Gamble Gives A List

Massillon RB/DB Brian Gamble had a terrific season in leading his team to a state finals berth. Gamble will be a highly-recruited player and is already getting plenty of attention. Read on for more on his recruiting status.

Massillon junior Brian Gamble took the Ohio football world by storm in 2005. Gamble was not mentioned on anyone's list of the top juniors before the season, but now finds himself being recruited by most of the top schools in the Midwest. We caught up with Gamble to find out about his recent trip to Ohio State and his future plans.

"Last season was a dream come true for me," said Gamble. "To get to the state title game was great. Next year we want to win it all. Beating Lakewood St. Edward was the best moment of the season for me. That win put us in the championship game and showed people that Massillon was back."

Last Sunday Gamble attended the Ohio State-Michigan State game as guests of the Ohio State football program. He came away impressed with Ohio State.

"I was there for the Texas football game and that was crazy," said Gamble. "The basketball game was cool because the coaches had more time to spend with us. I talked with Jim Tressel the most. I like him a lot. He asked me if I wanted to play offense or defense in college. I told him I see myself as a defensive back at the next level. I also talked with "Doc" Tressel and he was really cool. Being there the second time really opened my eyes to all that Ohio State has to offer."

Gamble also has more visits planned in the coming weeks.

"I'll be going to Miami of Florida for sure," said Gamble. "I went to camp there last summer and I like them a lot. I'll probably be going to Illinois, Syracuse and maybe Penn State in the near future."

Gamble said he's receiving letters from most major colleges and several have been to Massillon to see head coach Tom Stacy to talk about Brian.

"Illinois has been around a lot," said Gamble. "They gave a scholarship to Antonio James so they've been in school a lot. Pittsburgh and Penn State have been to school too as well as Ohio State. Ohio State and Miami of Florida probably send the most mail."

Gamble also has a busy summer camp season awaiting him.

"I'm going to Ohio State and Miami of Florida's camps for sure," said Gamble. "After that I'll probably go to some one day camps at Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh and Penn State. Maybe a few more too. I want to see as much as I can and give people a chance to see me."

Right now Gamble has no offers and lists himself as "wide open" regarding college favorites.

"I have a list," said Gamble, "but it's in no particular order. I have Ohio State, Miami of Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh. I don't see myself making a decision in the near future at all."

Brian Gamble is ranked among the top 10 prospects in the state by Ohio High magazine. He is sure to be a very heavily recruited player in the class of 2007.

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