Captain's Corner Audio: Bush, USC In The Rose

Who do you like in the Rose Bowl battle between USC and Texas? It's tough to pick against either of these two extremely talented teams, but 1998 OSU captain Jerry Rudzinski says one man will be the difference -- Reggie Bush. Check it out in this week's Captain's Corner Audio.

Ohio State fans are waiting with great anticipation for this year's Fiesta Bowl matchup between the Buckeyes and Notre Dame, but that game will only serve as an appetizer for the main course that the rest of the nation will be feasting on two days later. This year's Rose Bowl between No. 1 USC and No. 2 Texas is a rare clash of the titans, a college football game that features two of the best teams of the past few years battling for an undefeated finish and an undisputed national championship.

Who will win the game? That is something that has been debated for the past several weeks, even before the game was officially announced. Some say USC will win their third straight title, while others say Texas will pull the upset. The game has a chance to be a truly historic and remarkable game, but perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of the matchup is while the field will be littered with future NFL players and current college superstars, one man will be the main attraction -- USC running back and Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush.

In today's Captain's Corner Audio, Jerry Rudzinski discusses why Bush is such a special player and what kind of difference he makes for the Trojans. Jerry picks the Trojans to take the Longhorns in the Rose Bowl, and Bush is a big reason why.

This week's clip is just over two minutes in length. Click below to listen:

Captain's Corner Audio - Dec. 20

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