Bucknuts Fan Club - News and Notes 6/17

Hello Fans,

I thought we might do News and Notes in web-page form today because there are a few pictures I want to share.

First off, we want to fill you in with some info about Bucknuts the Magazine:

  • As it stands right now, the magazine is smaller than we thought.  The first issue will be 32 pages.  But the good news for readers is that there are apparently very few ads, so the overwhelming majority of the magazine will be content. 
  • The first issue is scheduled to be mailed on July 26th.  The main theme of the issue will be previewing the upcoming season.  Mr. Bucknuts, Jerry Rudzinski, Dave Biddle, Duane Long, and myself will all have something in there.
  • We like the look of the magazine.  It looks sharp and stylish without overdoing it.

It's an ambitious undertaking for sure, and if we don't hit a home run with the first issue, we hope to continue with each upcoming issue. 

Speaking of improving with each issue, the latest Ohio's Future Stars will start to be mailed in around three weeks or so, and like previous issues, we will be trying some different things with this issue that we hope you will like.

And speaking of OFS, we get some interesting photos sent to us from time to time.  We got a few from Cleveland Glenville and wanted to share one with you:

This is arguably the nation's finest high school secondary.  From left to right - #22 is a player whose name escapes me right now.  Kneeling is CB/WR/Everything Dareus Hiley.  Sitting in the car (#2) is CB Ted Ginn Jr, who will be one of Ohio's top overall senior prospects in 2003 (he is a junior right now). Standing is CB/S Donte Whitner, who has emerged as the highest-rated player of this blue-chip group (although not by much as Hiley is right up there).  Could this be the future of the OSU secondary as well???

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at Bucknuts.com?  Well, it's not that exciting, but we thought we'd give you a glimpse:

This is me (Kirk Larrabee) sitting at my desk, in front of the computer where all the updates are made during the weekdays.  Sorry, I'm camera-shy so you'll have to settle for the back of my big ole head for now.  But if you were to get a tour of the Bucknuts.com offices, which share a building with another company here in enchanting, breathtaking (especially when you are standing behind a bus) and scintillating Dayton, Ohio, this is much of what you'd see -- my sloppy desk (although it isn't quite as bad as Mr. Bucknuts thinks it is), littered with OSU stuff and OFS stuff and recruiting stuff all over it.  Other than that, Mr. Bucknuts has his own office with a Woody bobble-head doll on top of his computer, but that's that. 

In the past, I've shared some of the things that recruits have e-mailed us via questionnaire.  In these slow times, however, even the questionnaires are few and far between.  As a matter of fact, this is about the best one we've gotten recently:

Name: Ian B-
School: not currently enrolled
Position: first available
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175
FortyTime: 5.1
Class: graduate
Email: -
phone: (512) 77x-xxxx
CoachsName: Ben O-
CoachsNumber: (513) 67x-xxxx


The Ohio State University

Any branch school of OSU... maybe Newark or something.



Captain- Sacred Heart 7th grade football Captain- Sacred Heart 8th grade football Starter- Miami University Intramural Flag football 2nd place - 2001 Warpack Fantasy Football League

Bench Press Reps (225)- 1/2 Vert. leap- 22 in. (I can dunk a tennis ball!)

Other sports played- Intramural Vollyball, Basketball, and Wallyball. SoCal Dart League. SoCal Wiffle Ball. Bar Olympics participant. 1st Annual C-bus Keg Toss. Mario Cart.

Quick note on 40 time- I'm not sure what kind of 40 you are refering to. My time of 5.1 seconds is based on drinking a 40 of Colt 45. I've been unofficially timed faster drinking a 40 of Miller Lite... something in the 4.4/4.5 range, and a little slower if we're talking double malt... more like a 5.9 or 6 flat.


No calls before noon please! 1:30 on weekends. Just email me if you need a picture for your database.


(We roll our eyes at bogus questionnaires, but at least this one was humorous.  If one was to send in a bogus questionnaire, I suppose this would be our preference). 

That's all for now... this week, we're going to have David Patterson (DL prospect from Warrensville Heights) on the Bucknuts Radio Hour, and we're also going to send out info on our chat guest soon.  Stay tuned for more articles this week as well.  Go Bucks!



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