Koufos Glad To Be Back

Canton GlenOak blue-chipper Kosta Koufos saw his high school season end in a way no player wants as he suffered a broken foot in January. At the recent King James Shooting Stars tournament, Koufos was back out on the court, deciding to give it a go and see how he held up. He talked with Bucknuts reporter Kyle Lamb while at the event about being back in competition.

His team didn't make it as far as he wanted. He didn't play as well as he wanted and his foot probably didn't feel as good as he would have liked, but Kosta Koufos was still thrilled to be on the floor last weekend.

The 7-2 forward from Canton GlenOak High School finally recovered from the broken foot he suffered in January. He laced up his gigantic shoes and stepped on the floor in Akron for the Shooting Stars Classic last weekend.

"It's so great to be back," he said without hesitation.

Koufos played in just three games during the tournament, as the King James Shooting Stars suffered a defeat in the first round of the tournament to the South Carolina Celtics.

He played the last game with a sore foot, although he continued to play with the pain.

However, he has decided to sit out for a few weeks to take a break.

"I was going to play until my body said, ‘No more,'" Koufos explained. "I'm going to take a couple of weeks off from playing and just do some things and work out. I need to build my stamina up."

Observers noted that Koufos shot the ball pretty well last weekend but was noticeably slowed by the sore foot during the games.

He took it all in stride.

"This was my first weekend back out on the court," he reminded himself. "It's sore right now. I'm doing pretty well. I think I can do a lot better."

The injury hasn't slowed his recruitment any.

College coaches have continued to recruit Koufos but only few have had any success. Everything has been status quo as far as the teams he's still considering.

"It's Ohio State, Maryland, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Akron, North Carolina and Duke," he said.

Koufos said he would possibly visit Michigan one final time this month, and his timetable remains relatively the same to make a decision.

He talked about his timeframe, which could be June or July.

"It may be between the NBA camp and the Nike camp," Koufos said.

The recovering Koufos summed up his expectations for the spring and summer.

"I just want to get back in rhythm and sync with my basketball game. My shot has been a little bit off. But I think I'll be fine in a month or so when it's time to go to the NBA camp and the (Nike) All-American Camp," he concluded. "I'm just trying to get myself ready and get myself focused on that time. I'm also going to Greece and I just want to be ready to go for that."

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