Photo Gallery : East Team Practice Pictures

Here's a look at the the East team practice this afternoon with an obvious bias toward the state of Ohio and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Chris Wells, Connor Smith, Robert Rose and even Justin Boren are featured in some of the photos. Coach Ted Ginn is featured as well. Here's how some of the East's afternoon practice looked on a beautiful afternoon, in pictures.

Photo Gallery : East Team Practice In Pictures In Pictures

The East team took an impromptu photo team picture before the afternoon practice.

Chris Wells

Robert Rose

Connor Smith

Justin Boren and Smith will man the guard positions for the East.

A.J. Wallace will select between Ohio State and Penn State during the game on Saturday. He still claims it's 50-50!

Connor Smith

Robert Rose

A.J. Wallace

Smith actually looks small next to Sam Young.

Herman Boone, Matt Chinchar of Ginn's staff at Glenville, Ginn, and Bill Yoast. Of course Boone and Yost are famous for the motion picture movie, Remember the Titans.

Ginn and Boone...

Chinchar and Yoast.

Future teammates? The answer wil be determined on Saturday.



And Ginn.

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