What are the Odds? (Pt. 2)

Today brings Part 2 of "What are the Odds?" (that sounds like the name of something you'd find on the Game Show Network), and we list the players Duane feels rate as a 65% chance or higher of winding up at OSU.

(Duane feels the chances of the following players winding up at OSU are 65-80%)

Kirk Barton (OL, Massillon Perry) - A prospect who will have a chance to earn a scholarship at the OSU senior camp, Kirk is a player to keep an eye on.  He has good size at 6-6, 275 and claims he has his 40-time down to 4.75.  He likes OSU and Duane says that the odds would increase with an offer.

Todd Boeckman (QB, St. Henry) - Duane is a bit stumped with Todd Boeckman because he thought that the St. Henry QB would have committed by now.  Todd has said all along that he is high on OSU, and most thought he might be the Buckeyes' next commitment after Tony Gonzalez.  He still could, but right now, it looks like Todd is going to wait it out until at least into the summer.  For the longest time, Todd was thought to be an OSU lock, but right now, Duane lists him in the 65-80% range.

Sian Cotton (DT, Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary) - One of Ohio's top DTs, Sian (left) will be coming down to OSU camp this year.  He has an offer, and it seems like this one is between OSU and Miami.  In the past, there have been a lot of good things said about OSU, but don't count out the Hurricanes yet.

Mike DeLuca (OL, Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin) - Mike is still rated as one of Ohio's top linemen, but if he's not going to attend OSU's camp, you have to believe that it won't help his chances.  He is high on OSU.

Dareus Hiley (CB, Cleveland Glenville) - Dareus isn't getting quite the high rankings as Donte, but the two form what most likely is the top high school CB tandem in America.  Dareus isn't giving many clues as to a leader, but maybe Troy Smith did back in January when he told us that he and Dareus were trying to get Donte down to OSU.  We will see, but right now, Duane Long says the odds are 65-80%. 

Zach Slates (OL, Massillon Perry) - Another prospect to keep an eye on, Zach is on the same team as Kirk Barton and will be attending OSU's camp.  Zach has some good offers so far, but he projects more as a guard.  Would OSU use a spot on a player of Zach's size or would they concentrate more on the bigger linemen?  If they did offer, the chances would rise as Zach seems to be high on OSU.

Donte Whitner (CB, Cleveland Glenville) - Most feel Prescott Burgess is Ohio's #1 prospect, but Donte Whitner (left) is right up there.  The scholarship numbers are now in the high 30s, so this blue-chipper could most likely go wherever he wants.  He hasn't given much clue as far as a leader goes, nor does it seem like he'll announce anytime soon, but this player is definitely one of the top targets this year, and Duane feels like chances are pretty good right now.



80% or higher  
(Duane feels the chances of the following players winding up at OSU is 80% or higher)

Ronnie Borquin (S, Canton South) - Ronnie (left) may be a victim of the numbers game (too many good DBs in Ohio, not enough scholarships), but Duane believes he's high on Ohio State and would be even higher if there was an offer.  He's a good one who will wind up with some good offers but might have to knock OSU's socks off to get one from them.

Prescott Burgess (DB, Warren Harding) -  Duane keeps telling us not to worry about this one.  Landing him would be huge; he's universally regarded as Ohio's top player and will likely be a top 20 player overall nationally.  Prescott (6-3, 210, 4.8) might want to keep his decision a secret for a while, but Duane thinks that he will be a Buckeye.

Ty Hall (OL, Cincinnati Anderson) - A fast-rising prospect, Ty (6-6, 280, 5.1) has a chance to solidify himself as the state's top OL with good camp showings this summer.  He is continuing to get offers, and even without one from OSU, Duane has the chances high, and the chances will rise if he gets one.  He could be one of the favorites to get one of the few offers OSU has to give.

Louis Irizarry (TE, Youngstown Ursuline) - Louis (6-5, 230, 4.6), the state's top TE, is definitely high on Ohio State and was close to making an announcement for the Buckeyes, but he is going to wait a little longer and take a look at OSU and Notre Dame in action this year.  Duane has talked with Louis several times and feels good about the Buckeyes' chances.  You still have to believe that the Buckeyes are the team to beat for this outstanding prospect.

Devin Jordan (WR, Massillon Washington) - Not much of a surprise here... most people feel like it's only a matter of time before he commits to Ohio State.  Devin (6-3, 190, 4.5) has had an offer on the table for some time, and the guess is that he will make an announcement during the summer.

Nick Larkin (DT, Cincinnati St. Xavier) - The other night in Bucknuts Fan Club chat, Nick said he had no leader and gave a list of several schools.  Despite that though, I really got the impression that he was quite high on Ohio State.  Duane thinks so too, and he thinks that the chances will rise with an offer. 

Curt Lukens (ATH, N. Canton Hoover) - Lukens (6-2, 200, 4.7) is a player we haven't discussed much, but he is an intriguing prospect and a good one.  He seems versatile as he could play safety, LB or even WR.  He'll be coming down to camp at OSU this summer, and if OSU likes what they see, maybe an offer could come.  Versatility is something that the coaches must like in this year of limited spots.  Right now, Duane has him rated this high as far as chances of coming to OSU, and if he is offered, the chances will rise even more.

Matt Maizel (OL, Youngstown Ursuline) - Duane's #2 rated OL in the spring OFS issue, Matt has said in the past that he would be a Buckeye if offered.  The latter part is the question.  Matt will be one of several prospects attempting to earn an offer this summer.  

David Patterson (DT, Warrensville Heights) - David (6-3, 260, 4.8) was reportedly very close to becoming commitment #2 for Ohio State, but he held back.  Still, Duane feels that chances are very good he'll be a Buckeye.  He has risen to be a definite top 150 player nationally, and it might be time to recognize him as a top 100 talent since the offers keep coming in and they are as good as anyone's in Ohio.

DeJuan Tribble (DB, Cincinnati N. College Hill) - We didn't expect to see him up this high, but Duane has talked to DeJuan (left) and has a better idea what he is thinking.  DeJuan (5-11, 185, 4.4) has a chance to earn an offer, and if he does, Duane says the chances will rise even more that he'll be a Buckeye.  He's risen to be one of the better corners in the Midwest, so keep an eye on this one.

Will the odds for these players rise or fall? We'll find out a lot in the next month or so as players get out and attend camps. Stay tuned in the future!

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