A Long look at recruiting news (5/29)

Duane Long is back with his views on a few recent recruiting updates... today, he discusses DEs, QBs, LeBron James, and more.

Reporter: Bill Kurelic
News: Cincinnati DE Raymond Edwards has been offered by OSU
Duane's Spin:

"This is a late development. I spoke to Edwards coach recently and he said nothing of this. I am not surprised. He just wasn't getting the attention he deserved. Nobody else was in on him. Ohio's Future Stars had him as a top 25 player and we were ready to move him up even before this news. 3.8 gpa to go along with his great athletic skills.

It could impact Shawn Crable. I think his stock is sliding down. At first the good things about a player are the focus. In time the negatives appear. We see it every year with the NFL draft; how players are picked apart. It happens with recruiting too. Crable has more negatives than most of the top 10 recruits in the state. Add in the limited scholarship numbers, and a verbal from Edwards could very well have the Buckeyes back off of Crable."

Reporter: Duane Long
News: Louis Irizarry is now split between OSU and ND
and says he wants to take his time
Duane's Spin:

"I think this is still a Buckeye get. The more time between Louis and his visit (to ND) the more he said he was leaning to Ohio State. By the time he was interviewed for the radio show, he was saying 70% to 80% chance he was going to be a Buckeye. Don't read so much into what recruits say right after a visit. Some want to speak to them right after a visit. I have found that strategy ends up being false info just days later. Louis wants to play for a team in the running and he feels Notre Dame is too far from competing for the National Championship." 

Reporter: Various
News: Offers starting to come in for DeJuan Tribble, will camp at OSU
Duane's Spin:

"A real hot property in Ohio. He is getting more attention than Eric Thatcher."

Reporter: Tom Lemming
News: During an ESPN chat, Tom says of star basketball player LeBron James "I've seen every top player in Ohio on film, and I believe he's not only the state's top basketball player, but also its top football prospect."
Duane's Spin:

"He would be a top 3 player in Ohio. I would have a hard time rating him above Burgess and Irizarry. He is a great football player though. Saying that he is # 1 in Ohio is something I disagree with, but it is not a reach. He is that good. "

Reporter: Tom Lemming
News: During an ESPN chat, Tom says "I think Ohio State has a great shot at just about every top player in the state once again. The race this year appears to be between OSU and Michigan for the top five or six prospects."
Duane's Spin

"I think this is very accurate. There is only one bad thing about the Ohio talent this year. Ohio State is looking at 12 scholarships. I would take it one step further. Most of the top 10 kids are Buckeye leans." 

Reporter: Max Emfinger
News: Reynoldsburg QB John Ferguson has been offered by Iowa and is still listing OSU
Duane's Spin:

"John was a regular at Buckeye football camps up to last year but I don't see the Buckeyes offering. Ferguson is not the most mobile quarterback and that is something that coach Tressel looks for in his QBs. If there is another quarterback offered in this class I feel confident it will be Brady Quinn."

Check back soon for another installment of A Long look at recruiting news!

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