St. Ed's Soph Roe Reflects On OSU Visit

Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward 6-8 sophomore Delvon Roe, the state's top-ranked soph according to Ohio High, was among a handful of prospects in attendance for Sunday's OSU men's basketball win over Illinois. We have comments from Roe on his time at the game as well as how his season is going and which schools he is looking at.

The recruiting process had begun long ago for Lakewood St. Edward star Delvon Roe. Recently, however, the 6-8 power forward is feeling the brunt of what big time college basketball recruiting has to offer.

Phone calls, interviews, letters and text messages are just a taste of what Roe has experienced the last couple of months from college coaches and reporters. It's only just begun for the sophomore, ranked as one of the top players in the entire country in the 2008 recruiting class.

Roe, ranked as Ohio's top sophomore by Ohio High, was averaging 19.4 points a game heading into his game against Cleveland St. Ignatius on Friday. After an earlier trip to see the Michigan-Michigan State basketball game last month in Ann Arbor, Roe visited Ohio State for the game against Illinois in Columbus on Sunday afternoon.

He spoke of his experience at the game as well as the process and his season.

Bucknuts: How was the trip to Ohio State for the game between Ohio State and Illinois?

Delvon Roe: "The game was great and the atmosphere was great. We had a really fun time."

BN: Who was at the game with you?

DR: "I was with my dad and we were with Yancy (Gates) and B.J. (Mullens)."

BN: Have you played with Yancy or B.J. before?

DR: "I've played against them in AAU, but I've not been able to play with them yet."

BN: And as far as AAU is concerned, are you still planning to play with the King James Shooting Stars again this season with Kosta (Koufos)?

DR: "Yes."

BN: Tell me about your experience this afternoon and your thoughts on the game.

DR: "It was pretty nice. It was very good and a very hostile environment. They (Ohio State) are really good and will be even better next year, so they will be good for a couple of seasons and a long time."

BN: It must have been a dream for you because not only Ohio State but seeing Ohio State and Illinois -- two of your favorites -- playing in the same game.

DR: "Yeah it was nice to see a little of both and a little of everything from both teams."

BN: Here early in the process, you've said Michigan is probably paying you the most attention. Tell me a little more about them and also some of the other teams giving you the most attention.

DR: "Michigan. They have been after me a while and after me a lot. They have been up here probably five times to watch me play and watch me practice. Illinois have been up there a lot to see me and they want to get me to some games. Ohio State had me there today and they want to get me there during the summer. They really like me and Coach (Dan) Peters loves me a lot. Michigan State, I'm going to Michigan State on March 4th to see them and Illinois again. They want me to come down there this summer for a visit."

BN: So it seems like as the year has gone on, you have really noticed the attention has picked up a lot haven't you?

DR: "Yeah it has, since my freshman year I've gone from getting letters and occasionally talking to assistant coaches to as I've gotten older, starting to talk to the head coaches and a lot more letters and a lot more publicity."

BN: Is it to the point of being overwhelming yet or is it still kind of sinking in?

DR: "I'm still feeling the process out. It's probably going to be a while before it gets overwhelming."

BN: Tell me your feelings about Ohio State and specifically about what you know of the team and their program.

DR: "I really like Ohio State. They are a team that fits my game style, they look in the post a lot, they run the floor really well, move the ball and it's close to town. They are close to where I live, and it wouldn't be hard for my parents to come see me play. They are up there in my top five. I love them a lot."

BN: And likewise, tell me about Illinois. They are another team you have put at the top of your list, so tell me what you like about them and what you know of them.

DR: "I love them a lot too. I like their environment. I like Illinois' arena. It seems like they have a program that always had real good guards on their team, and if you're a successful big man, you need good guards that will also get you the ball. Illinois always seems to have those guards that look pass first."

BN: You have mentioned your top five. What schools are in your top five?

DR: "Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Kentucky and then Louisville -– those two are in a tie."

BN: And so far you've been to Michigan and Ohio State for games?

DR: "Yes, Michigan and Ohio State."

BN: You're looking to go back to Michigan State and Illinois as well, correct?

DR: "Yes."

BN: Tell me about your season so far and how your team has done.

DR: "We're doing good. We went to Myrtle Beach over Christmas break and since then we haven't lost a game. Our goal is to go undefeated the rest of the '06 season and hopefully win a state championship."

BN: Did the competition in Myrtle Beach help you guys a lot coming back to Ohio and play teams?

DR: "Yes that really helped a lot. Before we went down there, Coach (Eric) Flannery said that every team that he brought down there and came back, they got better as a team and they got to know one another as a team. Our going down there made us closer as a team and got us to know one another better and made us start trusting each other more."

BN: Is it a confidence thing to beat a team from out of state?

DR: "It gives you more confidence to play a team that's from out of state, teams ranked nationally to give yourself exposure and try and get you up there and get publicity. Playing teams up there makes you better against everyone, not just ranked teams."

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