders.com basketball recruiting guru Dave Telep (http://insidershoops.theinsiders.com/). 
  • We already have some basic necessities posted, such as a roster, a schedule page, and a Buckeye hoops records page.  Check those out as they are linked from the front page. 
  • And, of course, we will now be posting links to Buckeye basketball news articles from across the web in addition to the usual football articles. 
  • And don't forget the Basketball Message Board, which has caught on and has been going strong throughout the offseason!

We're going to add more in the future.  We hope to do the best we can with this, and we're going to have some fun in the process.  We hope you enjoy our hoops coverage!  

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