Lyons Will Watch Ohio State At Fiesta Bowl

Almost instantly Ohio State became a better fit for Wesley Lyons Jr. after his older brother Devon made a position change from wide receiver to safety at the start of the team's bowl preparations for their Jan. 2 encounter with Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. Lyons has made no secret of his desire to play early at whatever school he attends and so his brother's move to defense along with Santonio Holmes' likely departure to the NFL has suddenly made Lyons' final decision much more interesting.

Wesley Lyons of Woodland Hills(Pa.) High School is very excited about his New Year's plans for this year.

"The whole family is going to the Ohio State bowl game," Lyons said. "I'm excited that Ohio State is going to play Notre Dame. It should be a great game and what makes it even better is that my teammate Darrion Walls is going to Notre Dame."

Wes' brother Devon is going through a redshirt season but he'll still participate in bowl practices out in Tempe even though he won't be playing in the game.

"He's been working at safety for all of the bowl practices," said Wesley Lyons, confirming the move that was made from receiver to safety by his brother. "It's a permanent move. He thinks he has a better chance of playing on defense in the future. In high school, he played the entire season on defense at safety in his junior year."

The younger Lyons says his older brother is really happy with the move to defense.

"He really likes it. He thinks that it's a good situation for him," Wesley Lyons said. "He played both receiver and safety in high school and he really wanted to play receiver when he came to Ohio State. But now he just wants to get on the field right away. Moving over to defense can help him get there faster."

Wesley Lyons, who made an official visit to Ohio State during the Michigan State weekend, ultimately looks at the move very practically. With his brother moving over to defense and Santonio Holmes likely leaving early for a career in the NFL, the chances of him signing with Ohio State on Feb. 1 have improved significantly now.

"It's really important because there's at least one less receiver there now," said the 6-6, 210-pound wide receiver. "I didn't really want to have to compete with my own brother for playing time. I want him to have his share of playing time too."

It's not that Lyons is afraid of any competition, he knows that he'll find it at any school that he attends, he just understands that it might be easier for him to earn early playing time at one school as opposed to another.

"At some schools there aren't as many people competing for playing time," said Lyons who has confidently stated throughout the recruiting process that he's looking to play early on in his college career. "I'll sit out a year if I have to. But I really want to play early and contribute to my team."

Because of that, Lyons is seriously considering West Virginia and Boston College in addition to Ohio State. And he still may take an official visit to check out Miami and Louisville after he returns home from his trip to the Fiesta Bowl.

"Right now I would say that it's between Ohio State and West Virginia," Lyons said. "And Boston College is still in there."

West Virginia recently sent five coaches to his house while Boston College has regularly paraded a coach or two to the house. For Ohio State, Joe Daniels has been over the house and Lyons expects an in-home visit from Jim Tressel some time in January.

"After I take my final two visits, if I take them, then I'll decide," Lyons said. "I really don't know how it will turn out."

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