OFS Sneak Preview

The new OFS is coming out soon, and we want to give Fan Club Members an advanced peek at the top 50.

Many fans might not understand how much rankings can change from one point in time to another. But several things can happen; stocks can rise and fall, players can do better than expected or worse than expected at camps, the amount of attention a player receives can be less than expected, or maybe, upon further review, the player is just better (or not as good) as originally thought. For those reasons (and more), the Ohio's Future Stars top senior rankings have shuffled like a deck of cards, and even though the magazine won't arrive in mailboxes for another couple of weeks or so, Duane Long has sent in the senior rankings, and we are going to post his rankings for you in installments of ten (along with Kirk's added comments about the players).

Today, we move on to players 1-10. Due to OSU backing off Todd Boeckman, there has been a shake-up in the rankings as Todd has been moved to #15 from #10 and the players between 11-14 were bumped up a notch.

1. Prescott Burgess, LB/DB, Warren Harding (6-4 226 4.55) - First off, I think we can start removing the DB label from his name.  With this guy's huge frame, there's no way he stays at DB.  Heck, he could probably even move up to DE with that frame.  He remains the man in Ohio; the one prospect who is unquestionably special and "can't miss."  Duane is still very confident that the Bucks will get him.  Hopefully Duane's right and Prescott is just dragging it out for dramatic effect.

2. Louis Irizarry, TE/DE, Youngstown Ursuline (6-5 230 4.7) - Great news for Buckeye fans as the Bucks have grabbed the state's #2 player! Louis will be a great addition both on and off the field.

3. Donte Whitner, DB, Cleveland Glenville (5-10 170 4.3) - We're going to have to wait a while to find out where this speed demon goes.  I saw speculation not too long ago that he was an OSU lock, and I'm guessing that isn't the case at all, although OSU may be a bit of a favorite. 

4. David Patterson, DT, Warrensville Heights (6-3, 260, 4.8) - From now on, our first thoughts of David Patterson will be the unexpected but wonderful pitch he gave us on the air.  I'll have to go back and listen to the archive and transcribe it, but it was such a good pitch that we were momentarily at a loss for words.  Duane Long is right; he is a fun person to talk to.  I'm guessing that only Miami can beat the Buckeyes.  Unfortunately, I can't think of many (if any) schools I'd rather not see the Bucks compete against for a prospect.

5. Brandon Maupin, DT/OL, West Chester Lakota West (6-5, 270, 4.9) - His skills must be the real deal if OSU offered him.  Duane says that he's not going to play right away on the next level, but down the road, he could explode.  The Bucks seem to have a good shot.

6. Dareus Hiley, ATH, Cleveland Glenville (6-1 175 4.42) - Dareus has been working on grades, which is good news for OSU since the Bucks may have a good shot at him.  He's still a top 100-caliber player and if OSU lands him, it will be a big score.

7. Shawn Crable, DE/LB, Masillon Washington (6-6 225 4.5) - Duane has him as the most debated player of this year's class.  Skinny frame, but big athleticism... where does he play?  Hmm.  He ran a legit 4.5 at camp, and with that speed, I can think of lots of places to put him.  OSU, Michigan and Pittsburgh may be the main contenders.

8. Marcel Frost, TE/DE, Lyndhurst Brush (6-5, 230, 4.7) - Marcel, to our knowledge, still has not been offered by OSU, but he'll get a big choice of schools regardless.  He was fun to chat with; I always like someone who can't tell you what their on-the-field stats were.  OSU seems to have a good shot, and he seems to like Maryland as well.

9.  Brady Quinn, QB, Dublin Coffman (6-4, 205, 4.65) - I'm sold.  I was skeptical at first, but OSU offering him as well as the other offers he's gotten has got me sold.  I am going to be doing another "Sweet 16" list, and he might be my #1 guy.  Why?  Because we can't have enough good quarterbacks.  I want so many good quarterbacks in there that we don't have to worry about another last three years for at least the next five years.  Dave Biddle and Evan Mercer watched him at camp and came away believers as well, with the athleticism making a big difference.  Still, I get the strange feeling -- and I hate to say this -- that he may be the one that gets away.  I hope I'm wrong.

10.  Sian Cotton, DT/OL, Akron SV-SM (6-5 300 5.0) - Let's get this guy and make him an OL.  It seems to be the best possibility at that position right now.  Will he be receptive?  We shall see.  The Bucks have a good chance.

11. Raymond Edwards, DE/LB, Cincinnati Woodward (6-5, 230, 4.6) - Tall, athletic, and talented, Raymond is seeing his stock shoot through the roof.  He, Brady Quinn, Brandon Maupin, and Bryan Williamson have really had a big past couple of months.  The Bucks have offered and seem to have a shot.

12. Mike Phillips, DB, Warren Harding (5-11, 175, 4.5) - We haven't heard much about him this year, but he has remained up towards the top of Duane's list.  Will OSU offer?  It will be interesting.

13. Eric Thatcher, DB, Cincinnati Moeller (5-11, 170, 4.4) - Duane is still solid in his stance that this is a special player.  Pittsburgh may have stole one here.

14. Bryan Williamson, WR, Thomas Worthington (6-3, 200, 4.5) - Bryan has ascended to be Duane's #1 WR in the state.  Bryan is an Ohio State fan, but will he wind up there?  The depth chart could be a big factor here.

15. Todd Boeckman, QB, St. Henry (6-5 220 4.8) - I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to take both Quinn and Boeckman, but OSU has backed off Todd. Maybe the Pittsburgh Panthers will get another one from Ohio.

16. Devin Jordan, WR, Massillon Washington (6-3, 190, 4.5) - One of the first players offered in-state by Ohio State, Devin put in a good showing at OSU camp.  Duane has said that it is pretty much a done deal that he'll be a Buckeye.

17. Curt Lukens, ATH, N. Canton Hoover (6-2, 210, 4.5) - If you work hard, good things can happen.  Such is the case with Curt Lukens, who has really made big strides and got an OSU offer to show for it.  I am still so impressed that out of all those players, only he and Brady Quinn (to my knowledge) were offered at camp.  The combination of athleticism and versatility make him an intriguing prospect as he could play many different positions.  Personally, I am a fan of throwing more speed at opposing teams than they can handle, so I'd like to see him as a LB.

18. Nick Larkin, DL, Cincinnati St. Xavier (6-5, 255, 4.72) - We're a fan of Nick here in the Bucknuts Fan Club as he had a great chat with us not too long ago, but the Bucks still haven't offered, and Nick may have to wait a while to see if OSU is going to do it as the Bucks are after other DTs in David Patterson, Brandon Maupin and Sian Cotton.  Nick will find a great school somewhere though.  Let's hope it's not Michigan.

19.  Tony Gonzalez, WR/DB, Cleveland St. Ignatius (6-0, 185, 4.37) - OSU's first commitment has slipped a bit in Duane's mind, but he was still a good start.  He impressed us with his stories on the air of running neck-and-neck with Donte Whitner in the 100m dash, and he's even more impressive of a person.  He is extremely well-spoken for his age.

20. Dejuan Tribble, DB, Cincinnati North College Hill  (5-11 185 4.4) - Dejuan has an impressive offer list, but he looked a bit undersized at OSU camp.  No word of an OSU offer yet although he may be up there if the Bucks lose out on one of the other CBs they're after.

21. Chinedum Ndukwe, WR, Dublin Coffman (6-3, 200, 4.5) - The offer list is continuing to get more and more impressive for Chinedum, and it likely won't stop.  Notre Dame was the most recent eye-opening offer.  In most likelihood, he'll go somewhere other than OSU, but we'll see what happens.

22. Ty Hall, OL, Cincinnati Anderson (6-6 280 5.4) - Ty's offer list is most likely better than any Ohio lineman, but there hasn't been one yet from the Buckeyes.  Many feel though that if OSU is to offer an in-state lineman, he is the one.  This brings up another thought... could OSU decide to go without offering an Ohio lineman this year?  This has been interesting to follow and will remain so.  

23. Mike McGlynn, OL, Austintown Fitch (6-6, 310, 5.15) - Reportedly, the way it went down was this -- Mike was originally supposed to attend OSU camp, but he decided instead that he had seen enough to know that Pitt was his choice, so he decided to skip camp and be a Panther.  Best of luck to him.

24. Virgil Robinson, DB, Akron Buchtel (5-10, 185, 4.3) - A name we haven't heard much of due to being overshadowed by the other CB prospects, but he's quietly starting to accumulate offers. 

25. Matt Maizel, OL, Youngstown Ursuline (6-5 280) - Matt is not getting the attention Duane thought he would, but Duane is sticking to his guns with his liking of this player.  One thing probably still hasn't changed -- if OSU offered, Matt would probably accept.

26. Terrence Graves, TB/DB, Youngstown Ursuline (6-2 205 4.5) - We haven't heard much about Terrence in a while although he is still being highly-recruited.  He's being mentioned more and more now as a possible DB prospect, but either way, he'll wind up at a big school somewhere. 

27. Keilen Dykes, DE/TE, Youngstown Chaney (6-4, 250, 4.8) - Keilen is certainly getting a lot of attention as he has plenty of offers.  One of them -- take a wild guess -- is from Pittsburgh, and he likes the Panthers too.  But there are plenty of other schools involved.

28. Dan Pribula, OL, Strongsville (6-6 290) - Not much has been heard on him in a while.  OSU seems to be on the outside looking in though.

29. Romeo Travis, DE/TE, Akron SV-SM (6-6, 230) - Probably one of the more intriguing Ohio prospects to me, Romeo still has a long way to go as he moves from hoops to football, but Duane is very high on his raw potential. 

30.  Michael Hearns, DL, Cleveland Glenville (6-7, 245, 4.7) - I haven't heard much on him, but Duane still likes him quite a bit.  He's a project that could pay off in the long run.

31. Justin Valentine, TB/LB, Columbus Eastmoor (6-2, 205, 4.51) - Justin is a player who has been slowly climbing up the charts.  Whether or not OSU will have room remains to be seen, but he is interested in the Buckeyes.  If he doesn't wind up at OSU, he will definitely wind up at a solid Division I school somewhere.  By the time the season is over, he may be Ohio's top running back.

32. Dan Henderson, OL, Columbus Marion-Franklin (6-4, 300, 5.1) - I haven't heard too much on Dan Henderson lately.  Duane still likes him though, and he is still a candidate for some big offers.

33. Ronnie Borquin, DB/QB, Canton South (6-3, 190, 4.7) - I haven't heard much news about Ronnie over the summer either, but here's a fine athlete who excels in many different areas and sports.

34. Brian Jones, DB, Avon Lake (6-1, 185 4.40) - Brian's stock has seemingly slipped since the last issue as he is no longer in the top 20, but don't count this guy out because of that tremendous 4.4 speed.

35. Bryson Williams, CB, Portsmouth West (5-11 165 4.37) - I was hoping to find out more about this small school diamond-in-the-rough as I wanted to do a Hidden Gems article on him, but that didn't work out, so I haven't heard any news on him since June.  Rankings-wise though, his position remains about the same.

36. Joe Razzano, FB, Milford (6-0, 230, 4.8) - Joey Razzano is quite possibly the best player who OSU fans might not be following this year.  OSU is not going to take a fullback this year, and as a result, Joe is looking elsewhere, and very quietly, he has racked up an impressive list of offers.  He will apparently decide between Virginia Tech and Ole Miss, where brother Rick goes to school.  Luckily, this bulldozer won't be plowing over any Buckeye defenders anytime soon. 

37. Bill Poland, WR, Cincinnati Elder (6-3 180 4.52) - He isn't getting the headlines of a Bryan Williamson, Chinedum Ndukwe, or Devin Jordan, but ask anyone who has seen Elder play and they'll tell you how good Bill Poland is. 

38. Kenny Akridge, CB, Dayton Chaminade-Julienne  (6-0 175 4.5) - One of the lesser-known CB prospects in the state, Kenny has quietly moved up the charts.  He has interest in OSU as well as some other schools in the region, like Indiana and Ball State.

39. Darryl Snow, WR, Cincinnati North College Hill (5-11 175 4.4) - Duane still has Darryl as one of his favorite sleepers, and it seems like all he needs is some publicity and someone to take a chance.  He lists Florida as the favorite.

40. Derrick Jeffries, LB, Cincinnati Withrow (6-1 220 4.6) - Another fine player who is not helping himself in the grade department.

41. Ben Mauk, QB, Kenton (6-1, 192) - Give Duane some credit.  Often times, he'll take a controversial stance on a player, and he'll stick by it.  One of the things he's said in the past few months is that Ben Mauk is not big enough.  I saw plenty of people disagree with that as well as Duane's ranking, but Duane's ranking seems appropriate now as Ben has not received the offers from big-time programs like Brady Quinn and Todd Boeckman have.  Ben is fine player though; expect him to put up big numbers again this year.

42. Craig McGruder, S, Groveport Madison (6-3, 206, 4.6) - I never heard of this guy before he submitted a questionnaire, and Duane also says he's a prospect that not many schools have heard about, but he sounds like a good one.  He has some solid offers and is interested in Ohio State.

43. Doug Penno, ATH, Kettering Alter (6-5, 190, 4.5) - Doug is a fine talent, but despite being in our own backyard, we haven't heard much on him lately.

44. John Ferguson, QB, Reynoldsburg (6-6, 210, 4.9) - With all the attention towards other Ohio QBs, John is sort of a forgotten man, at least from the OSU perspective.  The Buckeyes are reportedly not recruiting him, but he'll still wind up playing Division I ball somewhere.

45. Mike DeLuca, OL/DT, Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin (6-5, 285) - Mike is an offensive line prospect who is high on Ohio State but wasn't able to attend camp.  In looking at his player page, I noticed the Pitt Panthers are after this one as well.

46. Harvey McDougle, ATH/RB, E. Cleveland Shaw (6-0, 220, 4.7) - We haven't heard much about him (partly because - to my knowledge - he is not considering Ohio State), but this is a player who will play Division I football somewhere.

47. Tom Anevski, OL, Cincinnati Elder (6-5, 272) - Solid offensive line prospect who is one of the top linemen in Southwest Ohio.  On a questionnaire sent to us earlier, he listed Ohio State as his favorite, but will OSU offer?

48. Andrae Arnold, LB/ATH, Cincinnati Mt. Healthy (6-1, 195, 4.6) - Another player who is struggling with grades but is an excellent athlete.

49. Mike Villagrana, TE, Youngstown Boardman (6-3, 230, 4.8) - Mike gets overlooked due to the other fine TEs in Ohio, but this player will almost certainly wind up playing Division I-A ball somewhere.  West Virginia has reportedly offered.

50. Devin May, DT/OL, Columbus Watterson (6-4, 275, 5.2) - Talented prospect who is struggling a bit with grades, and it is affecting his ranking negatively.

Check back tomorrow for more!

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