Recruiting Roundup

It won't be long before the recruiting season heats up. What is the status of OSU right now? We take a quick look by position today.

So far, things have been quiet for OSU on the commitment front, but we're getting to the time of year when the camps begin, and we're going to see if there is a swell in commitments after camps like there was last year.  Today, we're going to take a look around by position at some of the players on OSU's radar.  What players are possible targets for OSU?  Who might receive an offer, and who might commit?  Let's take a look by position.


Ohio - The hottest prospect in Ohio right now is Dublin Coffman's Brady Quinn.  Quinn (left) has exploded onto the scene in a big way over the past few months and may have surpassed St. Henry's Todd Boeckman as the state's top QB.  We hope to find out more about what Brady is thinking this Wednesday on the Bucknuts Radio Hour.  John Ferguson from Reynoldsburg will also find himself with some quality offers.  Iowa is one school who has offered and John likes them.  Ben Mauk, the record-breaking QB from Kenton who many fans are interested in following, had several MAC offers the last time we checked, but nothing from a major school yet.  There are other quality QBs in Ohio as well; Sean Clayton from Poland Seminary is one who Duane Long talks about quite a bit, and Jeff Terrell from Hunting Valley University School, who will be featured in an upcoming article to be seen on as well as Ohio's Future Stars, is a player who Duane likes a lot as well and is drawing interest from Stanford and Virginia as well as Ivy League schools. 

National - There doesn't seem to be a whole lot for the Buckeyes on the national front.  Charlotte, NC standout Chris Leak and California star Kyle Wright seem to be two names mentioned a lot as the nation's top player at this position.

OSU's status - The Buckeyes will take at least one this year.  This is going to be a fascinating position to watch because for quite a while, Todd Boeckman seemed to be OSU's target as the Buckeyes offered him over any other Ohio QB.  But with Brady Quinn's stock rising so high, what will the Buckeyes do?  Will they offer Quinn as well?  We could hear a decision this summer from Boeckman, so it's going to be interesting.  Ferguson, Mauk, Clayton, and Terrell don't seem to be possibilities for OSU right now even though they could all wind up with good offers.

This geek's early and uneducated prediction - Bucks land Boeckman, Quinn leaves the state.

Running Back

Ohio - No blue-chippers this year.  Players like Youngstown Ursuline's Terrance Graves and Columbus Eastmoor's Justin Valentine are very good players who will wind up at a strong program.  There are others like Cleveland JFK's Marlon Galbreath, E. Cleveland Shaw's Harvey McDougle and Strongsville's mighty mite Brandon Murphy who could wind up with good offers as well.  There is also an outstanding fullback in Ohio that deserves mention, Milford's Joe Razzano.

National - I haven't been paying attention too closely, but it seems to me like the overall buzz at this position nationally is lower than usual.  Kregg Lumpkin of Stone Mountain, GA and Demetris Summers of South Carolina are two names that are often mentioned as the best.

OSU's status - Jason Evans (above) from Kennesaw, GA is a highly-rated and highly versatile prospect who we were told will be offered soon by OSU.  He could play several different positions, but if you are counting him as a RB, he could be OSU's best bet out-of-state.  California star Lynell Hamilton has also mentioned OSU.  But with limited spots, it would not be a surprise to see OSU take no RB this year.

This geek's early and uneducated prediction - OSU takes no RBs in 2002-2003.

Wide Receiver

Ohio - Some good ones... Massillon Washington's Devin Jordan is still ranked as the highest although Duane Long has Thomas Worthington's Bryan Williamson (left) as the state's fastest-rising prospect at any position.  Dublin Coffman's Chinedum Ndukwe will have several offers to choose from, and Cincinnati North College Hill standout Daryl Snow is also up there.

National - One name comes up over and over as the nation's best -- Ventura, CA's Whitney Lewis.  Another player from CA - Steve Smith - is one mentioned as one of the best and could have a little interest in OSU.

OSU's status - The Buckeyes appear set to take at least one despite the depth at WR.  Devin Jordan appears to be the most likely possibility.  Ndukwe and Snow do not appear to be interested in Ohio State.  Williamson could be a player to keep an eye on as far as the Bucks are concerned if his stock keeps on rising. 

This geek's early and uneducated prediction - OSU gets Devin Jordan and that's it.  I have a wait-and-see feeling on Williamson.

Tight End

Ohio - The Buckeye state has two of the best in Youngstown Ursuline's Louis Irizarry and Lyndhurst Brush's Marcel Frost (left).  There's a drop-off after that though.

National - It seems to be a great year for TEs, with Frost and Irizarry being  up there as top 100-caliber players and players like PA's Jonathan Stupar and NJ's Greg Olsen being mentioned with Irizarry as possibly the best.

OSU's status - Louis Irizarry seemed all but a lock a short time ago, but things have changed a bit as he seems to want to wait it out.  However, it would still be a surprise if he went elsewhere.  Marcel Frost is also very high on OSU's list and is versatile enough to play on both sides of the ball in college, so maybe OSU could take Irizarry and Frost and possibly play Frost somewhere else if necessary.  Or maybe they could make for one exciting two-TE set somewhere down the line (now that's an interesting thought). 

This geek's early and uneducated prediction - OSU gets 'em both -- Irizarry and Frost come to OSU.

Offensive Line

Ohio - A jumble!  There aren't any blue-chippers, but there seem to be several offensive linemen that are close in ability and recruiting level that could all wind up at a fine football school.  They include Strongsville's Dan Pribula, Cincinnati Anderson's Ty Hall (left), Chardon ND-CL's Mike DeLuca, Austintown Fitch's Mike McGlynn, Columbus Marion-Franklin's Dan Henderson, Youngstown Ursuline's Matt Maizel, Toledo St. Francis' Andrew Stanford, Massillon Perry's Zach Slates and Kirk Barton, and Dayton Chaminade-Julienne's Chris Vangas.  Hall and McGlynn made Duane Long's list of fastest-rising prospects in the state. 

National - River Ridge, LA OL Jerry Sevin has been well-hyped across network, and Florida OL Aubrey McFadden and Texas OL Jorrie Adams have also gotten a lot of headlines.  OSU has also offered Alabama OL Aaron Sears.

OSU's status - This is going to get interesting.  As we mentioned before

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