Q&A With B.J. Mullens

OSU commitment B.J. Mullens of Canal Winchester (Oh.) was among the many prospects in attendance at the recent King James Shooting Stars tournament. At the tournament, Bucknuts reporter Kyle Lamb caught up with Mullens for a quick Q&A. Check it out here.

Last week at the Shooting Stars Classic, Bucknuts.com sat down with Ohio State verbal commitment B.J. Mullens to discuss a variety of topics including his transfer, his commitment, his friendship with Jon Diebler and his desire to improve.

The 7-1 center averaged 18 points and 11 rebounds a game last season for Harvest Prep. However, in March, Mullens transferred to nearby Canal Winchester High School where he will play for Kent Riggs.

After a Cleveland Basketball Club game last Saturday, Mullens spoke with us on these topics.

Here is the interview…

Bucknuts: Talk about how you have played so far. You've won one game and lost one, how do you feel about that?

B.J. Mullens: "We have played good as a team. Sometimes you take a loss sometimes you take a win. When you lose I think you just have to come out and play a little harder."

BN: How about your individual performance through two games. Are you happy with it and how would you rate yourself?

BM: "I don't think I've played great but I'm getting better. I've been working on my game at home and trying to improve. Then I come here and work on it more with my teammates Yancy (Gates) and RaShawn (Goins). We have done good as a team but I guess I could be better."

BN: You mentioned that you've been working on your game at home – what are some of those things you're working on?

BM: "I've been running a lot, primarily working on endurance, post moves, shooting, free throws, footwork and things like that.

BN: Have you talked to the Ohio State coaches much about your progress and the kinds of things you need to do to improve or to get advice?

BM: "Yeah I call them sometimes to see what they would like me to work out on, the kinds of things they would like me to do. I'm going to have to work on those things while I'm there anyway, so it's better for me to go ahead and get that advice while I'm still in high school to become a better high school player."

BN: In the meantime, you've gotten to know Jon Diebler and you seem to talk to him a lot. Is it nice to talk to another future teammate about basketball and life and get to know him better?

BM: "We're pretty close. We've been talking a lot and we actually were talking about our teams playing one another this season in a game at the Schott, so that will be really cool."

BN: Talk about your transfer to Canal Winchester. What went into that decision?

BM: "It wasn't any one thing, we just thought it was best for me. At Canal Winchester, we will play a little better competition but it was a tough decision."

BN: Talk about this tournament. Have there been any players so far that have really impressed you?

BM: "No, it's been a great tournament but I can't say anyone has stood out. I've been really impressed with our team so far though and how we're playing together. It's been real fun to come here and hang out together and play ball."

BN: Lastly B.J., you committed to Ohio State before ever playing a game in high school and still have two more years before you head to Columbus to play in college. Are you anxious to get there by now?

BM: "Not really. I love high school and I still need to get better. I love watching Ohio State and keeping up with the team but I already feel like a part of the program. I will just do the best I can the next two years."

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