Tressel Provides Update On Gentry's Condition

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, speaking during a teleconference regarding this weekend's NFL draft, provided a brief update on the status of injured wide receiver/punter Tyson Gentry. Tressel revealed that Gentry had been moved from OSU Medical Center to Dodd Hall, OSU's rehabilitation center. More details may be known in the days ahead, the coach said. Click this free link for more.

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel conducted a media teleconference today in conjunction with this weekend's NFL draft. (Stay tuned for's exhaustive NFL draft preview later in the week.)

However, in the course of that teleconference, Tressel was asked about the status of OSU punter/wide receiver Tyson Gentry.

Gentry, a sophomore walk-on from Sandusky, Ohio, suffered a neck injury when he was tackled and fell to the ground awkwardly after making a catch during the team's April 14 practice.

He was taken immediately to OSU Medical Center, where he underwent at least two surgical procedures. Details have been sketchy on where exactly Gentry's recovery and long-term prognosis stand.

According to Tressel, Gentry has been relocated to Dodd Hall, a rehabilitation facility on the OSU campus.

"I saw him two days ago," Tressel said. "He has moved over to Dodd Hall, which is a good sign. I think (sports information director) Steve Snapp and Mr. Gentry are just putting a pen to paper and going to give a little bit of an update. I think the family really wants everyone to know that their prayers have been great and the thoughts and the cards and the letters.

"I think they just want to say, ‘Here's where we are.' But I think that needs to come from the family. I think we're making progress simply by making the move to Dodd Hall and taking the next step in the road back. When I last saw him, I was very excited."

Snapp told reporters a statement from the family or more details could be available in the next several days.

Gentry could be looking at a long-term rehab process. Tressel revealed in a previous interview that former Penn State football player Adam Taliaferro, who suffered a neck injury in a 2000 game at Ohio State, needed more than three months before he regained feeling in his legs.

Taliaferro has since rehabbed that injury and regained his ability to walk and do light exercise.

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