A Long Look at Recruiting News

Duane Long joins us for a new members-only feature where we look at recruiting from an OSU perspective.

We have a new feature for you today. Recruiting news on the web is often very informative, but at the same time, it is very unbiased. That's a good thing, but we thought you might like to hear a more OSU-slanted opinion of some of the latest recruiting stories, so we rounded up Duane Long to put together this new feature. We'll be posting a new edition of this feature every so often; today is the first.

Reporter: Duane
News: DE Shawn Crable (Massillon, OH) denies reports, telling Duane he's completely undecided.
Duane's Thoughts: I had heard for some time that Crable was undecided and it came from a source that would have had an opportunity to speak with him in an unguarded moment. Now I have heard it from Crable himself. There is also a report that he is an 80% lean to Ohio State. I am going with Crable and my own source on this. He is undecided.

Reporter: Duane
News: RB/DB Jason Evans (Kennesaw, GA) says OSU would be one of his five visits.
Duane's ThoughtsSuper athlete and a class act. What it comes down to is lack of scholarships along with depth at his preferred position, RB. In a year of 25, he is a definite target player but with 4 RBs on scholarship and the oldest one being a sophomore, I think it highly unlikely this great athlete gets an offer. He has over 30 offers already but none from Ohio State. That is telling.

Reporter: Bucknuts Radio Hour
News: DB Prescott Burgess (Warren, OH) says he has no leader, wants to take all visits and will not announce a decision until after the visits.
Duane's ThoughtsI think Burgess is in a mindset where he is going to take a look around, have some fun and see if there is anything out there he likes better than Ohio State. The biggest shock of this recruiting year would be Burgess not coming to Ohio State.

Reporter: Duane
News: DE Raymond Edwards is a player to watch from Cincinnati and he is getting attention from several schools, including OSU
Duane's Thoughts: This is one that really bothers me as a Buckeye fan. There are several players instate that are going to be far better players down the line but with the low number of scholarships Ohio State has to be very selective. They have to be more sure than in years with 20 or more scholarships to offer so they can't take as many chances, they have to go with more sure things. Edwards is one of those players with tremendous natural ability and a prototype body but is so raw. I think he would be an offer already if Ohio State had 20 scholarships or more.

Reporter: Tom Lemming
News: Fans are surprised as QB Brady Quinn (Dublin, OH) is one of six Ohio players listed in Tom Lemming's early top 100
Duane's Thoughts: At the end of last year, Brady Quinn was playing better than any QB in Ohio. He moves well and is a real leader. I would say he is right up there with Boeckman, but Boeckman is a little more polished and has a better arm so I would give him the edge although that edge is about as wide as a credit card. At the end of this year Quinn could be # 1. No, this is not a reach by Tom Lemming.

We'll be posting a new edition of "A Long Look at Recruiting News" soon... stay tuned!

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