Pre-camp recruiting roundup

It's time to take another look at OSU recruiting, this time with more of a look at who could be on the scene from out-of-state.

Ohio State senior camp is coming up next week, and we could start to see recruiting pick up in a hurry.  What's the situation like going into camp?  It's tough to say for sure, but we thought we'd take one last look today as we go through by position and let you know who we have heard of as being offered and where they stand.

*-denotes reported to be attending OSU camp next week


Reported Offers:  Todd Boeckman (St. Henry, OH) *

Other names to remember: Brady Quinn (Dublin, OH  Coffman) *, Ben Mauk (Kenton, OH), John Ferguson (Reynoldsburg, OH)

Summary: Not much has changed here... Todd Boeckman remains the Ohio quarterback that the Buckeyes have offered while Brady Quinn's stock continues to go up.  The Brady Quinn situation will be one of the more intriguing things to come out of OSU camp.  Will he get an offer?  If not, what will it take for OSU to give an offer, and how long can they wait until they lose him?  Maybe we shouldn't worry about losing one or the other because if OSU only takes one quarterback, losing one will obviously happen.  Duane Long says that they are both very good quarterbacks and the Buckeyes can't go wrong either way.  I haven't heard definite word on if Ohio State has offered any out-of-state stars and/or if they are in on any of them, but at this moment, an out-of-state quarterback ending up in this class does not appear to be in the picture.  As for Mauk and Ferguson, recruiting fans will be following them simply because they are good Ohio quarterbacks, but chances are that they won't be Buckeyes.

Running Back:

Reported Offers: Tyrone Moss (Pompano Beach, FL  Ely),  Lynell Hamilton (Stockton, CA  Edison) (pictured left)

Other names to remember: Terrance Graves (Youngstown Ursuline), Justin Valentine (Columbus, OH  Eastmoor), Rafael Rice (Santa Ana, CA  Mater Dei), Champ Davis (Plano, TX  West), Jerome Jackson (Saginaw, MI)

Summary: Right now, Ohio State may not need a running back in this class, but that doesn't mean they won't take one.  Moss and Hamilton have been offered, and the guess here is that it is quite possible that some of the other blue-chippers out there may have as well.  Those two have been offered by basically everyone though, so the Bucks would be fighting a difficult battle there.  There seems to be at least a little interest in Ohio State on both of their parts. 

As for the other names, Graves stands as Ohio's top running back in his class, and he could also play safety at the next level.  If there's an in-state back to be offered, he could be it.  Justin Valentine is interested in Ohio State as well; he is the top back in the Columbus area, but he may have to impress in a big way to get an OSU offer in this year of few spots.  We don't know too much about Champ Davis, but database is listing him as having high interest in Ohio State.  Rice and Jackson are other out-of-state prospects who have mentioned OSU in the past.

Wide Receiver

Reported Offers: Devin Jordan (Massillon, OH  Washington), Steve Smith (Woodland Hills, CA  Taft) (pictured left), Ruben Jackson (Stockton, CA  Edison)

Other names to remember: Chinedum Ndukwe (Dublin, OH  Coffman) *, Bryan Williamson (Worthington, OH  Thomas Worthington) *, Jeff Samardzija (Valparaiso, IN) *, Doug Penno (Kettering, OH  Alter) *, Bill Poland (Cincinnati, OH  Elder)

Summary: As we know, Ohio State is stacked at wideout, but that won't stop them from taking someone special.  Devin Jordan has been offered for quite a while and many feel he'll wind up a Buckeye.  Smith is an all-everything player who everyone has offered and might be someone who is only on the fantasy wish list.  We've seen conflicting reports on whether or not Ruben Jackson has been offered, but the interest in OSU seems minimal at best anyway.

Looking at all those asterisks though, you have to believe that wide receiver will be a definite spot to keep an eye on at camp.  There are some good ones coming in; could one earn an offer?  Ndukwe and Samardzija have some solid offers so far, but Duane Long thinks Bryan Williamson could be better than all of them. 

Tight End

Reported Offers: Louis Irizarry (Youngstown, OH  Ursuline), Jonathan Stupar (pictured left) (State College, PA), John Kinzer (Fairfax, VA  Robinson), Marcel Frost (Lyndhurst, OH  Brush), Jamesly Jean (Tampa, FL  Jefferson)

Summary: Due to the versatility of some of these players, it might not be such a surprise that Ohio State has offered so many guys listed as tight ends.  Irizarry is obviously a top target, while the Buckeyes seem to love Stupar as well, and Stupar could reportedly play on both sides of the ball. 

Who is John Kinzer?  We don't know.  The report that came out the other day from the Virginia Tech site was the first we heard of him and the first we heard of an offer extended to him.  We'll have to remember the name I guess.  Jamesly Jean is a prospect I have seen reportedly offered by Ohio State, but we don't know too much about him.

As for Marcel Frost, we hope to learn more about what he's thinking as he is scheduled to join us in chat tonight!

Offensive Line

Reported Offers: Jerry Sevin (River Ridge, LA  John Curtis), Aaron Sears (Russelville, AL), Joel Holler (Lancaster, PA  McCaskey) (pictured left), Ryan Poles (Canadaigua, NY), Andrew Bain (Pompano Beach, FL  Ely)

Other names to remember: Ty Hall (Cincinnati, OH  Anderson) *, Dan Pribula (Strongsville, OH), Mike McGlynn (Austintown, OH  Fitch), Zach Slates (Massillon, OH  Perry) *, Kirk Barton (Massillon, OH  Perry) *, Chad Smith (Allen, TX), Ryan Harris (St. Paul, MN Cretin Derham Hall), Matt Maizel (Youngstown, OH  Ursuline), Mike DeLuca (Chardon, OH  ND-CL), Kenyon Buford (Murfreesboro, TN  Riverdale), John Rochford (Linwood, NJ Mainland), Bryson Bush (Louisville, OH  St. Thomas Aquinas), Dan Henderson (Columbus, OH  Marion-Franklin), Logan Tidrick (New Philadelphia, OH), Kory Lichtensteiger (Convoy, OH  Crestview) *, Andrew Crummey (Van Wert, OH) *, Chris Vangas (Dayton, OH Chaminade-Julienne), Tom Anevski (Cincinnati, OH  Elder), Andrew Stanford (Toledo, OH  St. Francis)

Summary: Whew... that was quite a list of names.  I'm guessing that OSU has offered more players than that, but those are the only ones I've seen who have mentioned OSU offers.  Sevin is LSU-bound, and out of the other four, Holler and Poles seem to have the most solid interest.  Bain, from what I've seen, has an OSU offer but doesn't seem interested too much. 

We've talked before about the Ohio guys who are going to be competing for an offer.  Going into OSU camp, the favorites appear to be Ty Hall and Mike McGlynn although we can't count out those other players.  One name to remember might be Zach Slates; he seems to be a bit underrated on a national level.  There are only a couple spots reportedly, so this is going to be fascinating and it might be the one area that everyone is most interested in.  The out-of-state players listed in the "Other names" list are guys who have mentioned interest in Ohio State; we're trying to become more familiar with them.  Duane has been able to talk to Buford, who seems to have some OSU interest. 

Defensive Line

Reported offers: Shawn Crable (Massillon, OH  Washington), David Patterson (Warrensville Heights, OH), Sian Cotton (Akron, OH  St. Vincent-St. Mary), Raymond Edwards (Cincinnati, OH  Woodward), Lawrence Jackson (Inglewood, CA)

Other names to remember: Brandon Maupin (West Chester, OH  Lakota West) *, Nick Larkin (Cincinnati, OH  St. Xavier), Victor Abiramiri (Baltimore, MD Gilman), Allen Billyk (New Castle, PA), Keilen Dykes (Youngstown, OH  Chaney), Romeo Travis (Akron, OH  St. Vincent-St. Mary) *, Trevor Laws (Apple Valley, MN), Carnell Stewart (River Ridge, LA  John Curtis)

Summary: With Patterson (pictured above), Crable, Cotton, Edwards, Larkin, Travis, and Dykes, the Buckeyes may not need to go out-of-state to get a great DL class.  Four of those have been offered, and they all seem to have interest in the Buckeyes. 

While we're on the subject though, there is one thing about Patterson that bothers me a bit.  He said yesterday on the Bucknuts Radio Hour that he wanted to take all visits because he wanted to hear what the players had to say about their schools, and the reason why is because he's had a former player who just graduated from one school approach him and tell him "Don't go there" because the coaching staff isn't very good.  David did not mention or give any hints as to what school it was, but it would be troubling if it was Ohio State.  Let's just hope it isn't.

Anyway, back to the summary.  Patterson, Crable, Cotton, and Edwards don't seem to be in a hurry to decide, but Larkin might make up his mind early, and if OSU offered, they'd have a great chance.  Also keep an eye on Romeo Travis, who could be a dark horse to earn an offer. 

Regarding the out-of-state players -- Jackson is a blue-chipper who has been offered by everyone and probably won't leave the West Coast.  Abiramiri has been to OSU already but I can't seem to figure out for sure if he's been offered.  He's a very good one though, so remember the name.  Billyk, Laws and Stewart are mentioned in our database as being interested in Ohio State.  Laws sounds like a good one and he has said he will check out OSU this summer.


Reported offers: Wesley Jefferson (Gwynn Park, MD) *, Tavares Gooden (photo left) (Ft. Lauderdale, FL  St. Thomas Aquinas), Demarrio Pleasant (Lewisville, TX), Jim Presley (Highland, MI  Milford), Ali Highsmith (Miami, FL  Central Senior)

Other names to remember: Kory Gedin (Washington, DC  Gonzaga), Cedric Scott (Charleston, WV  Capital), Stuart Reid (Pickerington, OH), Derrick Jeffries (Cincinnati, OH  Withrow) *, Vincenzo Giruzzi (Utica, NY  Proctor), Stewart Johnson (Cedarhurst, NY  Lawrence)

Summary: If Ohio State wants a blue-chip linebacker this year, they may have to go out-of-state to get one. Fortunately, there are some interested.  Wesley Jefferson is a consensus blue-chipper who everyone would love to see OSU land.  He's coming to camp next week.  Gooden has plenty of offers and seems to have some interest in OSU.  Pleasant and Presley have reportedly been offered as well although I'm not quite sure as to the level of interest in OSU on their part.  Ali Highsmith is small in height but big in offers.  Even though he's ranked in the 50s by theInsiders, OSU has reportedly offered.  He is the son of ex-Miami star Alonzo Highsmith. 

If you are a recruiting nut, you may recognize some of the schools listed in the "Other names to remember" list.  Cedric Scott is Darrion Scott's brother and attends the same high school.  Vincenzo Giruzzi attends the same high school as Will Smith did, and Stewart Johnson shares the same high school as Shane Olivea. None have been offered by OSU to our knowledge.  Gedin is another out-of-state player listed in the database as being interested in OSU, and Reid and Jefferies might be the top LBs in the state of Ohio.

Defensive Back

Commitments: Tony Gonzalez, Cleveland, OH  St. Ignatius

Reported offers: Donte Whitner (Cleveland, OH  Glenville), Dareus Hiley (Cleveland, OH  Glenville), Prescott Burgess (Warren, OH  Harding), Tony Cade (Lewisville, TX), Ambrose Wooden (Baltimore, MD  Gilman), Michael Bush (Louisville, KY  Male), Tarrell Brown (Mesquite, TX  North Mesquite HS)

Other names to remember: DeJuan Tribble (Cincinnati, OH  N. College Hill) *, Eric Thatcher (Cincinnati, OH  Moeller) *, Brian Jones (Avon Lake, OH) *, Eric Gray (Trinity, AL  West Morgan), Ashton Youboty (Klein, TX), Damon Jenkins (Concord, CA  De La Salle), Johnny Edwards (Fayetville, GA  Starrs Mill), Curt Lukens (North Canton, OH  Hoover) *, Virgil Robinson (Akron, OH  Buchtel), Mike Phillips (Warren, OH  Harding), Christian Bass (Moreno Valley, CA  Canyon Springs), Ryan Mundy (Pittsburgh, PA  Woodland Hills), Travis Tolbert (Syracuse, NY  Henninger), Ronnie Borquin (Canton, OH  South)

Summary: You have to love OSU's chances at landing a great defensive back class.  Take a look at the amount of guys in database who are listing OSU at CB and safety and you will see that the rankings are impressive. 

At corner, OSU already has a good one in Tony Gonzalez, and we hope the chances are high that they will add the terrific tandem of Dareus Hiley (pictured above) and Donte Whitner.  There's also several other fine CBs in-state who will get hard looks, including DeJuan Tribble, Brian Jones, Eric Thatcher, Mike Phillips, and Virgil Robinson.  It's probably safe to say that all of those players may wind up at a Big Ten-level program at least.  Out-of-state at corner, Michael Bush is a great one and OSU will likely save a spot for him if he's thinking of coming.  Ambrose Wooden from Baltimore has been offered and has already checked out OSU, and the has Tarrell Brown as being offered and interested.  The Insiders database also has the #11 corner, Eric Gray, as being interested in OSU as well.  Damon Jenkins is a great one who may have a lot more offers if it wasn't for grades, Ashton Youboty (Mr. Bucknuts, it looks like it would be pronounced "Yoo-boaty", not "Ya-booty" :-) ) from Texas is listed as having high interest in Ohio State, and they list Johnny Edwards from GA as being interested as well.

At safety, Prescott Burgess is the #1 target.  I have him listed at safety here although he could be a linebacker at the next level as well.  The Insiders' #1 safety nationally, Tony Cade, has also been reported to receive an OSU offer (although interest on Cade's part is the question), and there are some other good ones to keep in mind in Ryan Mundy, Christian Bass (who has said OSU leads), Curt Lukens (a sleeper to get an offer at camp), Ronnie Borquin, and Travis Tolbert. 

Okay, so let's break it down.  If all the reports are true, OSU has extended at least 30+ offers so far nationally, which could be over twice as many players as they'll take this year.  For the sake of argument, let's say that 15 players wind up in this class.  I think we are looking at OSU definitely taking 1 QB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 OL, 3 DL, and 4 DB, which would leave 3 extra spots, which is not a lot of wiggle room.  

Right now, it's a puzzle.  But very soon, we could see the pieces of that puzzle start to fall into place a little bit as the senior camp will take place next week.  Expect to see a couple of offers, and I don't think at least a couple of commitments are out of the question either.  This year in Ohio, it seems like many of the best prospects, like Burgess, Crable, Quinn, Whitner, Hiley, Cotton, and Patterson, for instance, will not be making a choice for a while, so this class may still have a few spots open well into January.  However, I'm guessing that two weeks from now, Ohio State will have more than one commitment.  Who will it be?  We'll just have to wait and see!

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