Housteau Chat Archive: Dec. 23

Gary Housteau joined us today for a Bucknuts members-only chat. We have a transcript posted below.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:10:06 PM)
Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let's talk about our favorite subject. The Ohio State Buckeyes. Send any questions now and I'll do my best to answer them.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:11:05 PM)
It's 40 degrees in the Youngstown area today. Shopping was like going to the zoo this morning. I just started today! Smile!

merryxmas (Dec 23, 2005 1:15:35 PM)
I see the Quinn/Samarszija relationship a lot like Bengals Blake/Pickens. Throw it up high and I will get it. Does not need a high precision throw. Can our dbs jump up with these guys or will we try to beat it with pass rush? If we try the latter the run game will suffer. I hear a lot of comparison to the ND passing opportunities referencing the Minn game. But Minn had a run game to be feared. How does ND run offense compare to Minn?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:15:35 PM)
merryxmas, merryxmas...I still haven't figured out the yardage assault on this great Buckeye defense in the Minnesota game. I guess they got their one mulligan out of the way in the Metrodome...let's hope so. I think it is inevitable that Ohio State will once again give up a lot of yards against Notre Dame, they're pretty good on offense. I think ND will use the pass to open up any semblance of a running game they may to use against the Buckeye defense. I see ND coming out early with Brady Quinn trying to slice and dice the defense and then slip the ground game in every so often. I think our D will get burned on a few occasions but we should be able to outscore them in the end.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 1:18:06 PM)
hi gary! i was just wondering why Chekwa would get an offer before Elijah Fields?...do u know where we stand with fields?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:18:06 PM)
Gary asks Gary about Chekwa and Elijah Fields...from what I hear it's more than likely the case that EF is or will be an academic casualty and is likely headed the prep school route. That's my best guess. I'm sure OSU did their homework on Chekwa, being they were originally scouting his teammate down there, so I feel pretty good about him coming on board.

boulderbuck1 (Dec 23, 2005 1:21:06 PM)
Any bad taste in the mouth of Glenville due to Lennix?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:21:06 PM)
No not at all bouolderbuck...Ginn would love to get all of his players to Ohio State if it was possible. The sad part about it is that Ginn did all that he could just to keep Lenix in high school at one point. He did all that he could for Lenix I assure you. No hard feelings.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 1:24:15 PM)
what are our chances on landing both the california studs in mark johnson and david ausberry, for some reason i think we have a better shot at ausberry than most people think we do.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:24:15 PM)
Hi buckeye in tampa...I hope you're correct...my people have told me that Johnson has been a priority for some time now. I've always sort of dismissed Ausberry as a lock to USC. If they can land Jarrett from across country the Ausberry should be a cake walk. Sure OSU has a 33 percent chance. Hopefully I'll learn more in San Antonio about where he stands. It will be interesting to see if both he and Wallace tip their hand in any real way during that week. I'll be watching.

boulderbuck1 (Dec 23, 2005 1:29:36 PM)
Any word on Whitner and Youbouty?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:29:36 PM)
Nothing new boulderbuck and I've been trying to uncover anything new. I have people who claim to know tell me that Whitner is all but gone unfortunately. I don't have any real insight into Youboty but we all have to remember that both of these two came in early together so it shouldn't surprise any of us if they both leave early together. Again, money would be the motivating factor in Whitner's case. It would be a whole new world for him and his family regardless if any of us think he should turn pro or not. Sure I think both should return but I don't think either of them will take a survey before they declare or not.

mackv (Dec 23, 2005 1:30:55 PM)
If we lose Whitner and Youboty does that increase the chances with Wallace?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:30:55 PM)
Hi mackv...I believe those are independent situations. Especially if Wallace is going to be used on offense it would not be a factor at all. I like him as a defender though. Can't wait to see Wallace in action in San Antonio.

mackv (Dec 23, 2005 1:31:47 PM)
Why isnt yesterdays chat posted?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:31:47 PM)
I'm sure it's on Steve's big list of things to do today....which I'm sure is separate from his honey-do list. It's Christmas!

timbucktwo (Dec 23, 2005 1:33:42 PM)
hello Gary, do you think the bucks will end up with a top 5 class?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:33:42 PM)
Hi timbucktwo...no not on paper! I personally love Wells, Smith and Homan for starters so I really don't care where Ohio State is ranked.

ILBUCK (Dec 23, 2005 1:34:52 PM)
Any estimation as to how many ticket requests OSU had for the fiesta bowl?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:34:52 PM)
Hi ILBUCK...not I dont have any of those stats...Steve might...he knows everything. ND had like 40,000 or so requests I believe. I never heard any figure from OSU floating around out there.

ILBUCK (Dec 23, 2005 1:39:05 PM)
Gray, understand Coach Ginn's reasoning for having his players hold back verbals......but at this point, is there any reason why Small would not give his? I understand Rose is waiting, but is Small really sitting the fence?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:39:05 PM)
I don't know the reasoning behind the wait. Both Rose and Small have personally told me stuff that I can not and will not print about their situations. All that I can really say is that I have said from early this summer that Rose and Small will be Ohio State Buckeyes and I haven't changed my position. I've also said that if Browning would receive an offer that he would be a Buckeye...he got his offer and my position on him hasn't changed. And no Small is not sitting on the fence. I don't know what more I can say.

bburks4144 (Dec 23, 2005 1:41:46 PM)
What are the chances on McCarthy?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:41:46 PM)
I will not be surprised at all, I will be very happy as a matter of fact, if Ohio State lands Johnson and McCarthy. Now don't hold me to that but I'm just passing along something that was told to me. I personally have not had any contact with Johnson or McCarthy so I have no personal insight. I did see McCarthy when he visited OSU and he seemed to really enjoy watching the LBs warm up before the game he was at. I think he really likes Ohio State. I would the chances of getting him are better than Johnson but I'd surely love to have both now.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 1:43:20 PM)
Do you think we will bring in another running back this year, or do we wait next year for possibly getting Stephens?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:43:20 PM)
pabuck...I really love Stephens videos...but I would think they have to bring in one more back this year. They don't really need to but I would think having one more back around would really be comfortable.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 1:46:12 PM)
Do you think Notre Dame will try to utilize their tight ends in the passing scheme?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:46:12 PM)
I love Fasano or however you spell his name. Boy I wish Ohio State used a tight end like they use Fasano. That's the benefit of someone calling plays like Weis who did it successfully in the NFL for so many years. My christmas wish for this offseason is to the OSU staff go to USC and study Reggie Bush so they can use TGII in a similar manner next year and learn from ND how to use a tight end successfully in the passing game. Merry Xmas.

buckeye in tampa (Dec 23, 2005 1:47:50 PM)
with chris wells and mabye mabye robinson coming from florida would there be anythough to try mourice wells on deffense, most likely at corner

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:47:50 PM)
Not a chance buckeye in tampa. I expect Wells to fight for his life next year. I kind of like that change up that he could bring as a third back...at the very least.

ILBUCK (Dec 23, 2005 1:50:31 PM)
Does Donte have any outside reasons such as Holmes to leave for the Pro's? Also, I thought he was a pretty good student coming in......cant believe its just to get out of school like others have wanted. If he really projects in the 3rd to 4th round, i dont see any reason why he would consider going this year.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:50:31 PM)
Donte will do what's best for Donte. I'm not sure if he studies in school like he does for football. Football is his life and he just might be ready to get paid for it ... it could be that simple!

jh (Dec 23, 2005 1:51:20 PM)
like the running back gwaltney who wore ohio state shirt during the week?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:51:20 PM)
Hi jh...I think it was Rico McCoy that was wearing the OSU shirt during the week.

mackv (Dec 23, 2005 1:51:56 PM)
These chats keep getting slower and slower.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:51:57 PM)
My bad mackv...I tend to type like I talk, hence long answers.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 1:52:43 PM)
Who do you think will be our next commit?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:52:43 PM)
If I were Miller I don't know what I would be waiting for at this point! Don't you think pabuck.

boulderbuck1 (Dec 23, 2005 1:54:51 PM)
Do you think we land McCarthy? Also, before it seemed like we were not going to be able to fill this class, now it seems as though we might have to tell kids sorry. Is this at all a concern, or did i drink too much kool aid?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:54:51 PM)
I would tend to think OSU might bank a scholarship or two. I think there's a good chance McCarthy is in the group at the end...I would say 19 or 20 would be a good number.

MacAuley (Dec 23, 2005 1:55:15 PM)
Steve's chat transcript is posted uner "Happy Holidays from Bucknuts.com".

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:55:15 PM)
Thanks MacAuley!

mackv (Dec 23, 2005 1:59:02 PM)
Starting corners next year Jenkins and Amos? Safteys Oneal and Lyons? Alot of young talent, K Coleman might even get a early look. Alot of Fresh and Soph going to have to step up. Maybe the youngest D ever?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 1:59:02 PM)
Jenkins and Amos would be a good tandem indeed if Youboty is gone. I love O'Neal. He's a difference maker once he learns the position. Don't discount Mitchell so quickly he has the experience back there. Nick Patterson is a great athlete back there and Curt Lukens was a really good high school player at Hoover. Yes there is a lot of youth. Lyons, I'm told, is settling in at safety very nicely so he should be comfortable back there by spring ball. It potentially could be a very young secondary indeed if Whitner and Youboty decide to depart.

ILBUCK (Dec 23, 2005 2:03:45 PM)
Gary, it seems this years Ohio senior class was very very highly thought of coming into the year. Now it pans out to be a good class, but not the second coming of the 2002 class everyone expected. With neext years class now getting the "stacked in Ohio" label, how do you think the class ends up? Are we really as loaded in the junior class instate as people are describing?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:03:45 PM)
I think the offensive line class this year is as good as it's been in a long while. Smith is a star period. Boren likely the same at Michigan. Loads of potential with Brown...it's a shame egos had to clash there...it's hard to pass up a 6-7 athletic left tackle who's young and is going to enroll early like Brown. Don't see how that happened! Joe Thomas was a stud last year next to Boone...then there's Browning, Nagy, Palmer, et al.... loaded with lineman. The QB's didn't pan out so well but Hartline will probably be a star in Kentucky and Davis could be a star somewhere. Right now Nick Schepis is the only solid lineman I've seen for next year. The athletes are there but the lineman need to emerge for next year. Could be a really good class though.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:06:24 PM)
gary, do you think carpenter brings more value to the nfl than hawk, since he can also play down as a rush end?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:06:24 PM)
carrhasnoclass asks about Carpenter and Hawk...I'll take A.J. any day of the week. That said...sure Carpenter brings a lot to the table and I think he'll be a solid NFL player for many years. I'm hoping Hawk is there when the Browns pick. I've loved them both since I saw them play together in the North-South game.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:07:36 PM)
What do you think about Lou Holtz saying that ND's Brady Quinn will cut up the OSU dbacks with his passing and their tall receivers?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:07:36 PM)
It's a genuine concern CleveBuck. That's why they play the game. Weis has made a millionaire out of Stovall that's for sure.

mackv (Dec 23, 2005 2:08:28 PM)
Is Gibson more of a rush end in college?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:08:28 PM)
I like him as a rangy speed linebacker who can rush the pass or drop in coverage. He's very athletic. He would have to fill out a lot more to play exclusively as an end.

boulderbuck1 (Dec 23, 2005 2:08:54 PM)
Any transfer rumors?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:08:54 PM)
None right now that I'm aware of.

TheKaiser21 (Dec 23, 2005 2:09:57 PM)
Might have been answered already just got here When will Gibson get results back on hist test scores?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:09:57 PM)
Hi Kaiser ... he took it on the 10th of December if I'm not mistaken. The morning he went to Tennessee. I don't when he gets his score back but I will give him a call next week over the holiday break to get an update.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:12:57 PM)
I've always heard Ginn asked them to hold verbals so that some of the more marginal kids also get looked at while there looking at the superstars. The same way we found Chekwa, looking at someone else and then saw his potential.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:12:57 PM)
Hi Lord Vegas...I can tell you that Ginn asks players to take certain visits to certain schools to keep relationships with schools alive. Ginn works hard for his kids and it's a positive thing when any coach comes snooping around Glenville High School. But I really don't believe he asks them to hold their verbal per say...the kids just want to take their visits that they're entitled to for the most part.

buckeye in tampa (Dec 23, 2005 2:17:04 PM)
now for next years recruiting class is there any top 25 player in the nation that will be a buckeye from ohio and commit early to OSU and head line the class of 2007.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:17:04 PM)
I don't follow rankings personally but I would guess that Ben Martin will be a top 25 player. I don't see him committing early to either OSU or ND at this time however. I don't know if Torrence will be a top 25 kid, I doubt it, but he would be an early commit candidate. Clifford from Colerain could be another top kid but he probably won't commit early. Chris Smith might be up there somewhere, not top 25, but I don't think he's an early commit. I like Jamale Hines but he won't be an early commit or a top 25 either. So to make a long answer short...no!

TheKaiser21 (Dec 23, 2005 2:19:32 PM)
Can you compare Ray Small coming into college to Santonio Holmes and his style.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:19:32 PM)
Good one Kaiser...most people are comparing Small to Ginn which is okay with me but Holmes might indeed be the more accurate comparison. Small has good hands and is very quick, fast and elusive.

ILBUCK (Dec 23, 2005 2:22:09 PM)
Is Russel practicing with the DB's or RB's? Wouldnt he be able to handle the 5th back position? Really really loved Stephens videos. Would be a great way to follow up Wells and Wells.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:22:09 PM)
The last that I heard, Russell was with the DBs so he has to be considered for any opening back there as well. I really don't think there will be a need for him to come over to the offense though. If Chris Wells pans out early sort of like Reecie did, then Stephens might not be quite so interested. His videos look really , really good.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:25:31 PM)
As far as recruiting, What is OSU biggest need right now?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:25:31 PM)
Probably the tight end position lord vegas. And I can assure you that Jake Ballard is coming in thinking he's going to be a tight end and not an offensive lineman. Whether that changes down the road or not is another story. I think the defensive line, mainly in the interrior needs to be addressed also.

TheKaiser21 (Dec 23, 2005 2:26:54 PM)
When will the staff know for sure about Youboty and Whitner?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:26:54 PM)
I would hope both would declare one way or another shortly after the bowl game so the staff can adjust or readjust their last minute recruiting strategy. I would plan on both leaving and consider it a recruiting coup if either or both stayed!

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:29:47 PM)
Are we a better team next year ?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:29:47 PM)
Hi buckeye33...that's up to Troy Smith. He is the ultimate difference maker on this team. The defense might have to be totally rebuilt so the offense will really have to come out strong from the get go. I can see Time of possession being really important next year and that's JT's favorite stat. I'm sure the defense will be solid but not nearly as strong. But yest I think OSU will be a better team next year. They will not lose two games.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 2:35:37 PM)
Hi Gary, why does Team Tressell go after only the big 3 in OL this year and not keep the others closeby just in case. Instead of scrambling, like we have, we would have been in good position to go to plan B with a guy like Thomas had we kept that seat warm.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:35:37 PM)
Hi muratduke...I think the staff handled that situation poorly but I think they really thought they had a great shot at all three last year. Boren was really sold on Ohio State last spring if you ask me...hard to believe huh? I think the whole Brown recruitment was handled poorly IMO. And I think Thomas should have been included in the initial group of offers. That more than his word to Pitt is what kept him from changing his commitment if you ask me. I don't know why they didn't include Thomas early. I'm sure they saw him play enough to decide. Thomas obviously didn't like being plan B. Why else would you go to Pitt over Ohio State...seriously???

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 2:36:33 PM)
A J Wallace and Ausberry will be wearing wearing a Buckeye cap at halftime on the Army Allstar game. My Christmas Present...

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:36:33 PM)
I will personally send you those photos pabuck if that happens. You hold me to that.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 2:41:59 PM)
Gary, please tell me we have at least 3 stud OL coming out of Ohio next year

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:41:59 PM)
I wish I could at this time but I really can't. Right now I like Garrett Celek from La Salle, Nick Schepis from Walsh. I watched both of those two in person last year and I liked them both. I'm searching for a third. The wrestler from West Branch Nathan Sharp is getting a lot of hype around my neighborhood.

TexasBuckeye (Dec 23, 2005 2:43:51 PM)
Joined in late here. If you have not already given an answer to this, what is your take on the Fiesta Bowl and the matchups, etc. on both sides of the ball?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:43:51 PM)
I really respect NDs offense. It should be a great matchup with OSU's defense. I'm sure OSU will give up big plays throughout the course of the game but I hope the Buckeyes continually put pressure on Quinn. The big advantage goest to OSU's offense over ND's defense and in the special teams games. I give OSU the edge in a high scoring affair.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:46:16 PM)
do we get lyons now that his brother has been moved to safety?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:46:16 PM)
My gut in this instance, timbucktwo, says yes. At least it's heading in that direction. I'm expecting to be invited to his press conference when he formally announces...put it that way. Devon told me ahead of time when he announced and I expect Wes, who I know better than I did Devon at the time, will tell me ahead of time as well.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 2:49:11 PM)
Gary, why arent we pursuing another RB in this class. Wells will play in 06,07,08 and then maybe gone, all our current RBs will be gone by then also, if we simply wait til 06 to recruit one and say he redshirts in 07 in his first year, he will only be a RS soph by the time he is called upon once Wells leaves (assuming he leaves early), looking fwd, this leaves us in a bind. We should always have a stable of 4-6 RBs I think. What do you think. What if Wells gets hurt in 08 .. who is going to carry the rock .. see what I mean

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:49:11 PM)
Four reasons...Pittman, Wells, Haw and Wells. And a fifth reason is that there is some talent in Ohio at running back next year. I expect Morgan Williams, Jordan Mabin and Danny Herron to all go Big Ten next season, grades notwithstanding. But I do think OSU will get one more back in this class for added depth.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 2:50:29 PM)
Gary, I hope Zwick doesnt transfer. Its a long offseason and Troy has done a good job this year and we all hope for big things next year but many including me, just dont know where his mind may be during the winter, and spring months. Not to mention his running style could mean an injury, I think its best JZ sticks it out and I hope he does, but not sure of his mindset. I dont think as Buckeye fans, we have shown enough appreciation to him on the chat rooms to show we appreciate his team first mentality. Do you have any thoughts on this matter

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:50:29 PM)
I'm certain that Zwick will remain at Ohio State. I have a history with the Zwick family so I'm not just throwing that out there lightly.

TheKaiser21 (Dec 23, 2005 2:52:24 PM)
Do you think we will see a change in offensive philosophy, whith Smith gone and a bigger back, and a dominate O'line after next year? Make woody proud again?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:52:24 PM)
Can you say Smashmouth Football. YSU dominated the '90's that way. With a young defense, ball control and time of possession will be the biggest factors that JT will be concerned with next season.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 2:55:04 PM)
Gary, Tressel is a smart guy. Parents allways love him. Yet we seem to lose some recruits who are enamoured with the bright lights and future stardom roles that other coaches paint a picture of. Is it not even in his fiber to "go there" or does he throw it out there once in a while about how many players we have gotten to the pros, espec in the last 10yrs. Should he not put aside his soft approach and school sellls itself mentality once in a while if he reads a recruit wants him to tell him that he can get to the pros by going to OSU ??

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:55:04 PM)
I just don't think that's his style. I'm sure that's a part of the package because one thing JT is not is incompetant. He's a brilliant man and a great person. Ohio State is a great institution and the football tradition speaks for itself. That's the loaded gun that JT relies on when he recruits players.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 2:57:42 PM)
Do you think Erik Haw will see any action in THE bowl game?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:57:42 PM)
I don't think he will see action in the bowl game but I hope he approaches the offseason and spring ball with a tremendous sense of urgency. I haven't given up on EriK Haw in any way shape or form. I remember the way he spoke to me in the summer before his senior season when I meant with him at Independence High School. He was destined for greatness in his mind and I still hope his aspirations haven't changed. Haw is big man! And he's fast!

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 2:58:13 PM)
How do we look in terms of getting o-linemen next year, any early offers out there?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:58:13 PM)
Hi Steve...I would say no on the early offers for O-lineman.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 2:59:51 PM)
I think Tressel has taught his players that they will be in the doghouse for most or all of the year if they do stupid things, ie Haw, Frost, etc ... I have a feeling this spring and summer, we wont have all the incidents we had in the past, whats your thoughts ??

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 2:59:51 PM)
They're still just kids for the most part. It's bound to happen. It will happen. It's like a good defensive strategy with a star player on offense...he might not be stopped but he has to be contained!

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 3:01:26 PM)
Hey Gary. There is another good athlete at Akron Garfield named Cortez Jones have you heard anything about this young man. I have heard that West Virginia is close to offering him.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:01:26 PM)
Hi lookouts...I like Cortez Jones a lot. I saw him play a lot obviously. He's a great defensive player and I would be very disappointed if he didn't end up in the MAC at the very minimum. I would be all over him if I were Minnesota or Iowa for instance. He makes plays and loves to hit. He's a wicked hitter on defense.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 3:02:36 PM)
Who rerplaces Mangold next season, Cordle maybe?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:02:36 PM)
Cordle or Datish.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 3:05:04 PM)
Seems w/ the depth at WR and lack at TE, R.Hall would be a perfect fit. Has the frame to add a little weight. Why any hesitation or at least more talk about it?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:05:04 PM)
Hi Spout...I would love to see Roy Hall get the ball thrown his way more but that's the difference with having Smith at quarterback instead of Zwick. Smith is just learning how to get past his first read where Zwick threw five passes to four different receivers in week one against Miami. I like Troy Smith as much as the next guy, maybe more, but I still don't believe Zwick was dealt a fair hand...IMHO.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 3:05:40 PM)
Do you think Teddy or Troy will get any Heisman attention next year?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:05:40 PM)
Not early ...no. They will have to earn it as the year progresses.

pabuckfan (Dec 23, 2005 3:08:48 PM)
Who do you think will be next years captains?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:08:49 PM)
I'll take a stab at this one...Troy Smith - no brainer, and either Patterson or Pitcock on defense. Whitner would be if he returns. Maybe only two next year.

TheKaiser21 (Dec 23, 2005 3:10:58 PM)
Can you compare Connor Smith and Alex Boone? Will he have the same impact Boone did this year?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:10:58 PM)
Connor is nasty. Even more so than Boone IMO. I wouldn't count Smith out of contention for any playing time next year.

TheKaiser21 (Dec 23, 2005 3:13:33 PM)
Why does it seem over the last couple of years, OSU has been unable to land big time D-line prospects? Interior Lineman

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:13:33 PM)
Marcus Green, Nadar Abadallah, David Patterson, Quinn Pitcock and now Larimore... those guys are all pretty good gets over the last couple of years.

Guest (Dec 23, 2005 3:14:30 PM)
Do we get all three Glenville guys?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:14:30 PM)
Yes boulderbuck1, OSU does land all three Glenville guys.

spout (Dec 23, 2005 3:18:00 PM)
If asked and answered , sorry. Do D.Johnson and/or T.Gibson get in?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:18:00 PM)
Hi spout...I would like to say yes for both but I will say no at this time and hope that I will be pleasantly surprised if they do. Good to see TG has an official visit any way. I like both players a lot.

bburks4144 (Dec 23, 2005 3:19:11 PM)
I talked to a teammate of AJ Wallace's on Tuesday, he said he is truly unsure about his college future. No one knows. Do you believe that? Or do you think he has a front-runner?

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:19:11 PM)
I've always felt good about Wallace after seeing him in the summer when I could see in his face how happy he seemed when he was on his OSU visit. I know that was a long time ago but I've kept that impression of him with me ever since.

muratduke (Dec 23, 2005 3:20:02 PM)
Gary, when you talk to a recruit, does he ever say, yes I am going to Ohio State but please dont make it public ?? if so, how do you handle info that you need to keep quiet when someone like me asks you ??

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:20:02 PM)
Every once in a while that's the case. I would say I hear it from a coach more than a player though.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:20:07 PM)
It's time to wrap it up for now. I plan to head to Warren Harding tonight to see Rob Rose play some basketball for Glenville. I'm sure I'll hear all kinds of news concerning Glenville tonight. I also want to say I was very impressed with Kosta Koufos from GlenOak after watching him play for the first time on Tuesday and then talking with him afterwards. I believe he is OSU's for the taking but that's just speculation on my part.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:23:23 PM)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Happy Holidays as well. For me, it is and will always be Merry Christmas! And may God bless you all in the new year ahead. Go Bucks. BTW...those of you in the Youngstown area...there will be a OSU-ND roundtable at BW3's in the Southern Park Mall on Thursday Dec. 29. It will be broadcast on the radio 1240 ESPN radio. Come out and join us and wear your Ohio State colors. I'll be on the panel representing our Buckeyes. Hope to see you there.

GaryHousteau (Dec 23, 2005 3:24:45 PM)
It's from 6 to 8 pm. Wear your OSU colors. It should be a good time.

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