Chat transcript - Jerry Rudzinski

Jerry Rudzinski came to chat with the Bucknuts Fan Club last night... here's a transcript from the chat.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:18:00 PM)
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nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:18:06 PM)
hi jerry

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:18:09 PM)
Hi Jerry

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:18:33 PM)
What's happening? That was easier than Central McClellion

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:19:08 PM)
Central McClellion was a cooler password though :)

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:19:15 PM)
Kirk...did you hear Spielman going on all week about Carter is better than Rice. Wow.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:19:50 PM)
He's penalizing Rice for making it look easy. I love my Middletown Middies, but those Super Bowl Rings say a lot

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:20:21 PM)
Spielman said that?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:20:39 PM)'s the whole teammate thing I think.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:20:32 PM)
jerry what are the player's doing now 7 on 7 or just chllin in weight room

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:21:10 PM)
7-on-7's some, but it is more weight room. Let's see, they should have about another week and a half before some time off

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:21:42 PM)
It's nice seeing Krenzel step up and lead the 7-on-7's. He's a leader.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:21:33 PM)
are you still going to be on channel6 this year?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:21:53 PM)
I plan on doing more with 1460.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:22:12 PM)
nbuck...what did you think of spring

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:22:38 PM)
vanilla but i like krenzel but hoping zwick gets 2deep

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:23:11 PM)
That could happen. There aren't many bodies in front of Zwick right now

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:23:19 PM)
I'm not sure what to say about Carter being better than Rice... Rice has the numbers, rings, and he's never been cut

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:23:55 PM)
Spielman says that blocking down field and routes are better. The players and coordinators fear Carter more.

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:24:35 PM)
Well I will say that the receiver with the most God-given talent that I've ever seen is Randy Moss, but who knows if he'll ever harness it

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:23:35 PM)
very suprised aboutt the kid from fla getting back at dt

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:25:17 PM)
We need as many dt's from FLA as we can get. Those guys from FLA, Miami, FSU are on another level. Big and fast. I love our dline, but we can't get complacent. Heacock was checking them out last week.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:25:03 PM)
also disappointed about cooper but wasn't he one of the dancers on the famous W DURING WISCONSIN

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:26:00 PM)
Cooper did get jiggy on the W I believe

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:25:11 PM)
Jerry, do you think the Bucks' offensive line has it in them this year to be a solid unit, or should we worry?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:26:49 PM)
We should worry. It's our duty the past 6 or 7 years. Again, we will nail down 5 good ones, maybe even 2 or 3 real good ones, but after that it drops off. Stepanovich is tough. Douglas and Clarke have upside, but lack a bit of consitency

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:26:50 PM)
I heard many people say that it was only a matter of time before something like that happened with Cooper though

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:27:11 PM)
Cooper would do some talking.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:27:10 PM)
i tell ya i can't wait for this freshman class to get in and see where they end up

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:27:48 PM)
Clarett is for real. He lives up to his hype thus far. Can the others???????????? I think some can.

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:28:44 PM)
I know Jerry loves Bobby Carpenter to get in there and help right away. I hope Pitcock's injury is nothing too serious. I don't look for much out of the linemen this year though even though it sounds like Kudla's physically ready. Really I think Clarett will probably be the top impact freshman

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:28:44 PM)
Carpenter, Underwood, and Clarett are my big three right now (and yes, that relates to our needs with the exception of Clarett).

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:28:53 PM)
are the numbers on schollies still only 12/13?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:29:30 PM)
I thought they got that up. Kirk, you or Duane could probably answer that better. From what I hear, it will be more than that

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:30:28 PM)
Last I heard the numbers the coaches were hoping to squeeze in were between 15-18. Hopefully they'll somehow push it up to 20

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:31:15 PM)
I bet we get there. Watch....every year those numbers end up higher than you think

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:31:34 PM)
That is true. Coming into last year, it didn't look like they'd get 25 but they did

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:31:48 PM)
Grades, injuries, burn out, ecstasy/ know, the usual stuff...ha ha

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:30:06 PM)
Hey Kirk, my wife had the nerve to stay on the computer past 8:00!!

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:30:35 PM)
give her money to shop that works on football saturdays

Marysville Buck-I (ID=11) (May 28, 2002 8:30:52 PM)
NOoooo!! She's done enough shopping!

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:30:58 PM)
Geez, was your wife one of those who wanted to get married during a Saturday in October too? :)

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:31:30 PM)
Well, I actually got married on a spring game Saturday in '98. Shame on me.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:32:04 PM)
Jerry, I hope the stuff on Jeff Graham is BS. I really like Jeff.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:32:43 PM)
Pan Am Graham. He was special. Being from Dayton, I hope he gets cleared. He means a lot to that community. People really take pride in him and Byars.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:32:59 PM)
jerry i was mentioned you never ran more than 4.75 is that what they call football speed that the angle and brains make up for speed during games?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:34:35 PM)
That is true. I timed better with a hand held, but never on the electric. I just didn't have that pop and explosion the other guys had. I could hang in the longer distances, but struggled with the 40. Once I knew what the coaches wanted, I became faster. Also, the pre-snap reads are often obvious in college.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:35:32 PM)
Many guys really sit back during passes and lean forward during runs. More importantly, if you watch enough film, the spacing and gaps really give things away.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:35:26 PM)
Jerry, do you think Katzenmoyer was treated unfairly here? I thought that Andy was a slight bit immature like me and 90% of the rest of society at that age. I never thought he was a bad kid. I think many who criticized him about his DUI have driven at that BAC level themselves.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:36:50 PM)
I agree. It was a mistake...just like I made many mistakes. In a sense, he was treated like a god. But in the end...that last year, people ate him alive. In reality, he had a great, great, great junior season.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:36:18 PM)
who was your primary resonpsiblity as a outside linebacker

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:38:14 PM)
Jerry, even before Jefferson Kelly got hurt, it was said that he was really struggling. Did he just not have what it takes to play at this level? He was rated by at least one source as the #1 O-line prospect in the country.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:39:39 PM)
He wasn't the number 1 guy. That is a prime example of a recruiting service mistake. They didn't do their homework

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:38:43 PM)
In our 5 man front (tight defense or often called "under" defense, I was to anchor that line of scrimmage from a nine technique. I had to cut the field off if it came my way (outside). For the most part, our job on counters, iso's power plays, etc. was to spill it outside to Damon and Andy. Always, always always take out two guys.

oogatz (May 28, 2002 8:39:03 PM)
Jerry, I think it was banished Buck that made the comment recently that the defense might still be considered suspect, based on problems in holding during last year's games with Penn State, Wisconsinetc. I think he has a point, and unlike most folks, I'm very worried we won't be able to withstand a beefy power game like Wisconsin with the apparent movement to putting fast guys in the trenches. While I believe the old saw that there is no substitution for speed, do you think our guys will be able to handle a typical "snot on snot" power game (as Darryl Royal used to put it)?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:40:28 PM)
They had better. It worries me too. We need some of those 320 lbs. like you see getting drafted every first round now.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:40:58 PM)
Anchor points. Let the lb's and safeties make tackles.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:41:33 PM)
It is still a game of controlling that line of scrimmage vs PSU or Wis. A forty time doesn't do much at that point. You better have some lbs.

oogatz (May 28, 2002 8:41:32 PM)
Do you think Marcus Green can be a "rock" in the middle? Pitcock?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:41:59 PM)
Pitcock is the man. He will wear people down.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:42:27 PM)
Anderson is tough. He is like a Fickell. What he lacks in weight, he will win with leverage.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:42:52 PM)
He may be our most intense player

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:42:49 PM)
Jerry, I thought you guys pretty much dominated A&M in the '98 (Jan 1, '99). I remember A&M's first drive (I believe) in the second half where they benefited from three questionable penalties. Was the defense pretty ticked off about the calls on that drive?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:44:07 PM)
That first series...I giv them credit. They stuffed it down our throats. We just needed to get our composure. We were all trying to play about 4 or 5 positions rather than just one of them really well. Pug calmed us down. He was great at that.

oogatz (May 28, 2002 8:43:04 PM)
Have you heard whether Pitcock will be healthy enough to contributr this year?

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:43:15 PM)
are you ready to go out on a small spring limb and give us a record for osu this year?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:44:20 PM)
I think 10-3.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:45:57 PM)
Maybe 11-2. I am thinking we split with PSU and Wisconsin. I am thinking we split with Michigan and Kirk's Illini. I hope I am wrong. We can beat all those teams. But strange things happen late in the Big Ten season.

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:46:51 PM)
If we lose to UM I will be Mr. Sad

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:45:09 PM)
What do you view as the biggest area of concern for this team right now?

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:45:13 PM)
Yes, that was a good drive, but I was referring to the drive to start the second half.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:46:11 PM)
Penalties definitely in that one.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:46:36 PM)
Biggest concerns...o-line injuries and corners losing one on ones

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:47:32 PM)
A&M was for real. Those tight ends were all drafted last I checked. They were physical.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:47:31 PM)
Jerry, did you have a dislike for the Wolverines growing up?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:47:55 PM)
I will fess up. When I was growing up...l like the Buckeyes,

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:48:08 PM)
Spartans, and Irish. They all hated Michigan

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:48:38 PM)
I had uncles playing for MSU and ND in the late 70's and early 80's. The Buckeyes were just the buckeyes.

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:48:29 PM)
Jerry, what is the one thing that you think is the biggest wake-up call for the incoming freshmen?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:49:48 PM)
Wake up call...just being low man on the totem pole. Also, the time commitment. It is a full time job. No time off. And tressel has them over there even more than when I played.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:50:16 PM)
That is great for team building.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:50:50 PM)
Also, those freshman will not be used to special teams. They were always superstars that didn't cover. NO more

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:48:34 PM)
I remember when Sir Parker scored in OT to beat undefeated K State. I was at BW3 and the place was going nuts thinking the Bucks could end up in Tempe if Tennessee lost.

oogatz (May 28, 2002 8:48:35 PM)
Kirk, do you think we will run 90% on first down again this year or do you think there will be an honest attempt to open things up?

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:50:45 PM)
I am guessing that much of the offense will remain the same although I hope they find a way to get all the great WRs involved. But there are great RBs too... what do you think Jerry?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:52:04 PM)
I will say it again, get it to Gamble. I think we need to have a throw first mentality at times with our o-line. That will loosen up a defense. 9 time out of 10 I say establish a run and force the 8 man box to throw. This is the one out of 10

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:51:39 PM)
Jerry, this may have been asked last time, but I can't remember. Do u have a gut feel as to whether Zwick plays this year or not?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:53:14 PM)
I think Krenzel. Zwick will see the field, but I don't anticipate him starting. The fans will support Krenzel early on because I think we will come out of the gates well.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:52:45 PM)
Jerry, have you ever considered getting into coaching?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:54:25 PM)
I have considered coaching. Probably the younger guys though. I like that 8th, 9th grade level. I must admit...I would hate to move my family every other year. That is tough. With the younger kids, you can impact them and stay where you want to stay. Also, that age is a fork in the road. Crucial years.

nbuck (May 28, 2002 8:54:23 PM)
jerry are there player's on this team that you have seen or heard that are un -happy about their postions that you guess might not be back?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:55:27 PM)
Nothing specific. There are ALWAYS grumblings. You know the "grass is always greener". I don't know any specifics though. I can' t imagine those tailbacks all being happy though

MrBucknuts (May 28, 2002 8:56:06 PM)
Jerry: How about freshmen superstars on special teams? I am still looking forward to Pitcock covering kickoffs!

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:57:05 PM)
AJ Hawk will be a special teams stud because of his attitude. I would say our young safeties, but they may be redshirting

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:56:09 PM)
They will eventually want their shot with the touches

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:56:08 PM)
I am sort of glad that we do not have to play against the Smoker to Rogers combo. Rogers is unreal. And a side note about the other Big Ten team we do not play....Iowa...they went from last in the B-10 in scoring in 2000 to first in 2001. Ferentz seems like a top up and coming coach.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:57:35 PM)
MSU is for real.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:57:52 PM)
Smokers does not have a conscience

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:58:03 PM)
I mean smoker

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 8:58:03 PM)
MSU's schedule is probably set up the best for a Big Ten title

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 8:58:13 PM)
I think the Spartans are a total wild card that could finish anywhere from 8th to 1st

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:58:41 PM)
I bet they fall asleep at the wheel.

jedaharris (May 28, 2002 8:58:50 PM)
The Spartans always seem to win a few big ones but under achieve overall.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 8:58:55 PM)

oogatz (May 28, 2002 8:59:07 PM)
Jerry, during spring practice there was a concerted effort to throw to the backs and tight ends. I think with our backs and their speed/power and tight ends (I like both Hartsock and Hanby) this can be real weapon and eventually enable us to control games with the run. Do you see this happening? Will the OL enable these types of plays to happen?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:01:01 PM)
Good observation. I remember seeing a lot of that last spring as well though. I think a lot of it has to do with the qb. In my mind, nothing sets up those routes like a running game. Good play action. To do that, you need a great line that is physical and makes a team gear up for a power running game. That being said, I don't know if our o-line is ready to dominate

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:01:41 PM)
It is incredibly easy to stop a tight end or fullback in a route if you are not sold on the play action

jedaharris (May 28, 2002 9:00:59 PM)
Sorry if I'm being repetative, but any tidbits about recruiting or surprises among the returning players for the upcoming year?

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 9:02:31 PM)
Haven't heard any recruiting tidbits recently... couldn't be slower on the recruiting front I think

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:04:49 PM)
His a very minor one Kirk. Brady Quinn and his teammate Kadella (forget his first name) went to Indiana this weekend. Quinn had his offer reconfirmed and they offered Kadella (LB) as well.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:02:15 PM)
Jerry, how confident was the team heading into Morgantown, '98? I know WVU thought they had one of their best teams ever before the 34-17 reality check. I remember Winfield shaking his head when a WVU trying tog get to the outside on him. It just seemed like OSU had a lot of confidence that night.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:03:59 PM)
That was the beauty of that team...we had some jitters. Definitely confidence, but we took every road game like a business trip. Stay focused. Get in and get out. Play our game. Force them to come up to our level rather than us going down to theirs. Confident...definitely, but we knew we could lose if we played carelessly

Hubbard (May 28, 2002 9:03:48 PM)
Jerry what do you think about Conwell, the db transfer? He doesn't get mentioned much, byut I watched him in the spring game and he looked very good

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:04:39 PM)
He's tough. I like him a lot. He should be a great special teamer. I don't think he has the speed and hips as some of the other guys though.

jedaharris (May 28, 2002 9:05:01 PM)
Jerry, how good do you see the LBs for the coming year? Compare them to you and Greg B. and Katz if you can

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:07:09 PM)
Wilhelm is sweet. He isn't physically as freakish as Katzenmoyer, but he seems to know that defense very well. That makes him extremely effective. I may take Greg over any of them (although Andy was a gotta take him). That sounds crazy, but Greg was unreal. Grant is a playmaker, but I would rather have Diggs due to his size and intelligence.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:06:40 PM)
Jerry, where is the overall talent level on this '02 team compared to the teams during the '93 to '98 run, in your opinion?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:09:26 PM)
Overall, I think the talent is there. It is tough due to the positions of dominance though. It can be like apples and oranges. I like Will SMith, but nothing was wrong with Vrabel. I liked our corners, but I love there depth at receiver. They have great depth this year at many spots. How about them tailbacks. I think the talent was awesome in 93-98, but it got top-heavy at times.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:10:19 PM)
That talent was good in the top 10-12, but not as good as you may think in the top 25-30.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:09:23 PM)
Kirk, some guru from Dublin is saying he thinks Crables is slightly better than 50/50 for OSU. Your thoughts? And any more talk about his stock dropping?

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 9:11:17 PM)
The stock dropping thing that Duane mentioned was the first I've heard of it, haven't heard much since... as for where he'll wind up, I would give a slight edge to Ohio State but I trust Duane when he says it's early and doesn't know

jedaharris (May 28, 2002 9:10:39 PM)
Any word on who (which teams) the coaches studied for this year on offense? Heard they saw some of Miami's offense. Do you think they will be a little more unpredictable on offense?

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:10:45 PM)
Jerry, any word from Katz? Is he going to play this year for the Pats?

oogatz (May 28, 2002 9:11:12 PM)
Thanks Jerry and Kirk; I've got to split.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:11:14 PM)
Did the coaches also visit Oklahoma or am I dreaming?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:11:49 PM)
Offensively, I definately think they will try and resemble the balance of Miami. Tressel's background makes me think he will never go completely radical in one way or the other.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:13:03 PM)
They have a relationship with the sooners. those Stoops boys can get it done. The thing is ...I hate to oversimplify, but I think Miami and Oklahoma were so dominant because of talent, more so than scheme.

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:12:47 PM)
Jerry, you at all worried about Cincinnati? I think they have 8 back on both sides of the ball and I believe they went bowling last year.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:14:12 PM)
They will be tough. But you can' t call them a sleeper any more. Also, just watch. That atmosphere will be electric at Paul Brown. UC will tough, but they will get our best shot. That being said, we should roll. (and I wouldn't mind pouring in on them)

jedaharris (May 28, 2002 9:13:17 PM)
One thing we never seemed to use much but worked well for other teams is the shovel pass. Any reason we didn't like it? Did you find it hard to defense?

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:14:57 PM)
It is a nice change of pace, but it is fairly easy to see developing. If teams are beating us doing that, we have major problems.

Hubbard (May 28, 2002 9:15:29 PM)
Shovel pass is almost a gimic play

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:16:27 PM)
Again, I think it should be in the arsenal, but I would rather see a halfback pass. Those can be tough to defend if the back gets running downhill (like wiley)

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:15:00 PM)
Maybe they can suit Huggins up and we'll take some shots at him?!

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:15:09 PM)
now you are talking

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:15:25 PM)
I hear that stadium is phenomenal

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:15:33 PM)
haven't been there yet myself

Kirk L. (May 28, 2002 9:16:06 PM)
It's 9 pm... thanks Jerry for stopping by! Always a lot of fun to chat with Jerry. I'll stick around for a few more min if anyone wants to chat!

Hubbard (May 28, 2002 9:16:18 PM)
Thanks Jerry it's always fun and insightful

jedaharris (May 28, 2002 9:16:22 PM)
Thanks, Jerry

Marysville Buck-I (May 28, 2002 9:16:25 PM)
Thanks a million, Jerry!!

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:16:39 PM)
Thank you guys. I had a blast. Talk to you sooner.

rudzinski (May 28, 2002 9:16:55 PM)
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