Photo Gallery : OSU's Spring Game 2006

We take a look at Ohio State's Scarlet and Gray Game, held Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Gary Housteau has a ton of images from the game and the events surrounding it as the Buckeyes wrapped up spring practice for 2006.

Photo Gallery : Ohio State Spring Game 2006

The day started off with Steve Helwagen (pictured left) joining Bruce Hooley and Chris Spielman on 1460 The Fan outside of St. John Arena.

Spielman continues to be one of the most popular former Buckeyes.

He signed countless autographs during the commerical breaks.

And took pictures with many of his adoring fans. Here Connie Young, a lifelong resident of Columbus, gets her picture taken with Spielman.

Then it was time to go inside the stadium so I could get my first glimpse of Ted Ginn for this upcoming season.

Ross Homan was another Buckeye I was anxious to see for the first time.

And then it was on to see Beanie...aka Chris Wells!

Kirk Barton (left) and Doug Datish were just two of the front-line players who did not participate in the spring game.

Antonio Pittman was in uniform at the beginning of the game but did not play.

Coach Tressel chatted with the contingent of players from St. Mary's Prepatory School. Aaron Gant, Dionte Allen and Taurian Washington made the trip in from Michigan. Gant is a member of the 2006 recruiting class at Ohio State.

Andy Miller (left) and Dexter Larimore were just two of the future Buckeyes in attendance.

So were Jake Ballard (with phone), Tyler Moeller (left), Thaddeus Gibson (stripped shirt), and Connor Smith (in red shirt behind Ballard).

Turning to the game, Troy Smith, who played just one series, completed his first pass attempt on the game's first play down the field to Rory Nicol.

Erik Haw had the game's first rushing attempt.

It was good to see the I-formation with Dionte Johnson lining-up in front of Haw.

Nadar Abdallah grabbed Smith's towel to stop the play after Smith was flushed from the pocket.

It wasn't on this play but Haw eventually got the ball into the endzone on a 4-yard run for the game's only touchdown on the first drive.

Anthony Gonzalez had an 18-yard catch on that first drive also.

Anderson Russell pictured here returning the opening kickoff for the Gray.

Ginn was obviously a member of the Gray squad.

As was Roy Hall.

Maurice Wells is at the very bottom of the pile alongside Ross Homan who helped Wells get there.

Ben Person helps out Alex Boone with Vernon Gholston while Justin Zwick tries to escape the pocket unscathed.

Curtis Terry and Gholston were teammates.

Gray's defense had more than their fair share of talent to try and stop the Scarlet offense...

...including Malcolm Jenkins at one of the corner positions.

Wells made his much-anticipated debut in Ohio Stadium.

Wells gained seven yards on his very first carry.

Rob Schoenhoft took over for Smith after the first series for the remainder of the game.

A.J. Trapasso punted for the scarlet team.

Brian Robiskie had a couple of nice grabs on the day.

Mike Vrabel, his wife Jen and their family made a much-appreciated donation to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center project.

Maurice Wells on one of his carries on the afternoon.

Nick Mangold looks like he may be suggesting a play for Coach Tressel to call.

Scarlet safety courtesy of Todd Denlinger.

This hole for Haw was big enough to drive a truck through.

Haw's trying to shake off Jenkins on this play.

Schoenhoft is being pursued my Lawrence Wilson on this play.

Brandon Underwood takes down Hall after the catch on this play.

Homan helps stop Boeckman from sneaking the ball into the endzone at the end of the first half.

Josh Kerr and Andrew Moses joined Jim Cordle, Person and Boone on the Gray line.

Marcel Frost going out on a pattern.

Albert Dukes

Homan brings down Maurice Wells on this play...

...and Frost out in the flat on this play.

Boone helps Wells get a few extra yards. There's Homan in again on another play.

Gholston ran down Boeckman on this play.

Kurt Coleman (#29) gets congratulated by his teammates after making a terrific interception.

Marcus Freeman

A host of Scarlet defenders, led by Chad Hoobler, take Chris Wells down on this play.

Andre Amos

Wells takes down Russell on this play.

Donald Washington

Larry Grant

Brian Hartline had a big day catching the football.

Kurt Coleman stood out.

OSU's future at the quarterback position.

OSU's future and present at running back.

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