Browning Completes Glenville Trifecta For OSU

Although Glenville's Bryant Browning might have had to wait a little bit longer than his two Tarblooder teammates to get a scholarship offer from Ohio State, it all meant the same when the three future Buckeyes signed their respectives letters of intent with OSU on national signing day. Browning is the very first offensive lineman out of the 10 players from Glenville that has signed a letter of intent with OSU over the past five years.

Once he got his scholarship offer from The Ohio State University, Bryant Browning of Glenville High School knew that it was only a matter of time until he officially became a Buckeye. And on national signing day 2006, it indeed became official.

"I'm very excited to finally sign my letter of intent to The Ohio State University," said Browning who sports a GPA north of the 4.0 mark. "It's just great for me to be going there after going through the recruiting process and picking a great school like this to further my education and further my football career."

Although Glenville head coach Ted Ginn always told Browning that something like this could happen for him someday, it was still beyond his realm of belief at one time.

"When I first came (to Glenville) I never imagined anything like this," said Browning who believes he will eventually setting in at guard on the offensive line for Ohio State. "But Coach Ginn always told me that this could happen if I just worked hard and applied myself. So that's what I've tried to do and it's worked out and it's been great."

It wasn't very long ago that Browning was watching his older brother, Robert, sign his letter of intent to attend Georgetown University in February of 2003. He still remembers that day very vividly.

"I remember his signing day and I saw how happy he was and how excited he was," Browning said. "I just knew that one day I would also get to make me a choice to go to some school and now it's Ohio State. So this is very overwhelming for me because at that time I was just a freshman and you're just looking up to everyone, and now I'm the one signing a letter of intent."

Glenville sent Donte Whitner and Dareus Hiley to Ohio State that year. Whitner was already enrolled at OSU when that particular signing day ceremony with Browning's brother took place.

"It was great to see those guys go on to Ohio State and become Buckeyes," Browning said. "And it was great to see my brother and the other guys with them going off to other colleges and furthering their careers, just being happy to sign their letters of intent, knowing they also had someone to pay for their college education."

Browning, a three-year starter on the offensive line at tackle, probably appreciates the value of a football scholarship even more than the average senior in high school.

"I feel really blessed because I know that God has worked with me a lot in my life because I lost my mother when I was about 13," the big lineman said. "He really stepped in and He kept me strong, He kept my family together and He kept me going on through school and through high school to become a great young man."

Browning knew his mom, Valerie Browning, was with him in spirit on signing day and he said that she was just as much responsible for him being where he's at at this point in his life then any body.

"When we were young she stressed to us about going to school and working hard and trying to be great at everything you do, to me and my brother, and that's what I'm trying to do," said Browning with a huge smile across his face. "They always say that I got my smile from her so she would be cheesing from ear to ear today."

Fortunately, Browning has had Ginn around to help him navigate his path through life in her absence.

"I give the credit to him for everything that I have," said Browning of his main mentor on signing day. "But he works hard for every kid that comes into his program whether you're a freshman or you're just coming here for your senior year. He works hard for you and he gives his time and he tells you things you need to know to be a better player and a better person and a better man when you grow up. And I just have to thank him for that."

Browning is just thankful for many things but most of all he's thankful for the opportunity he has of being a Buckeye.

"It's just great knowing that the school you grew up watching on TV wants you to come and play for them," he said. "Ohio State is a great school and they're one of the top teams in the nation every year and it's just tremendous to have a chance to be a part of it now. This is like a dream come true."

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