Florida Standout Hill Provides An Update

Tallahassee (Fla.) Rickards defensive back Ryan Hill reflected on his visit to Ohio State last weekend and looks ahead to the visits he has planned in January.

Tonight was the end of a quiet weekend for a top-rated defensive back. But that doesn't mean the recruiting process took a break.

Despite not taking any visits this weekend, Tallahassee (Fla.) Rickards' cornerback Ryan Hill, ranked No. 4 in the Scout.com position rankings, was taking in a basketball game – and also taking questions.

Earlier in the evening, Bucknuts.com called Hill to get the latest on his visit to Ohio State last weekend, and also talked about his feelings on the recruiting process. When he received the call, he thought by the area code that Ohio State's Jim Tressel was calling.

Although he was informed it wasn't Tressel, he was more than happy to give an update just the same.

Here is the transcript of the conversation:

Bucknuts: Hey Ryan, how's it going tonight?

Ryan Hill: "I'm doing good Kyle, thanks."

BN: So you're back now, this evening, did you just visit Alabama this weekend?

Hill: "No, actually I visit Alabama on the 13th of January."

BN: Did you go anywhere this weekend?

Hill: "Nah, not this weekend."

BN: Tell me how your visit to Ohio State went last weekend.

Hill: "It went good. I never knew how good the academic part of it was. It was a real big thing. I had never known so much about academics but they have a real strong base. It was a great visit."

BN: What were you majoring in again?

Hill: "I'm going into criminal justice."

BN: What are some of the things you did while you were there?

Hill: "What did I get to see at Ohio State?"

BN: Yes.

Hill: "I went out to some clubs with the guys from the team. Donte Whitner was my host but he had some family in town so I went out with some of the recruits and guys on the team like Maurice Wells and we went out to some local clubs, toured the campus and things like that. We had a good time hanging out."

BN: Was that your first time at Ohio State?

Hill: "Yes, it was my first time up there and it was a good first visit."

BN: Did the trip meet your expectations?

Hill: "Yes it met my expectations but actually it probably exceeded them. I had a great time, man. I just can't think of a bad thing about anything. I love the people, I love the coaches, I love the players and I love the atmosphere. It was great."

BN: Run down your schedule from here on out.

Hill: "On the 13th of January I have Alabama and then on the 20th I have Miami (Fla.)."

BN: And your decision will come shortly after the Miami visit, correct?

Hill: "Yes, sometime after that."

BN: I know a lot of people expect in the end you will choose the Canes, should that be expected and what do you say of your upcoming decision? It's a tough one obviously?

Hill: "Oh yeah, it's a tough one. I like Miami a lot but this will be about where I'm most comfortable."

BN: What will it come down to as far as factors when you make your decision?

Hill: "It's going to come down to the little things like playing time, where I feel more comfortable playing academics and stuff like that. Those are the little things."

BN: Are you going to decide shortly after you return back from Miami or will you wait longer until signing day?

Hill: "I'll probably take my time and wait until signing day, but I just want to have more time to think about it."

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