Ohio's top player hits the airwaves

Ohio standout Prescott Burgess was a guest on the Bucknuts Radio Hour today... what's the latest?

When ranking recruits, opinions may vary from guru to guru, but this year, there does seem to be at least one constant so far regarding players from the state of Ohio -- LB/DB Prescott Burgess from Harding High School in Warren, Ohio is the best of the bunch right now. Prescott joined us today on the Bucknuts Radio Hour, and it doesn't sound like he is in a hurry to make a decision, nor does it sound like he has it narrowed down yet.

Prescott told us that he wants to take all his visits before deciding. When asked what schools he is interested in, Prescott answered "Florida, OSU, Michigan, Tennessee... I have no idea, really." When he does decide what schools he wants to check out, it doesn't sound like offers will be a problem as he says the list is too long to remember. Off the top of his head, he mentioned OSU, Michigan State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh, to name a few.

Prescott mentioned that a big factor in his decision would be how a school's scheme works and how he would fit in to the picture. Prescott said he can play any position on defense and that defense is what he loves to play. "I like the feeling of hitting," he said.

By the sound of it, Prescott Burgess is going to leave some people in suspense this year when it comes to his decision. He mentioned no leader, saying that he won't tell anyone until it's all over. "It will be a surprise," he said. Well, some school is going to be very, very happy with that surprise.

Special thanks to Prescott for the interview!!!

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