CFB Preview - All American and other teams

Who are this year's All-Americans? For the answer, you might want to look somewhere else. But for my picks for that team as well as a couple others, look below...

All-American Team

Who will be the best players at their positions?  Here's a wild guess at the guys to watch for nationwide this year.  This is actually a prediction of who will win these awards.


QB - Byron Leftwich, Marshall (This year, he has publicity coming in and should put up the best numbers.  It will be interesting to see if he gets it over Rex Grossman and Ken Dorsey, but I am predicting that Leftwich will light it up this year.)
RB - Anthony Davis, Wisconsin
RB - Onterrio Smith, Oregon (RB is a bit tougher to guess... Davis makes sense since he had 1400 yards last year and has 5 OL starters back in front of him... Smith is just a bit of a guess because he might be one of the most talented of the RB candidates, and if he put up 1000+ yards at RB last year with Maurice Morris putting up 900+ in the same backfield, imagine what he could do going solo)
WR - Charles Rogers, Michigan State
WR - Kelly Washington, Tennessee (Both are tall, fast, and extremely talented, and both will be the focal points of their offenses and should put up big numbers.  Lee Evans would be in Washington's place if healthy.)
TE - Trent Smith, Oklahoma (The first absolute no-brainer... had 60 catches last year.  60!!!)
OL - Brett Williams, Florida State
OL - Jon Stinchcomb, Georgia
OL - Montrae Holland, Florida State
OL - Brett Rhomberg, Miami
OL - Derek Roche, Washington State (Williams and Stinchcomb are shoo-ins in most likelihood... there are some other candidates here as well, but I think these five are as good of a choice as any)


DL - Dewayne White, Louisville
DL - William Joseph, Miami
DL - Cory Redding, Texas
DL - Will Smith, Ohio State (The top three are easy calls... White is a sack-master, Joseph is the nation's top DT, and Redding is arguably the top DE.  I am predicting, like others, that Will Smith explodes this year and puts up big numbers)
LB - E.J. Henderson, Maryland
LB - Bradie James, LSU
LB - Lawrence Flugence, Texas Tech (Henderson is an easy call, James might be the SEC's top defensive player, and Flugence is a bit of a diamond in the rough)
DB - Mike Doss, Ohio State
DB - Troy Polamalu, USC
DB - Nathan Vasher, Texas
DB - Sammy Davis, Texas A&M (Some good DBs here... Doss needs no intro in these parts, but Polamalu is rated right up there with him when it comes to safeties.  Davis is projected by many to be an All-American, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Vasher explodes onto the scene this year.) 

I admit... I don't follow special teams close enough to make a projection there.  :-)

Okay, the All-American team is done, but now for a couple of light-hearted teams...

The All "Seven Years of College Down the Drain" Team
(This didn't turn out to be as humorous as I thought it would, but every year, there are players who seem like they've been in college for ten years.  I've put together a team of such players.)

QB - Carson Palmer, USC
RB - Montrell Lowe, Purdue
RB - Quentin Griffin, Oklahoma
WR - Ryan Brewer, South Carolina
WR - John Standeford, Purdue (Jr.)
TE - Mike Seidman, UCLA
OL - Brett Williams, Florida State
OL - Jon Stinchcomb, Georgia
OL - Dave Petruziello, Michigan
OL - Joe Iorio, Penn State
OL - Robert Gallery, Iowa (Jr.) (Maybe the last name is throwing me because they had another Gallery - Nick - who was around forever as a punter)

DE - Dan Rumishek, Michigan
DE - Kindal Moorehead, Alabama
DT - Jimmy Kennedy, Penn State
DT - Kenny Peterson, Ohio State
LB - Boss Bailey, Georgia
LB - Marcus Oquendo-Johnson, Florida
LB - Cie Grant, Ohio State
CB - Cedric Henry, Michigan State
CB - DeJuan Groce, Nebraska
S - Brandon Everage, Oklahoma (Jr.)
S - Donnie Nickey, Ohio State

All Name Team
Everyone's favorite!!!  Who cares about All-Americans when you have this to look at.  This, of course, is up for debate, but here are my favorites.  Due to a heavy concentration of WRs and DBs, my All-Name team has no TE and five DBs.  

QB - Lon Sheriff, San Diego State 
RB - Loliki Bongo-Wanga, Texas Tech
RB - Madison Hedgecock, North Carolina
WR - Craphonso Thorpe, Florida State
WR - Jerrico Cotchery, NC State
WR - Heyward Skipper, Troy State
OL - Uriah Moenoa, Hawaii
OL - Sam Forehand, Troy State
OL - Jupiter Wilson, North Carolina
OL - Adrian Stiffarm, Ball State
OL - Tab Slaughter, Arkansas State

DL - Rob Sack, Temple
DL - Marlon Tickles, Tulane
DL - John David Blagg, SMU
LB - Bobby Iwuchukwu, Purdue
LB - Bubba Wiseman, UTEP
LB - Leroy Ambush, Maryland
DB - Slovakia Griffith, Mississippi State
DB - Atari Bigby, Central Florida
DB - Reprobatus Bibb, UAB
DB - Gladstone Coke, Marshall
DB - Richard McNutt, Ohio State
K - Byungwoo Wun, Western Michigan

Well, I think that's all for now in this area... if I try any more attempts at humor, it might be really bad.  Check back soon for more of the preview!

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