Duane Long Chat Archive: Dec. 12

Duane Long stopped by chat today to talk recruiting and OSU football. A transcript is posted below.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:22:33 PM)
Sorry I'm late. Lets roll, Kirk

robochef (Dec 12, 2005 1:22:36 PM)
Hey Duane. Whats the news with this Robinson runningback from FL? Is he a projected fullback or just a huge bruiser to put in on goalines and 4th quarter?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:24:47 PM)
I have heard nothing about him. Fans are talking about him alot but nothing around here makes me think there is fire behind the smoke.

Poz79 (Dec 12, 2005 1:24:51 PM)
Duane, what's your thoughts on Jason Adjepong and McKenzie Mathews? Do we get both,one, or neither? Do you have a preference?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:26:41 PM)
I think the staff wants to get a couple of DEs in here. I have not seen anything from either that makes me think the Buckeyes are odds on. I think Adjepong may be the better football player but either would be nice. I think we see a current DE or 2 move down to tackle.

Mike68 (Dec 12, 2005 1:26:49 PM)
Duane- Will Lenix not ending up at OSU hurt our G'Ville connection in any way? Just my opinion, but it seems like he may end up getting the grades that he would need to pass admissions, but now we don't want him. It seems weird that he won't end up here after all Tress did (personal last 2nd visit) to keep him from going elsewhere.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:28:52 PM)
I don't think the grades are in order. I can't see Jim Tressel putting a long term relationship on the line over one scholarship. I have not seen any information about his grades but based on what you are saying I think it is suspect.

DantheMan (Dec 12, 2005 1:29:00 PM)
Duane, what affect, if any will OSU's beat down of the Tarnished Domers have on recruiting in Ohio?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:29:53 PM)
That is an individual thing. For some kids it matters. For most it doesn't.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 1:30:01 PM)
Duane did you see HH's interesting post today regarding APR and admissions? Any thoughts on what HH said? (Essentially, he said OSU overreacted at first to the initial APR scores -- which were based on old data, but OSU's current projections for APR look good and that our football admissions will look more like a Big Ten school, not one from the Ivy League.)

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:31:29 PM)
I plan on reading it but no, I have not looked it over yet. Based on what you are saying about it I think it is good news. This is a state school trying to offer a higher education to its citizens. The standards we have been holding kids to is over the top.

Mike68 (Dec 12, 2005 1:31:43 PM)
What's your review of Belton? Is he OSU material? Who would you compare him to?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:32:33 PM)
He is definitely Ohio State material. I can't think of anyone to compare him to off the top of my head.

playmea (Dec 12, 2005 1:32:39 PM)
Duane, does the staff like Ballard for TE or Oline? Also if he is a TE, do we see OSU moving back to a dominant rushing offense that utilizes the play action more often? Would this type of offense compliment Henton or Schoenhoft?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:36:01 PM)
I don't think there is a preference about where he plays. I think like most they realize he is going to get alot bigger. It may not matter of they like him as a tight end. He has 300 lbs written all over him. I don't think we know what kind of offense is going to be run. The staff recruited Schoenhoft then Henton. Now it seems on first blush they prefer Belton, more a pocket passer, over the more athletic Chris Smith. A power offense does not compliment one or the other. What the QB does in a power-I is not an issue. The current offense compliments Henton.

robochef (Dec 12, 2005 1:36:06 PM)
Whitner and Youboty...an expected anouncement date?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:37:07 PM)
I have heard nothing. There seems to be a war underway. Those that are telling them to stay and those that are telling them to go. From what I understand there is no decision on either yet.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 1:37:20 PM)
Is Small absolutely, positively a receiver for us? Any chance he plays corner?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:38:34 PM)
I think he is a receiver. He says he wants to be a receiver. He is a game breaker. Kind of a cross between Holmes and Ginn. He is a better pure receiver than Ginn but faster than Holmes.

buckatborder (Dec 12, 2005 1:38:43 PM)
Duane, I was reading your posts about how we are all getting our hopes up too much about next year. How many games do you think we lose? what are your expectations for the season next year?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:40:55 PM)
I don't want to express it in those terms. I am saying you don't just replace the kind of players the BUckeyes had on defense this year with a bunch of kids with little to no experience. Maybe they can. I am just trying to get across to fans that seem to think these high school All-Americans are going to step right in and pick up where they left off in high school. It could happen but it is unlikely.

Duluthbuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 1:41:05 PM)
Duane, does the offense's performance over the last half of the year give the bucks a better image with offensive recruits?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:41:54 PM)
In a word, yes.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:41:56 PM)
It cuts the legs out from under the negative recruiting.

Poz79 (Dec 12, 2005 1:42:10 PM)
Duane, do you think Andy Miller has what it takes to play OT at Ohio State?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:43:18 PM)
I think he is what you are going to see more and more. Tall, athletic kids that can add weight and move down. He has a big frame and great feet. The only thing is he played TE not tackle in high school.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 1:43:25 PM)
What are your thoughts on Hoobler seeing hardly any time at MLB this year?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:45:16 PM)
I wish I had some. I have thought about it. I can't make heads or tails of it. It seems JT wants his upper classmen to get as many reps as possible. That is the only explanation. He was good enough to play as a true freshman. Why not now? I don't know.

robochef (Dec 12, 2005 1:45:38 PM)
Of the 2007 runningbacks from OH which ones have a legit shot at an OSU offer. Especially with intrest from big time backs oos like Stephens from Texas.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:46:45 PM)
I have a bunch of tapes on the way. Ask me again in the next chat.

riverwatchbucknut (Dec 12, 2005 1:45:28 PM)
Duane, do you think next year is finally the year our Offense averages what JT has been saying he wants from his O (250 yards passing 200 rushing yards and 40 points a game)? Or is that just PR stuff to keep everyone happy and hoping? I know we turned it on the last 6 games of the season but it was against inferior competition.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:49:34 PM)
I don't think you can look at the competition. Look at the style of offense. It was an attacking style. I think this offense can and will score in the 30-40 range all year against anybody. It was not a timid offense. It was open and aggressive. Smith being the starter all off season, meaning all voluntary workouts, film study, in the lockerroom, makes this likely the most potent offense we have seen since Hoying/George/Glenn/Dudley.

Mike68 (Dec 12, 2005 1:49:46 PM)
Give us your list of in-state Juniors that get immediate offers on signing day

robochef (Dec 12, 2005 1:49:56 PM)
Which recruits from ohio will almost certainly get schollie offers right after signing day? The possible headstones of the class.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:50:18 PM)
Too early, gentlemen. I am looking at tape now.

buckatborder (Dec 12, 2005 1:50:28 PM)
Do you feel that Bobby Carpenter is being overlooked by most of the draft prognosticators? where do you think he goes (what round)?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:51:50 PM)
I have always been a big Carpenter fan. I doubt he gets out of the 1st round if his injury is fully healed and he can workout. So many teams are looking for that hybrid that can play DE and LB. Carpenter was born for the position.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 1:51:59 PM)
I think the reality is that we're going to lose some kids in the future to Weis that would've otherwise come here. What would you do, strategically, to deal with this reality?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:53:44 PM)
I don't know if there is anything that can be done anymore than with any other school. It is not the first time the Buckeyes have been in recruiting battles with a major program.

Bigworm (Dec 12, 2005 1:53:58 PM)
Duane, what is your best guess on the next out of state commit? Or will there be one?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:56:09 PM)
I would be shocked if Larimore does not commit in the next couple of days. I feel confident about McCarthy. I have spoken to him and to his mother. I think the Buckeyes are in good shape. I don't know how many more oos recruits we see. This is such a monster class in Ohio. Going out of state has not been really necessary.

Kirk (Dec 12, 2005 1:56:44 PM)
Bad news folks; the chat room just booted me and when that happens, I lose the stuff that was in the moderation queue. So every question that was sent in but hasn't been posted yet was lost. :( Please feel free to send them in.

Kirk (Dec 12, 2005 1:57:11 PM)
Duane, people did want to know your thoughts on the Butkus Award and if you thought A.J. Hawk was robbed...

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:58:13 PM)
Of course he was robbed. So was the Alabama kid. He was better than Poz.

buckicrazy (Dec 12, 2005 1:58:20 PM)
Duane, Are the OSU players resting injuries right now or are they back to full practice?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 1:58:57 PM)
Resting. No doubt. Kids without injuries are taking less time off.

pcbuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 1:59:00 PM)
When I first started following recruiting, Duane, you were the only one talking about AJ Hawk and how good he is. Are there any recruits currently committed or uncommitted that you have the same hunch about?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:00:56 PM)
Derrell Johnson is going to be a great player. Delone Carter is an Ohio State caliber back in any other year. I think John Ryan is an underrated player.

west palm brutus (Dec 12, 2005 2:01:03 PM)
Duane other than who has verballed to date,who fills out this class in your opinion?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:02:16 PM)
Small, Rose, Browning, Larimore and McCarthy. I think MIller is likely a Buckeye. Eventually Derrell Johnson is a Buckeye.

Poz79 (Dec 12, 2005 2:02:26 PM)
Duane, do you see OSU getting a "Mike" in this year's class?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:03:23 PM)
It depends on Johnson. I don't know if he is going to make it past admissions. If he does I think the Buckeyes have a great shot.

AJ the real Butkus Hawk (Dec 12, 2005 2:04:05 PM)
Will there be any Ohio State caliber lineman in the Junior class?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:05:05 PM)
I have not seen one yet but there is tape on the way. It is just too early for junior talk. I just rapped up the seniors in the last couple of weeks.

eyemabuck (Dec 12, 2005 2:03:34 PM)
Do you think Tressel will put Holmes as the primary punt returner given Ginn's effort against U of M? If he fields punts in the bowl game like that, we will have a hard time overcomming the turnover or field position. Holmes can do it just as well.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:05:59 PM)
I don't think so. Holmes is really good but Ginn is one block away from taking every punt to the house.

Redondo (Dec 12, 2005 2:06:06 PM)
Duane - Reggie Bush gets named on 99% of the Heisman Ballots. Chris Fowler reported that nine voters left him off the ballot entirely. Wouldn't you like to know who has a Heisman vote and doesn't think Reggie Bush is one of the top three college players in the Country?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:07:33 PM)
Yes. They need to have their ballots taken away. I think Vince Young could have won just as easily but to not have Bush as a top 2, let alone 3, leaves you to wonder about whether those voters even know how many players are on the field.

Hicks74 (Dec 12, 2005 2:07:58 PM)
Why did Micah Johnson fall off the map ? Did OSU want him as a DT or Mike ?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:08:55 PM)
He dropped Ohio State. I assume he was wanted as a DT. A kid that size as a MIke is being unrealistic.

west palm brutus (Dec 12, 2005 2:09:00 PM)
Duane do we have a shot at Thomas? 50/50?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:09:27 PM)
Joe Thomas? No. Done deal to Pitt. It is over.

pcbuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 2:09:32 PM)
What is the latest on Gibson? Anything new?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:11:02 PM)
He has supposedly set up a visit. I was told this about 2 weeks ago. Watch the visit list. If a kid is not getting on the list forget about him. If a kid is getting to visit it means they think they can get him in. Nothing but great news. He is a special player.

TheMinnesotaBuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 2:11:09 PM)
Of the remaining recruits, who are the critical needs -- not wants?

edvedlovesbucks (Dec 12, 2005 2:11:19 PM)
What is the biggest "need" for the bucks? Or a guy that they really want even if it is no one anybody has heard of.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:13:55 PM)
There is still such a need at linebacker. I think offensive line but Ballard and Miller look like they can fix those holes. I am happy with that because both are tackles. I really think getting a DT or 2 in here could be very important. That may be the biggest hole. Unlike with OL and LB there are no options other than Larimore. I hate the idea of going into 2007 with true freshmen in the 2-deep. That could happen if there are no other DTs but Larimore.

DantheMan (Dec 12, 2005 2:14:08 PM)
Duane: this is not recruiting related but I value your opinion: don't you think that UM is better than ND? We beat UM at their place despite a special teams melt down? How do you see the final score?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:17:32 PM)
No, I don't. Quinn is a better QB than Henne. I can't remember the ND backs name but he is on the field. Michigan can't keep Hart healthy and I am not surprised. Small backs with that style are going to wear down, and Grady is not ready. Neither defense impresses me. Weiss is in another league from Carr.

eyemabuck (Dec 12, 2005 2:17:39 PM)
Has Youboty been injured this year? Has not covered as well as hoped. Maybe the bowl practices will help him get it back. Comments?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:19:28 PM)
He has the hip pointer. I think fans have been way too hard on him. Look at his from the MSU game back, then the MSU game forward. I am told hip pointers hurt like hell and only heal with rest. He should be back to his unbeatable self by the bowl game.

whistler (Dec 12, 2005 2:19:40 PM)
Whats going on with mark johnson and ausberry. mark seems really set on playing out of state and like osu, but they seemed to keep messing around with his official. Also, i heard that osu told wallace that they like him at widereciever and on d. Why are they taking so many receivers, when they have so many lined up. Do you feel their preparing a switch for ginn to defense.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:23:12 PM)
Ausberry is anyones guess. He wants to make his announcement at the Army game. He is doing a good deal of ducking right now. Johnson seems to be grade related. I find it very ominous that he lists Ohio State, LSU then Fresno State. That raises red flags with me. This is a spread offense with 3 wide as a base. You need to have more receivers. Fans need to give up on the Ginn on defense idea. Buckeye fans, you have to be realistic. How is a kid that sixe going to play defense for anyone but especially this defense that demands corners be physical??? Enough. If he is ever in there it will be special situations.

robochef (Dec 12, 2005 2:23:32 PM)
Is there any truth to the transfer rumors at OSU? The names keep changing but there are always 2-3 names looking to move on.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:24:29 PM)
We have not seen transfers under Jim Tressel that were not grade related. You always hear rumors. I have not found any that had any merit. At least not yet.

TexasBuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 2:24:31 PM)
Certainly there is a lot to be said for recruiting talented athletes in order to make your team successful (any team). However, there is also a lot to be said for the "system" which the head coach is responsible for implementing, maintaining and teaching to his players and the other coaches. Having a top 10 recruiting class is great and can lead to success, but without a "system" or "program" there is no guarantee that the players will succeed. Just look at Nebraska in the 80's and 90's and Osbourne's "system" which he implemented and perfected over the years. Nebraska never had any top recruiting classes to speak of, yet their success was undeniable. It was as much the "system" that Osbourne created than it was the players. Talk a bit, if you might, about your thoughts on the "system" JT is trying to implement at tOSU and perhaps how "systems" and coaching staffs and recruiting in general can make or break the success of a team at this level.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:28:12 PM)
It is about getting players to fit the roles of the system. Lets look at the role Carpenter played. I think we see the staff always looking for players who can fill that role. Sometimes great athletes do not fill any spot in a system but that kid that is not being recruited heavily does fit it. That is why you saw so many Nebraska All-Americans with little NFL success. They got those kinds of kids that fit their system.

Kirk (Dec 12, 2005 2:28:19 PM)
Everyone - we will go a few more minutes, but we had a ton of questions today (as many as I've seen during a chat) and we unfortunately aren't going to have time to get to them all. If your question does not get posted in the remainder of chat, please feel free to post it to the Ask the Insiders message board so Duane can answer later.

Hicks74 (Dec 12, 2005 2:28:29 PM)
Duane - With the lack of signees on the OL what are your feelings on delaying on Thomas, Nagy and Tilley ? Tilley still puzzles me as he was offered by the entire SEC. Was his dad a "pain" like Aaron Brown.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:31:10 PM)
This staff never liked Tilley. No problem with his parents. His mom was a nice lady and his dad is dead. They just never liked him. I think they took a chance on Thomas. Getting in late on instate players is something this staff has done with deadly effect. Thomas is one they could not sway. I do question not offering him in particular but generally the strategy is highly effective. Nagy really surprises me. I would have offered him too.

westonbuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 2:31:30 PM)
Is Lyons out of the picture?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:32:56 PM)
I think so. He didn't mention the Buckeyes in an update about a month ago from a Scout.com insider not associated with Bucknuts. I have not heard alot about him around here ever really.

Bigworm (Dec 12, 2005 2:33:09 PM)
Over the last couple years it seems as though there are more Schollies available than commits. Will it happen again this year? How many are available?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:36:09 PM)
I count 20 available. I think we see 18-20. I like this strategy better. If Cooper had a scholie he was going to use it. It hurt in 2 ways. It unbalanced the classes. When JT first got here he was looking at classes with 13 and 14 scholies. The other side of it is Cooper ended up taking shots on long shot kids just to use up all his scholies. He had a bird in the hand way of recruiting let left the prgram short of scholies with alot of dead weight on the roster.

Kirk (Dec 12, 2005 2:36:14 PM)
A couple more then we'll have to call it a day...

eyemabuck (Dec 12, 2005 2:36:20 PM)
Is the Larimore kid as highly skillful as Pitcock was coming out of high school?

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:36:50 PM)
No, he is not that kind of player.

pcbuckeye (Dec 12, 2005 2:37:09 PM)
Florida State used to get 8-10 commitments near signing day every year. Some speculated that Bowden didn't want them to scare each other off. Do you think the current staff has had similar type conversations with people they are after now? or is it not their style.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:37:21 PM)
Pitcock is a physical freak.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:38:24 PM)
I don't think this staff is above it but they would not make it a part of recruiting strategy like that.

Redondo (Dec 12, 2005 2:38:35 PM)
Duane - What's your take on USC-Texas? Who wins, by how much and why? Thank you.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:40:12 PM)
Texas wins. I think the Texas defense has a chance to slow down the USC offense but the USC defense is your typical Pac-10 defense. Meaning anything under 30 points is a good day. Texas in a high scoring game. I can see a 42-31 game.

Kirk (Dec 12, 2005 2:40:16 PM)
Ok, we'll have to log off now everyone; sorry we could not get to every question today. Thanks for sending in so many good ones. Remember to post your question for Duane on the message board if we didn't get to it here. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:40:49 PM)
I am out of here. All you maggots drop and give me 20 on the way out.

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:41:20 PM)
Thank you and good night!!!

Duane (Dec 12, 2005 2:41:29 PM)

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