Donnie Nickey Tells All

Back in May, Donnie Nickey was involved in an off-campus altercation. Recently, Donnie talked with Dave Biddle and gave his views of what happened.

Free safety Donnie Nickey (6-3, 215, Sr.) was involved in a rather weird incident on May 3 at an off-campus carry out. In an interview with, Nickey gave the details of the evening's events. 

"My older brother Ian and I pulled into the store parking lot and this car came in and cut us off," Nickey said. "So, I just waved the guy on, but he started yelling obscenities at us about how it was his store and he could do anything he wanted. We both got out of our cars and the guy came up to me and pushed me, so I pushed back."

Nickey said the man who confronted him had the sudden surge of bravado just because he knew he had friends inside the store who had his back. 

"He was a little guy. The only reason he came up and pushed me was because he knew his friends were inside... Right after I pushed him back, four guys from the store (Sammy's In and Out, located on N. High Street near W. 8th Avenue) came out yelling and approaching us. One of the guys was holding this concrete block over his head like he was going to throw it, so I grabbed his arm to keep the block away."

Around this time, two of Nickey's friends (who were following he and his brother) got out of their car to help. Nickey said a few punches were thrown.

"All of a sudden, one of the guys (from Sammy's) yells, ‘Go get the gun,'and someone ran in the store. But he just came out with a little pocket knife. Then another guy comes out with a broomstick and starts swinging it around. Finally, I got hit in the head with the block and my head started bleeding right away. I threw the block back at their door at smashed the window."

Right after that, Columbus police arrived on the scene.

"The guys (from Sammy's) told the police that I tried to take a 40 and a bottle of wine and ran out of the store. They were just making something up so they looked like the victim."

But at first, the police believed the men from Sammy's and not Nickey.

"The police wouldn't let us explain, they just arrested me right away. I was charged with robbery if you can believe that. After a while, a detective came out and they closed off the entire area. After he did some investigating, they took us down to the station and we were there until 6 a.m. (incident took place around midnight). Finally, they dropped the charges because they knew they were lying and the detective drove me and my brother home."

But what about the guys from Sammy's (only names released by the police were Iyad Abuhamoudeh and Anas Alrawahneh)? They were the original instigators of the fight, then proceeded to lie in a police report. How were they not arrested?

"That's the same thing my dad said," Nickey said.

But the men from Sammy's might not be out of the woods yet. After they told their story to the cops, their store was checked for fingerprints. Nickey and his brother were both fingerprinted and the police determined that neither one of the men were ever in the store.

Falsifying a police report is a first-degree misdemeanor in Ohio.

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