Bearcats Latest Offer Is?

The Bearcats are looking at several positions for the Class of 2006. With many prospects taking in games this year, one who visited during the West Virginia game walked away with an offer. But while fans are looking for offensive lineman and linebackers, the staff is looking at a position that may surprise many.

While things have been under the radar for football recruiting, Bearcat Insider has learned Coach Dantonio has made a surprising offer to a young man who grew up on Bearcats football.

From the years of 1975-1980, Robert Wright suited up as a tight end for the Bearcats. Today, Wright, a dentist, has made sure his family knew about his days as a player on the campus of Clifton. While Wright has used up all of his eligibility, he has a son who has four years left.

That son, Bryan, has grown up on Bearcats football from the time he was a youngster. Last Wednesday night the older Wright received the news he's been waiting to hear. "The University of Cincinnati is offering Bryan Wright a scholarship." Now I don't know if those were the words used by Coach Dantonio, but it's close enough to what both Wright's heard after the Bearcats game against West Virginia.

But while making an offer isn't a surprise, the position it was made for may be. Bryan Wright is a kicker, and a pretty good one at that. The senior from Salem, Ohio has size and a strong leg. He's also seeing interest from several other programs. Here is the lowdown on the newest Bearcat offer.

Bryan Wright


Salem HS

HT: 6'2 WT: 205

Position: Kicker / Punter

2005 Highlights: Went 7-11 on field goals during this past year. Made field goals came from the following distances 30, 35, 38, 47, 48, 52, 57. On kickoffs Wright hit 85% for touchbacks. As a punter he averaged 40 yards per punt.

As you can see Wright shows a strong leg. The Bearcats have expressed to Bryan they are looking for him to handle all kicking duties.

Other offers held at this time are as follows. Bowling Green and Cincinnati. Two other schools are showing great interest in the Salem kicker. West Virginia is looking at Wright as a punter and Michigan is looking at him as a kicker. Wright will spend this weekend at Michigan for the Ohio State verses Michigan game.

Bearcat Insider spoke with Wright as he arrived in Ann Arbor Friday night and have a short interview.

BI: You got your offer after the West Virginia game, how do you feel?

BW: Very excited. My dad played at UC from 1975-1980 as a tight end. He's real excited about me getting an offer from Cincinnati since he also played there.

BI: So what does your dad think?

BW: My dad would love to see me be a Bearcat. I'm sure he'll be pushing me to be a Bearcat.

BI: What did you think about your visit?

BW: I see a program getting stronger. I've been going to UC games since I was a little kid and really like what I'm seeing.

BI: Do you have any visits planed at this time?

BW: Yes, the first weekend of December I'll be at Bowling Green. Then I'll come to UC the next weekend. West Virginia said they may make an official offer in the next week or so and have talked about an official visit the first weekend in January.

BI: What do you think Bearcat fans would like to know about you?

BW: I'm a hard worker. My dad got me into kicking and I've had great support from my family and teammates.

BI: Have you though of what you might study in college?

BW: I'm looking into business and also physical therapy.

BI: So how are your grades?

BW: I carry a 3.6 GPA and just took the ACT, so I don't have the results back yet.

BI: Thanks for taking the time and talking with us.

BW: You're welcome.

I would like to thank Robert Wright for contacting us with the information about his son. I would also like to thank Bryan for taking the time and talking with us while he was in Michigan getting ready to watch the big game of the weekend.

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