Koufos Returns From Louisville

Canton GlenOak blue-chipper Kosta Koufos took a trip to Louisville this weekend to check out one of the colleges on his list of favorites. Koufos seems to be focused on a select group of schools, but he seems to be far from making a final decision.

He's getting bigger and bigger. Yes, both figuratively and literally speaking. Who's he you ask?

He's 7-1 Kosta Koufos.

The Canton GlenOak junior power forward is still growing. He's over 7-feet tall now, and he's expected to grow even another inch, possibly two before it's all said and done.

So it's easy to understand why many of the nation's top programs are interested in Koufos, who has both the size and skills. In a 3-0 start for GlenOak, Koufos is averaging 25.7 points and 11 rebounds a game.

Which is why the No. 20 prospect, according to Scouthoops.com in the class of 2007, is getting so much attention. And now, he's carefully looking at everything anyone has to offer.

"I'm just trying to keep all of my options open and look at everyone fairly," Koufos told Bucknuts.com Sunday upon returning from a visit to Louisville.

Koufos took a trip to Kentucky so he could watch Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals play against Akron, another team Koufos has shown a little bit of interest in.

He talked about that trip that saw Louisville win a 111-87 contest.

"I just checked out Freedom Hall and after the game got to hang out with the players a bit," Koufos said, "and I toured the facilities and the weight room and after the game got to speak with Coach Pitino a bit."

That will be the last unofficial visit, at least for a while, for Koufos, who has already been to Ohio State and Maryland multiple times and has also checked out Michigan. Koufos' parents are both Ohio State graduates, while he has an aunt that lives in Baltimore – giving him the chance to visit the Maryland campus occasionally.

Along with Ohio State and Maryland, Louisville is a school that Koufos is interested in, as this was his second trip to Louisville in the last month. But any other school hoping to get him on to campus will have to wait.

Koufos has decided to avoid taking any other visits until spring. He discussed what his plans are for when his high school season ends in February or, as Koufos is hoping, March if GlenOak is able to make a deep run in the state tournament.

"I might go to Rome next year, depending on how far in the tournament we get," Koufos said of the trip he would take with a group of Ohio underclassmen. "Then I will probably check out Ohio State again one last time.

"I want to take a look again at maybe my top five colleges again," Koufos said, who didn't name any others saying he wanted to remain open. "But I want to check out Ohio State again obviously, maybe Louisville, Illinois, Michigan State – because I haven't been there yet – maybe Wake Forest and Duke. I just am looking to check out some other campuses."

In addition to those schools mentioned, Koufos expected he would probably end up checking out Maryland one more time since he expects to visit his relatives again this spring.

While the visits have been put on hold, the basketball has not. In addition to playing it, Koufos has been paying a lot of attention to the games on television.

He talked about what he's seen so far in the games he's been able to watch.

"Well Ohio State, they're undefeated…they beat St. Joseph's, which was a pretty good win," Koufos said. "We've been watching Ohio State an awful lot. We've watched Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan, basically whatever I can find on TV, and Illinois. Anything on ESPN I can find, I like to watch."

As for ESPN, he also watched a high school game on Thursday on ESPN2.

A couple of potential future teammates were in action as Indianapolis Lawrence North, led by Ohio State recruits Greg Oden and Mike Conley, hosted Dayton Dunbar and their future teammate at Ohio State, 6-5 Daequan Cook at Butler University.

Koufos said he caught the whole game.

"Greg had 23 points, 17 rebounds and 9 blocked shots," he cited, noting how impressed he was. "Man though, it was a crazy game. Daequan had a concussion and Mike was feeling sick. Then at the end Greg got an elbow to the mouth."

Jokingly, Koufos was asked about whether he should politic to get his own team, GlenOak, on ESPN next season.

As it turns out, the big fellow was well ahead.

"Oh man, actually it's what I told my coach and what I was talking about with my coach today," he said. "We were actually thinking about it for this year but we weren't able to. I'm not sure why."

The trip to Rome, he mentioned, will be taken because of winning nationals with a group of Ohio players. That list includes 6-5, Dayton commitment, Chris Wright, 6-8 sophomore Yancy Gates, Delvon Roe, Devon Moore, Joe Latas, Damian Eargle and Chris Henderson among others.

When he returns home from Italy, a lot will be awaiting him. Who knows how big he'll be by the time he gets back.

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