Chat Transcript - Jerry Rudzinski (5/9)

Chat transcript from Bucknuts Fan Club Jerry Rudzinski chat from 5/9/2002

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:09:23 PM)
Hi Jerry

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:09:25 PM)
sounds good. Kirk, what's happening

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:09:28 PM)
Hey Jerry

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:09:54 PM)
Hubbard, how are you. Are you thinking I am crazy for my enthusiasm. I like what I saw

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:09:58 PM)
Not much... my back is killing me. I hope I can make it thru the whole chat

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:10:22 PM)
No I don't think you're crazy, but our OL does worry me

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:10:34 PM)
you need a massaging chair

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:10:37 PM)
as spielman says "kirk, take a mental toughness pill" just kidding

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:11:03 PM)
Hey now, I didn't ask to get taken out of the game... I'm still gonna try and go!! :)

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:11:09 PM)
yeah, see if mr bucknuts can hook me up with a massage chair

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:11:40 PM)
I hope people don't have trouble spelling centralmcclellion

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:11:59 PM)
I did

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:12:19 PM)
I tried to just past it but it didn't work

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:12:06 PM)
kirk, what is duane saying about the bucks. I haven't read it yet

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:12:40 PM)
It was interesting, he raves about the DL, seems most worried about corner than any other position

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:13:00 PM)
After watching the spring game I'm not worried about the corner at all

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:13:09 PM)
I can see why. Fox was nice in practice, but when the lights went on, he didn't have it yet

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:13:30 PM)
I didn't see it that way at all

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:13:45 PM)
the beauty is practicing against our receivers. I am not kidding about gamble. he's a stud. I think our best

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 8:13:20 PM)
Hello Hoosier

Hoosier Buck  (May 9, 2002 8:14:26 PM)
Hey Kirk, Jrud, etal! Glad to be here. That was SOME pword Kirk!

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 8:14:41 PM)
I think the two deep at WR will all get their chance in the NFL. I like Carter and Gamble

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:14:51 PM)
Carter did look good

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:14:59 PM)
Sorry about the password, I will make it easier next time :(

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:14:59 PM)
Fox's speed is better than I thought, but his vision needs some polish. Although a front 7 like we have he won't need to lock up that long. Why talk about's the other one that worries me

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:15:26 PM)
McNutt=major lack of cartilage in his ankle

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 8:15:37 PM)
haha, that's not good

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 8:16:19 PM)
Jrud, Are we going to get Bam some serious PT?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:16:44 PM)
Sounds good to me. I am not taking gamble out though

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:16:48 PM)
Jerry, let me throw this one out to you....when you played, who do you feel was the most underrated player that you played with?

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:17:45 PM)
Fickell had to be up there. Brent Johnson was nice. Greg bellisari...people have absolutely no idea how good he was. he was on another level.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:18:15 PM)
greg was textbook in everything he did. Not just smart either...he was awesome physically

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:18:51 PM)
I'll always remember Bellisari's sack in the Rose Bowl when he went right around the Az State All-American Juan Roque (think that was his first name)

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:18:53 PM)
by the way...we wouldn't have been the same defense without Damon moore at safety. He was the glue

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:19:15 PM)
yeah, i remember his dance after he sacked him. it's fun seeing guys have fun.

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:19:34 PM)
If you are someone like Jason Caldwell and Bobby Britton, and you're below a walk-on on the depth chart, what does that do (if anything) to your approach/attitude?

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:20:46 PM)
Well, it will be up to the player. Some guys stay the course and work there way out of it. Unfortunately , too many guys go in a shell and start blaming the coaches. they will think the grass is greener on the other side.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:21:13 PM)
players need to look at themselves first rather than others.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:21:30 PM)
Jerry, have you got a chance to look at the rest of the B-10 much? Who do you think will be near the top? I think Illinois still looks very good, even without Kittner....great corners, all 3 LB's back and starting WR's that are probably even better than ours.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:22:46 PM)
Illinois will be decent, but they are not the same without Kittner in my mind. The way he could throw the long ball and the way he could bail them out of third down jams was unreal. I like Michigan, Wisconsin, and MSU to compete with us.

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:22:54 PM)
Jerry, a little of base, Bt I was wondering if you stay in contact with past players? If< so can you shed some light on how Katz is doing in his recovery?

bridge152  (May 9, 2002 8:23:28 PM)
Is he still hungry to Play NFL, football??

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:25:16 PM)
Andy is still thinking football. To be honest, I don't think he has the same passion for it he used too. Can you blame him... Neck problems. I figure he will have one more go around with the NFL. The patriots won't be real patient with him though. Other teams will.

nbuck  (May 9, 2002 8:22:18 PM)
jerry if this has been asked sorry,is marco cooper retaing his schollie or is it now avail for this years class?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:23:36 PM) question. It should still be his until he is officially thrown off. And when he doesn't keep up with his school progress, he will be thrown off. So basically, not officially yet

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:25:12 PM)
Jerry, you are from Alter correct? Didn't Jeff Graham attend Alter?

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:25:31 PM)
Jeff "Pan Am" Graham did go to alter

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:25:38 PM)
he could light it up

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:25:35 PM)

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 8:25:37 PM)
Jerry, I just got a copy of the OSU/Ill. 1984 game when Byars scored 5 TDs and ran out of a shoe in the Horseshoe. Does the coaching staff ever show this game to the team for inspiration. We came back from 24-0 early in the 2nd qtr. to win 45-38

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:26:38 PM)
No, we didn't see much of that when I was there. But they would bring all those guys back to talk about there time. Cooper was big into that. They often made highlight tapes to fire us up. We'd watch them prior to games or on thursday/friday

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:27:10 PM)
they make the highlight tapes pretty sweet. Alot of cool music.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:27:04 PM)
Jerry, what was a pregame or a halftime like with Coach Cooper? Did he talk much or did the assistants talk a lot, or neither? Any tirades?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:28:46 PM)
Many, many tirades. He actually was more into the psyche than the adjustments. he couldn't stand it when a team like an Indiana or purdue or minnesota thought they had a chance. He would get us going about that. I don't blame him. All he did in coaching and to not be respected by some new coach in the league. That is probably why we had so many routes

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:29:36 PM)
People think Cooper was hands off, but those people didn't see him deal with special teams. On the field, off the field, he would get after people.

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:29:18 PM)
Jerry, Refrence D'Andrea, his father is quouted in saying he works out 4-5 hours a day, Shouldn't there be a cap on it, is there a point where you can OVER Do it?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:30:56 PM)
you can definitely over do it. I think about 2.5 hours is good. Burn out is an issue, but so is physically breaking your self down. That is how I broke my foot at OSU. Overuse and I would sneak in extra running behind Coach K's back. He would have killed me if he knew that.

nbuck (May 9, 2002 8:29:55 PM)
jerry did you and kirk get the impression that prescott burgess is not a lock for ohio state he seems to be very ambivilant about schools and his answer saying that it would be a suprise who he commmited to set off alarm bells...

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:31:13 PM)
Prescott certainly didn't suggest he was anywhere close to a decision on the radio, but Duane still seems to think he's a lock.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:31:39 PM)
I think he will be at OSU. Not a lock though. Keep Clarett happy, teammates always talk.

bridge152  (May 9, 2002 8:31:13 PM)
AND Kudla,, his strength is down right SCARY! I am sure it is not common for an 18 yr old kid to have a 515 lb bench press!

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:32:18 PM)
Kudla is a beast. I think that is just wild that he can do that much. reminds me of matt calhoun or charlie sanders or randy homa.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:31:17 PM)
Jerry, if you had to pinpoint it, what do you think kept Courtland Bullard from having a big career here? He was highly touted and some thought he would pass you on the depth chart, but his athletic ability couldn't carry him past your consistent play. He cam along, but just never achieved greatness IMO.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:33:28 PM)
Courtland...I saw something special in him his first season...prior to his redshirt year (which was year two). He seemed to lose his stinger a bit. Actually, he was injured and Jamar hit him a few times. It took him a while to recover. Just a guess.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:34:57 PM)
I think switching coaches hurt courtland. He is guy that seemed to do better with consistency and continuity. That gave him confidence.

MrBucknuts (May 9, 2002 8:33:02 PM)
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Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:33:24 PM)
Now who the heck is this guy

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:33:54 PM)
They will let anyone on this thing.

Hoosier Buck  (May 9, 2002 8:34:35 PM)
Yeah, How do you think I got here? 

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:34:21 PM)
Jerry, I loved a few things I saw in the springame, 1. Liked seeing Lydell, And Maurice out there together. I think Tressel visiting Cooker in Miami, there may be an emulation attempt of there offense

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:35:51 PM)
you are right about the spring. but remember that Miami is built on balance. not overly exotic, just great players making a defense guard the run and pass.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:36:47 PM)
that line didn't hurt Miami either. I think tressel paid more attention to the overall status of the program as much as the x's and o's.

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:36:40 PM)
Would also like to see us get an exceptional TE recruit so we can see that BALANCE

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:37:56 PM)
get irizary. We need about 3 tight ends. that will give us the arsenal we need. Hartsock, and the young pups. I still need to see more from hamby. A tight end is a weapon. I hated manning the great ones. you lose focus on the run game you need to stop

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:36:45 PM)
Jerry, what's the skinny on Ryan Cook? There was talk last year that the coaches thought the kid had some big upside and there was talk about him looking good early this spring. Now he is behind a walk-on on the depth chart. Coaches sending him a message?

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 8:36:55 PM)
Jerry, what did you think about the seniors who did not sign Coach T s fb? Can you tell who the suspected ringleaders were? Thanks.

MrBucknuts (May 9, 2002 8:38:08 PM)
Jerry, everyone says Tressel has control over this team now but still more than half the players were not recruited by him When does this team truly become "his" team?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:40:23 PM)
My thoughts are right now. Last year was transition. It's funny to listen to people. Marco and Steve and reggie were Cooper's guys, but the Michigan win was with Tressel's team. I chuckle at that. basically though, I think it is now his team. Once a full calendar year is done, the transition is done. And the players seem to be having a ball with the new coaches.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:38:38 PM)
Ryan cook has the tools, but needs to get the motor going. I like olds a lot. he will get there.

Marysville Buck-I  (May 9, 2002 8:37:38 PM)
Miami had 4 DB's drafted and have a 5th in a camp. Wow.

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:37:47 PM)

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:38:55 PM)
The thing about Miami is that the cupboard is not close to being empty.

nbuck  (May 9, 2002 8:40:18 PM)
do you get to talk to recruits on game day [spring] and what if anything did they say?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:41:19 PM)
Actually, just mangold and hawk. They are just fired up. We didn't talk much football. Sorry I don't have better information on that. We had a big luncheon/reunion with the older players and I got wrapped up in that.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:40:22 PM)
Good to hear about Olds. He seems like a good kid. Seems like he's made some good progress...I know he was a bit overwhelmed last year.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:41:56 PM)
Stepanovich, Mangold, and Olds are all centers in my mind. Who can go to guard is the question

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:41:55 PM)
Is Hawk just a tackle machine? I love what I've heard about him.

bridge152  (May 9, 2002 8:42:42 PM)
Seen Hawk play he is a ball hawk, played in a solid confrence, very sound player

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:42:55 PM)
lots of HEART

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:42:59 PM)
Hawk is the real deal. Just wait on this guy. His attitude is great. He likes to smack people and he doesn't care where he plays. The coaches will give him every opportunity because he doesn't have a prima donna attitude. That goes a long way.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:43:40 PM)
Mangold is a size question mark. Not for his career, just next year.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:43:42 PM)
Great to hear

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:44:30 PM)
I don't care what anyone says...when coaches like you as a helps you get every look imaginable. Maybe not playing time in games, but every look in practice. That is all you can ask

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:44:32 PM)
Jerry, who were some of the nasty TE's, FB's, TB's or O-linemen you faced as a Buckeye?

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:47:40 PM)
Actually, I don't always remember the names (we never talked names in the film room). MSU had about a 285 pounder at te that my 220 frame struggled with. Wyoming and Texas A and M had better tight ends than anyone. Fullback, no one touches Jamar, but Michigans were all that (although Shea wasn't that physical compared to some). O-Line, no one was like Tre Thomas fo FSU. Also Flozell.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:48:49 PM)
Flozell the Hotel....haven't heard that name in a while

nbuck (May 9, 2002 8:46:46 PM)
jerry do you think it is a very important recruiting tool to have teamates already at a college and were there any at osu when you were recruited?

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:47:26 PM)
Looks to me the key ingredient is Proximity to home!!!

bridge152  (May 9, 2002 8:47:52 PM)
say what ya want, but has to be important for Family to watch

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:50:01 PM)
I think it is nice to have teammates. definitely. I had Jim Borchers go through right before me (long snapper). The most important thing is having guys like yourself. On my visit, guys like Vrabel, Fickell, Miller, Hoying...I just felt comfortable with them. We had similar backgrounds. On my visit to UCLA, the California attitude didn't sit well with me. Also, down south at Tennessee...I just didn't get a vibe. You want guys that are like you.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:50:33 PM)
Family is key. but there is not much difference between 1 hour and 5 hours away. Either way, your parents can watch all the game.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:50:53 PM)
It is different when your parents need to get on a plane to get there.

bridge152  (May 9, 2002 8:51:07 PM)

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:51:39 PM)
Jerry, can you tell us about Michigan '98? I mean, was it just crazy before you guys hit the field? Could you even sleep the night before?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:53:16 PM)
Actually, there was a quiet confidence. We were ticked off about Michigan state, but knew we could still save face with a win over michigan. We know David and Joe and Michael would be awesome. But it was just a matter of who was more physical. The message before the game was simple "let's go get in a fistfight for 60 minutes"

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 8:51:47 PM)
I just thought of another tight end. Who was the guy from Penn State that later moved to defensive end and got drafted by the Colts. I think it started with an E

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 8:52:48 PM)
Jerry any incoming frosh you think might start?/play?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:53:58 PM)
I think Underewood, Carpenter, D'Andrea, Morris, Clarett all play. I don't see any starting out of the gates.

nbuck (May 9, 2002 8:53:48 PM)
jerry do think that the early game with the extra practice time plus 2weeks off after for more practice will enable alot of the frosh to get used to terminnology and settle in to college life?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:55:20 PM)
Unfortunately, it will still be a whirlwind. I wish I could say it will help, but you really don't catch your breath as a freshman until about mid January. It may help a little, but it will help our older guys more. They can just polish up more than other teams. And we can instll more packages.

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:54:56 PM)
Pitcock redshirt with the Depth??

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:56:21 PM)
I don't yet with Pitcock. I don't think he will redshirt, I just can't imagine him playing a lot though considering who we have . he should be on the two deep, but we have so much versatility

nbuck (May 9, 2002 8:55:51 PM)
is derrick morris someone you would not like to go up against?

bridge152  (May 9, 2002 8:56:30 PM)
Morris to me doesn't look nowhere near NAsty??

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:57:45 PM)
I have heard mixed reviews on Morris. He told me he loves the contact. Others say he is a finesse guy. Either way, I don't see any ends rushing around him. Too much range. too much body. Too good of feet. In other words, I am glad I don't have to go against him

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 8:56:31 PM)
Jerry....the PSU TE turned DE....Kurpekeis?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:58:41 PM)
No that wasn't the tight end from Penn State. He was a tight end in 97 when they beat us in that shoot out.

bridge152 (May 9, 2002 8:58:28 PM)
Jerry, thanks, for your time, goodnight all

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:58:49 PM)
we'll see you bridge.

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 8:59:00 PM)
Jerry you are stumping me on that TE

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 8:59:30 PM)
He was a defensive end in 98 and our o line guys (and fullbacks) hated playing him too.

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 8:59:54 PM)
I'm going to do a web search. :)

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:00:11 PM)
You the man. Check the colts draft in 99.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:00:39 PM)
What are your feelings on Krenzel after this spring

Hubbard  (May 9, 2002 9:01:00 PM)

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:01:16 PM)
No that wasn't it. I think it only had like four letters or something

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:01:56 PM)
this is killing me know.

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 9:02:04 PM)
Brad Scioli?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:02:33 PM)
That is it. That guy was tough.

Hoosier Buck  (May 9, 2002 9:02:24 PM)
DL likes Krenzel to start ....says McM hasnt shown him anything new to change things

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 9:02:54 PM)
Duane changed his stance from expecting a freshman to start to saying Krenzel will be the man.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:03:28 PM)
I agree. He will have his hands full though when he has to outscore TT in week one. The defense better be active and get off the field

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:03:40 PM)
Glad that one is at home

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 9:03:44 PM)

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:04:30 PM)
I just can't imagine our quarterbacks not getting it done. Tressel seriously doesn't leave there side the entire practice.

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 9:05:11 PM)
Look what Tressel did with bellisari

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 9:05:46 PM)
I think Krenzels brains will make up for most shortcomings.

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 9:04:21 PM)
Jerry, do you think that FSU Sugar Bowl team was the best OSU faced in your time there?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:05:20 PM)
Without a doubt. They would have beaten the NC team of Michigan by 40 points. They say that was FSU's best team ever. I definitely believe it

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 9:05:45 PM)
That FSU team didn't win the national title, but they were the best team in America that year in my mind.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:05:53 PM)
Man did Wadsworth do a job on our RT that night

Marysville Buck-I  (May 9, 2002 9:06:12 PM)
And the rest of the front 7 was pretty incredible too

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:06:36 PM)
Wadsworth not to mention Warrick and EG Green with Busby getting time from Tre Thomas.

Marysville Buck-I  (May 9, 2002 9:04:39 PM)
Jerry, what do you make of multiple early top 25 polls ranking OSU top 10

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:05:57 PM)
I think the number 10 ranking is accurate. We will be tough. I like what i see with the chemistry.

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 9:06:31 PM)
One thing about those top 25s... I am working on mine, and once you get past about #6, it's a jumble. There's going to be some topsy-turvy results this year I think.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:07:01 PM)
I agree Kirk. By the way, who will have the best league. BIg 12?

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 9:09:50 PM)
Tough to say... It's between SEC and Big 12. Big 12 is stronger at the top, but I haven't looked too deeply into the bottom halves of those conferences. I'm tempted to say off the top of my head that the SEC will have more postseason teams

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:10:42 PM)
As long as we are better than the Pac 10.

Hoosier Buck (May 9, 2002 9:11:07 PM)
I sure would like to see the Bucks play any of their top six in the next few seasons." Big" 12

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:07:11 PM)
And was it really a culture shock going against that type of offense?

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:07:51 PM)
You are so right. It is funny, because we saw so much film of them and went against our scouts for so long, and you get in the game and they just lit it up.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:08:14 PM)
I would have taken them on though with our 98 team

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:08:51 PM)
The 98 team treated every game like it was a business trip. All business. We were on a mission

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:09:24 PM)
I hate when people bring up the MSU thing first, when you mention '98. I remember being #1 for 8 weeks, beating Michigan, winning a bowl and the overall greatness of that team before I recall the MSU game.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:10:08 PM)
I hear you. What can you say. they got us. Plaxico and a very good defense.

Kirk L.  (May 9, 2002 9:10:31 PM)
I'll tell you this... I watched the Rose Bowl again on ESPN Classic, and there were some studs on that team as well. Great D.

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 9:10:48 PM)
Plaxico seemd like he could catch everything that day, what happened when he got to the steelers, he can't catch anything

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:11:28 PM)
I agree with that 96 team. The amazing thing about that team was it had probably 10 great, and I mean great, leaders. It was unbelievable how mcuh mental toughness that team had.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:11:54 PM)
I went to Worthington H.S. (now Thomas Worthington) and I never dreamed D. Stanley would have a great career here. His 80 yard TD in the Rose Bowl was incredible to see.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:12:03 PM)
The 96 team taught the 98 team everything they knew

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:12:35 PM)
Stanley senior year was absolutely awesome. He saved the game against Wisconsin that year.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:13:08 PM)
Yep....and returning the opening kick against Notre Dame was great.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:13:22 PM)
I forgot about that one.

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:13:49 PM)
I remember when Stanley was tinkering around with tailback in the spring of 94.

Kirk L. (May 9, 2002 9:13:52 PM)
96 vs. 98 would be a fantasy matchup!!!

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:14:07 PM)
That would be a war.

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:14:12 PM)
Jerry, what was it like your first August at OSU. Were you amazed at the talent and speed or did you expect it?

rudzinski  (May 9, 2002 9:15:08 PM)
I was amazed. I wasn't amazed by the size because I had seen so many spring practices up close. The speed got me though. Also, the idea of every practice being filmed. The coaches saw every thing you did. That was the biggest thing.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:15:29 PM)
Well, you all take care. it's time for a late dinner.

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 9:15:30 PM)
reminiscing is getting me pumped up I can't wait for some of those dominating days to be back

Hubbard (May 9, 2002 9:15:38 PM)
bye Jerry

Marysville Buck-I (May 9, 2002 9:15:42 PM)
Thanks a lot Jerry!

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:15:47 PM)
They will be back. Sooner rather than later.

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:16:02 PM)
Thank you guys. it was fun. Talk to you next time

Hubbard  (May 9, 2002 9:16:05 PM)
Take care

rudzinski (May 9, 2002 9:16:07 PM)
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