Worthington Summer League Primer

A.T. Buckeye checks in today with a Worthington Summer League primer for those interested in seeing some games. Included below are current Bucks on rosters, former Bucks, and some other notables as well as a few key matchups that might be worth a look. 

Some tips for first-time viewers:

* Prepare for the possibility that one of your favorites might have another commitment on that particular night, and may not show.

* These rosters are not in stone. No team switching, but you will see a lot of subs and no-shows throughout.

* Do not discount a game because you do not know anybody on the roster. A rule of thumb- if you are in this league you are one of the following A) A current or former D1 players B) A current or former D2, D3, NAIA, or JC player C) A professional (International, etc.) D) Someone who can score consistently on A, B, or C. Some of the best shows might come courtesy of one of the players in the second or fourth class.

* Come prepared to see some nasty dunking. It will happen.

* If you have your kid with you and you want to show them fundamental basketball and solid guard play-- take in a City Wide game. The Weakley brothers will give you a clinic.

* Right off the bat-- if everyone shows up-- a great matchup day 1. 6:30-- Haughn & Associates Vs. Buckeye Corner. Scoonie, Stonerook, Vel Rad, and Marinchick against Darby, Zach, Doylan Robinson, and OU Shotblocking machine Patrick Flomo. Should be fun.

Brent Darby Haughn and Associates  
Zach Williams    
Ricardo Billings DSW Shoe Warehouse  
J.J. Sullinger    
Brandon Fuss-Cheatham    
Terence Dials    
Shun Jenkins *    
    * Rumored
Tony Stockman Buckeye Corner  
Velimir Radinovic    
Matt Marinchick    
Matt Sylvester * EA Sports  
Sean Connolly    
    * Injured, not likely to play
Scoonie Penn Buckeye Corner  
Shaun Stonerook Buckeye Corner  
Brad Hosket Buckeye Corner  
George Reese Cordray for Treasurer  
Michael Redd DSW Shoe Warehouse  
Brian Brown DSW Shoe Warehouse  
Jamaal Brown DSW Shoe Warehouse  
Tom Brandewie DSW Shoe Warehouse  
Jermaine Tate EZ Cash  
Doylan Robinson Haughn & Associates  
Marcus Banta All Ohio Masonry Penn St.
Ed McCants AML Enterprises Northwestern
Sam Smith AML Enterprises Dayton
Jermaine Guice Andrews Insurance Butler
Aaron Turner Andrews Insurance Xavier
Curtis Simmons Andrews Insurance Ohio U.
Raheem Moss Andrews Insurance Bowling Green
Justus Thigpen Aqua Science Iowa State
Dave Esterkamp Chorpenning Good Bowling Green
Steve Esterkamp Chorpenning Good Ohio U.
Jeff Gibbs City Wide Otterbein
Weakley Brothers City Wide Various
Kyrem Massey Columbus Christian Ctr. Kent St.
Gimel Martinez Cordray for Treasurer Kentucky
Samaki Walker Donato's Pizza Louisville/ LA Lakers
Robert Summers Donato's Pizza Penn St.
Isaac Jefferson Donato's Pizza Hampton
Robbie Owens Donato's Pizza Ball St.
Larry Drake Donato's Pizza Miami (OH)
Shawn Haughn Haughn & Associates Dayton
Todd Leslie Haughn & Associates Northwestern
Patrick Flomo Haughn & Associates Ohio U.

Intriguing Matchups

  Matchup Time Court
WEEK 1- Session 1/ June 18 Haughn & Associates v. Buckeye Corner 6:30 2
WEEK 1- Session 2/ June 20 EA Sports v. Aqua Science 6:30 1
  Buckeye Corner v. Cordray for Treasurer 7:45 2
WEEK 2- Session 1/ June 25 Andrews Insurance v. Donato's Pizza 7:45 1
  City Wide v. EZ Cash 7:45 2

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