Helwagen Chat: May 11 Archive

Here are excerpts from Thursday's Chat session with Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. Gary Housteau will host a Chat Friday (time TBA) and NevadaBuck will host one at 1 p.m. Monday.

BucksDominate (May 11, 2006 9:52:51 AM)
Steve, here is a question, What are you hearing about Johnson? Why is he not working for Tressel anymore. This has me, very very very worried, that Scum is going to catch up with us now on conditioning. I know Scum was suppose to put more emphasis on it, I don't want to lose our advantage in this area.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:53:46 AM)
Well, I had heard the same rumors all of you had back to the thread last week that Allan Johnson was leaving. I even heard today that he resigned on Thursday. But, as we said, Dave interviewed him on Friday and it seemed everything was copacetic ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:54:36 AM)
Then, first thing today I got a call saying he was out. I started calling around and could not confirm it. (Actually, I did confirm it, but not anybody at Ohio State so I didn't feel right going with it.) ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:55:01 AM)
I understand the radio report was confirmed after 2 people at OSU had confirmed it. At any rate ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:55:46 AM)
It was shocking news to me that he was leaving. They had won 2 Big Ten titles, an NC and had 4 bowl wins and 4 Michigan wins. They looked like they did much better to me finishing off games than what we saw under the previous regime ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:57:07 AM)
But one source told me today there was somewhat of a disconnect. Some players did not like AJ's unorthodox methods and I was also told he was perhaps not as hands on (i.e. out on the floor) as much as some may have liked. That is not to bag on the guy because different methods work for different people. That is a hard job, very demanding hours and I'm sure it's easy to get burned out on it. ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:57:37 AM)
I hope the best for him and I would also think that Tressel has something in mind. My take is this was a mutual decision.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 9:57:53 AM)
Why hasnt' the staff offered T Clemons. Seems like we need a #1 WR out of this class and he seems to be of that caliber.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:59:31 AM)
Only they could answer that. I'm not sure I have ever gotten a firm idea on exactly what Clemons' academic situation is. The kid was the star of the Pitt combine. He may be a bigger version of Santonio Holmes. Looks like a great leader and an infectious kid to be around.He could be a No. 1 caliber WR. He attended the spring game, which means a lot. They know who he is and the ball is in his court. Michigan has offered him now, so the price of poker just went up.

keato (May 11, 2006 9:59:37 AM)
Steve, out of the top 5 prospects in Ohio the Bucks have a committment from just one (SAINE) what are the chances of landing the other 4 - Martin-Clifford-Belton and Torrence?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 9:59:50 AM)
Whassup, Keatane? ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:01:56 AM)
Martin sounds like he is 60-40 for ND. Ohio State can make a push, though. The longer the better there. Clifford is probably 50-50 with OSU-Mich. Belton and Torrence, ball is in OSU's court. They need to make the decision whether they want to offer. Belton has some offers. I believe Torrence has been offered by PSU. Belton is probably OSU's if they offer. Not sure on Torrence. He could still go baseball. But OSU would have to be his fave.

gbms29 (May 11, 2006 10:02:00 AM)
Steve, how is Pittman's injury coming aloong

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:03:11 AM)
Very well, I understand. My sources say he was back in for the last week of the spring (he just didn't play in the game). I was told that if, at the snap of the ball, the LBs did not turn and run to get a good angle, he would turn the corner and be gone on them. That was definitely great news to hear -- on top of the good spring showings turned in by Wells, Wells and Haw.

HH (May 11, 2006 10:03:15 AM)
Has anyone talked to Coach Johnson?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:04:05 AM)
Yeah, Dave talked to him 6 days ago and there was no inkling. I doubt he's in his office now and I don't have his cell or home number. OSU has made no official announcement. They probably will now that Bruce Hooley outed them on the radio.

keato (May 11, 2006 10:04:17 AM)
Steve, do we have a shot at any of the big 3 from the state up North - Allen - Johnson or Barksdale?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:05:08 AM)
If we believe the reports, USC and Texas offered Barksdale after the Nike showing. That probably clouded his situation, but I know he loves OSU and they desperately need a DT with Pitcock, Penton and Patterson all leaving after this season ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:06:34 AM)
Johnson, I can't get a good read on him. Good he came all the way down to look around, even tho he did not work out. Allen, I think he is torn. He'd like to play with Gant at OSU. But he seems tight with the UM staff. I bet he stays home, but stranger things have happened.

manhattan buck (May 11, 2006 10:06:47 AM)
Dear Steve, thanks for posting the answer to my question about least amount of returning starters to win a national championship.... bad omen with most champions averaging around seven returners. However, Nebraska only had three and we have more speed and talent than they did. I think our nc hopes comes down to corner back and Antonio Smith. He's a great kid with some experience practicing. I love our backup talent and coaching there as well but if things dont work out we have to adjust early in the season. It will be a TRADGEDY if we lose away to Mich State's or to Iowa's senior Qbs because we can't stop the pass and Tedd Ginn was never prepped at corner to come in to lock down one side

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:10:17 AM)
Well, you make a valid point. The Iowa/Tate experience from 2 years ago is somewhat troubling. I confirmed today that Iowa is a night game (likely 7:45 on ESPN). For those who have not been there, Iowa is a tough place to play. I'm not sure the OSU coaches consider Ginn to be part of the solution at corner. They will be leaning on him to play about 80 percent of the plays on offense and to handle all of the key kick and punt returns. I think it's hard to ask a single guy to do more than that. The Iowa game is Sept. 30, the fifth game in. Maybe by that time they will rotate him in there. I dunno. OSU plays PSU on 9/23 in what will certainly be an emotional game, then will have to get back up for Iowa on 9/30. That sounds pretty rough to me.

MBuck37 (May 11, 2006 10:10:24 AM)
Good Afternoon Steve. I read the article concerning Dionte Allen. Are our chances as remote as everyone says or do we have a legitimate chance. Will his cousin Aaron Gant be a factor in his decision? Thanks.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:11:22 AM)
Watching Gant interact with his friends at the spring game, I think OSU has a fighting chance.

gbms29 (May 11, 2006 10:11:29 AM)
Ive been hearing for weeks ,maybe months that Evege was going to commit. Do you know why he hasnt pulled the trigger on the commit yet.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:12:04 AM)
That is a good question, maybe worthy of an update. We'll try and call and see where things stand with Evege. I'd be guessing if I tried to hazard a guess at this point.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 10:12:10 AM)
What kind of affect did Bowman not ending up a buckeye maybe have on Allen and Washington if any. Think if Gant and Bowman were both in their ears on this topic we could see a slew of Northerners in this class.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:13:35 AM)
Perhaps, but decisions are made on a case by case basis. You can't afford to take guys on the idea they may help you get other guys. It doesn't work that way. Bowman may or may not have been worthy of a scholarship. But coaches get fired for taking guys that can't help them beat their rival. That's ultimately the litmus test whether you're at Indiana, Michigan or OSU.

MBuck37 (May 11, 2006 10:14:11 AM)
Is Clay Belton OSU QB material in your opinion? I ask because people's assesments very a lot. Thanks

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:16:12 AM)
He's a big kid and very athletic. I like the limited things I have seen from him. I guess I would share the staff's feeling (not that they have shared it with me) that they want to see more, at their camp or this fall. But he has the size and the arm. He has played one year and did well against good competition. OSU has offered 1-2 QBs outside Ohio. Maybe they want to see what happens with them before pursuing Belton as hard. I dunno.

keato (May 11, 2006 10:16:27 AM)
Steve, I see where Charlie and Company just signed another top prospect Kamara WR from Jersey looks like ND is doing well is thier any reason to worry yet?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:19:29 AM)
Well, Weis is going to get his share of guys. Ohio State's biggest thing is to keep ND out of the state of Ohio. I think the bowl win meant a lot for Ohio State in that regard. But that was probably just a hiccup for ND. When you think about the year (and hype) Quinn could have and then with Clausen coming in behind him, ND could be pretty good through 2010 or beyond. They're here to stay and so is CW.

Alphonse Malangone (May 11, 2006 10:19:51 AM)
Steve how many LB's do you see us taking this year and who do you think they might be? ........Hines, Elliot (if qualified i assume)

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:21:27 AM)
Maybe 1-2 at the most. They just took 5 last year and can only play 3 at a time. I'm not sure there is a great one in Ohio. Dewey Elliot is a big, thick kid who can run. I want to see how he progresses. There is talk OSU has offered, but I'm not sure where things actually stand there. If guys like Gibson and Johnson pan out, the need may not be so urgent here. ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:21:35 AM)
To me their biggest needs are OL and DT.

MBuck37 (May 11, 2006 10:21:49 AM)
With WR's being a need position in recruiting this year who are we targeting? Is Sukay a possibility?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:22:08 AM)
I agree WR is another area of need, maybe not as pressing as what I just said. Would be nice to get 2. ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:23:38 AM)
Clemons and Sukay are 2 of the best I've seen, but I doubt they get them both from PA. Chris Givens and Kyle Hubbard may be Ohio possibilities.

manhattan buck (May 11, 2006 10:23:45 AM)
Steve, Do you think we are overlooking Texas and school up north's ability to win against us in 2006. UT has an excellent stable of rbs a great line and recievers. Also remember their D( which has many more returners than we do) was extremely athletic and hard to pass or run on. IF they spread field and run like ND did early vs us they might not need to pass with those great backs. Snead isgreeen but was excellent passer in army all-american game. Additionally shool up north is lighter and hungrier with returning talent matching ours, including an experience qb. Your thoughts?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:25:11 AM)
Agreed 100 percent. OSU could lose either of those games. The Texas game is at night at their stadium. The QB situation works against them, but they could certainly win in spite of it. Young had a great game against OSU, no doubt. But that defense also forced OSU to settle for 6 FGs. So you have to give them credit ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:26:33 AM)
Michigan is dangerous because they are sensing some urgency to produce. This is not a position they are accustomed to. They were 7-5. If you think they're going to be 7-5 again, you are sadly mistaken. They are always dangerous.

Alphonse Malangone (May 11, 2006 10:27:52 AM)
steve how many offers are still out for RB too.......Hughes from Chicago........Clay from Wisconsin (beast).......any other off the top of your head?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:28:40 AM)
No, I think they have Saine already. The urgency is not there to take another one -- unless he's a great one like Hughes or Clay.

bb1 (May 11, 2006 10:28:46 AM)
what oos ol do you think we end up w/? also is Schepis worth an offer?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:29:53 AM)
I don't know if Schepis is worth an offer. Only Bollman and JT can say that. He seems like he is a big athletic kid. I know Bollman watched his every move. We will see what happens. Out of state they have offered Blankenship from PA and O'Dowd from AZ. If they can get one of them, one from instate and one from anywhere, I think their depth situation will be in good shape.

keato (May 11, 2006 10:29:58 AM)
Steve, - I'm no Nevada Buck when it comes to predicting but I see Arroyo throwing a no hitter against the Nationals tonight... GO REDS!!!

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:31:06 AM)
That would be exciting. The Reds got a much needed win last night when Harang did not pitch that well. They are getting timely hitting (Hatteberg last night) and good enough pitching. It's fun to be a Reds fan again.

Luckeye (May 11, 2006 10:32:25 AM)
I'm sure JT feels that his program always needs to be improving, what area of the program do you think he needs to improve. To me it seems he has addressed every area with good sound people.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:33:21 AM)
I can't say. They seem to be hitting on all cylinders. It is a constant battle in all areas -- recruiting, academics, preparation, strength and conditioning, community work, PR. Everything is part of everything, I once heard him say.

AZBUCK (May 11, 2006 10:33:31 AM)
Steve, what are your feelings on the R. Hughes offer and where OSU's chances are of getting him?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:36:50 AM)
I think that got his attention. Hughes looked great at the Nike. He's 6-0, 220. He has offers from Illinois, Minnesota, Purdue, Michigan. He'd be a GREAT get, no doubt. First thing now will be to get him in for a visit at some point.

MBuck37 (May 11, 2006 10:37:02 AM)
Nate Oliver and Brandon Saine are very good starts to our 2007 Recruiting. I know this is pre-mature extremely so in fact so forgive me, are there any young men out there that OSU has in the pipeline that we don't know of yet?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:38:48 AM)
Everybody thinks Donnie Evege will commit at some point. We need to follow up with him. Beyond that, I don't know if there is anybody who has an offer that you can "chalk up." There are several who would probably verbal if offered like maybe Belton or Antonio Jeremiah or a few others.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 10:38:57 AM)
On film Saine looks like a pure RB, but with depth, does he get a look at wr. And this might have been adressed before what is the situation with Ballard and Miller? Still thinking TE? Seems to me better served at OL

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:39:53 AM)
Saine will begin at RB and could move to WR because of that speed if it's the best way to get on the field. Ballard and Miller are not big enough to play OL. Period. Maybe in 3 years that will change and they'll morph into OL, but neither is close right now.

manhattan buck (May 11, 2006 10:40:07 AM)
Steve, with our best OL line prospect staying in Wisconsin, whats a "realistic" recruiting list of say three names for OSU lineman and how would you rank these three potential signees nationally and with past OSU OL classes over the past five years?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:41:23 AM)
I think O'Dowd from AZ is a national caliber guy, perhaps. But OSU sticks out like a sore thumb on his list of mostly west coast schools. I just don't have a good sense that they're going to hit a home run (if that's your main question) with OL recruiting this year. That puts the onus on guys like Boone, Cordle, Smith and Browning to come through.

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 10:41:34 AM)
Hey Steve, what TRUE freshman, or redshirt freshman contributes a lot of playing time this year IYO, and this can not include C. Wells/

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:42:52 AM)
OK, besides Chris Wells, I'd say Ross Homan. He could be starting by midseason if D'Andrea doesn't come back and Kerr doesn't work out. I think Kurt Coleman could get some looks, maybe like Jenkins last year. Maybe Rob Rose if he can come in and spark them as a rusher off the edge. There may be others who help out on specials, but that may be about it.

MBuck37 (May 11, 2006 10:43:01 AM)
Steve. I flew in from the D.C. Area to go to the Spring Game. That being said Chris Wells looked as good as advertised. Is AP's job to start at RB rock solid or will they split time this year. Haw and Mo Wells looked good as well but CW was impressive. I was also impressed with Hartline,Robiskie, and Hman...Thanks

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:44:43 AM)
It is Pittman all the way. I said earlier he came back late in the spring and looked great, I understand. Having said that, I think they will work CW, MW and Haw in as they can. Agreed on the WRs and Homan. They are thisclose to being front line players.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 10:44:52 AM)
Anything new on Boone's situation?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:45:44 AM)
No, last I heard they thought he'd either get no academic suspension or it would be served in the summer. No word on any team discipline (starts, games, etc.). As a first offense, the coach does not have to pull him out at all.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:47:13 AM)
One sec.

PigMan (May 11, 2006 10:47:28 AM)
I'm late. Sorry if this has already been covered, but have you heard anything about Small's latest ACT test?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:47:46 AM)
Yeah, I think he needs to do well on the one in June. That's what I heard.

gbms29 (May 11, 2006 10:47:54 AM)
Does Olivers 40 time make you worry a little bit, it does me

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:48:46 AM)
No, because he's a football player. 4.8 sounds bad, but he is 200 or 210 pounds and it's a slow track. We have no way of knowing what training he's been doing. Somebody said he slipped. We were not in the building when he ran (it was a closed event). ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:49:14 AM)
Doesn't concern me in the least. If the coaches at OSU think he can play, I think you go with that. I think he's been as low as the 4.5 range previously.

gbms29 (May 11, 2006 10:49:22 AM)
Steve, i know that people can do what they want, but to me it really makes me extremely mad to see our great high school player leaving for other schools. Your thoughts?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:51:17 AM)
Well, yeah, Ohio State's best teams have always been loaded with the best Ohio players. That's true any year you want to look. If you're talking about Derrell Johnson in particular, this is just another example that this is a complex issue and I don't think we're ever going to know the full story on that because his side would say one thing, admissions might say one thing and the coaches at OSU may say something else.

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 10:51:22 AM)
anything new on Ben Martin, havent heard much in the past few weeks

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:51:50 AM)
There was a report that he had ND as a slight leader but nothing else. Still early, don't jump off the Brent Spence Bridge just yet (ha ha).

manhattan buck (May 11, 2006 10:52:03 AM)
Steve, after watching Spring attendance of 63,000, I am convinced we have the greatest fans. I am also convinced we have to plan on expanding the Shoe to over 115,000. I am sick of the Big House breaking attendance records with mediocre less than loud fans. Its time to raise some more money ( which we can do with this fan base of support) and take the rightfull mantle as "America's largest stadium" or how bout "Ohio's House" This would elevate OSU's already lofty status to" legendary" while relegating Tenn., PSU, and up north back to second place behind us

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:53:16 AM)
Is bigger always better? I dunno. Where would you add on? They have seats just about everywhere they can put them now. Plus, until they pay off this debt (over the next 25 years) they won't be doing anything to that stadium.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 10:53:23 AM)
What's up with Larry Grant, Very much hype around his committment about coming in and filling a hole. Spring assessment on him?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:53:56 AM)
Played pretty well, runs well, hard to make an impact when you're learning the defense. My bet is he looks twice as good in the fall and could be a situational player. We'll see.

gbms29 (May 11, 2006 10:54:04 AM)
What does it take for the great oos players to realise we have a good thing at tOSU

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:55:05 AM)
I think they do. But when you get outside Ohio's borders, it's hard. You have the 3 Florida schools, Texas, USC, Georgia, ND and maybe 1-2 others who are going to be hard to beat on an even playing field. OSU will get some and those schools will get some.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 10:55:17 AM)
Is there no other 40 time anywhere that can be compared to this time that would give some credibility to his story of slipping. Hard to believe that is the first recorded 40 he's ever run.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:55:27 AM)
Yeah, I think Oliver has been a 4.5 guy in the past.

pdm (May 11, 2006 10:55:32 AM)
Steve, Is there any one game on the 2006 sked that makes you nervous and why?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:56:14 AM)
Yep, I said earlier 9/30 at Iowa. It's a week after a revenge game against PSU, it's at Iowa and it's at night and they have Drew Tate and OSU will have a young defense (like 04 when he picked them apart). That is the one.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 10:56:18 AM)

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:56:40 AM)
And oh yeah, OSU is o-fer the last 3 years on Big Ten road night games: UW, NW, PSU.

PigMan (May 11, 2006 10:56:51 AM)
If Boone has to go through some type of suspension from school during the summer, is he still allowed to participate in official strength and conditioning workouts?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:58:15 AM)
That is a good question. I would imagine he is allowed. He would still be enrolled at OSU as a student, per se. He just wouldn't be taking classes.

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 10:58:24 AM)
Obviously this is tough to call, but in your opinion, of the big names out there, what is the biggest OOS commitment that OSU gets in the 2007 class, much like Antonio Henton/ Mark Johnson last year

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:59:07 AM)
That would be Barksdale, hands down, a 320-pounder at DT -- extreme need position -- and he can play and now has offers, allegedly, from USC and Texas. No doubt. He's the guy.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 10:59:25 AM)
Is there anything else today??

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:00:06 AM)
Our magazine plans and Fiesta Bowl book are coming together. We just announced the latest on Bucknuts The Magazine and our future plans on Ohio High. Some exciting stuff ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:00:30 AM)
I just saw the proof on the Fiesta Bowl book and it is 80 pages with probably 50-60 color photos, very nice work. Stay tuned on that.

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 11:00:33 AM)
Lottery Numbers?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:01:59 AM)
Yeah, those are easy: 1, 7, 10, 11, 25, 28

PigMan (May 11, 2006 11:02:34 AM)
Yea, I got one more thing. What can we do to make sure Carr doesn't get fired?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:03:39 AM)
You know, I think he's probably got a few more years left in him regardless of what happens. I know it would help his cause if he could steal a win at ND or PSU this year. What a brutal schedule. But a Wolverine is most dangerous when you back him into the corner ... pride of that great program and all of that.

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 11:03:48 AM)
just picked it up, at that price it might as well be stealing

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 11:03:50 AM)
ohio high deal that is

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:04:19 AM)
That is great to hear. We sell it for $30 a year (6 issues). I think it's a nice compilation of high school and recruiting coverage.

Here is the link to info on Bucknuts The Magazine:

Bucknuts Magazine Football Preview

pdm (May 11, 2006 11:04:29 AM)
Steve, Who has the last word on schedule times for nght/day games?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:05:37 AM)
The networks. Big Ten has a contract with ABC, ESPN (and ESPN2) and ESPN-Plus. Each week ABC gets the first crack at the biggest games, keeping in mind that they also own ESPN and will "allow" the cable network to spotlight some big games as well (like OSU-Iowa this year). All start times are determined by television because every game is on TV ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:06:35 AM)
Early in the year, ABC will run games at noon, 3:30 and 8. Once their fall TV schedule starts, it's usually just noon and 3:30 or a few weeks just a 3:30 game. ESPN and ESPN2 usually have a Big Ten game at noon, as does the ESPN-Plus package (Channel 10 in Cols.). ...

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:07:39 AM)
They are still working on the schedule. We should know the September games any day now, at least. They decide the rest on a 6- or 12-day advance window based on how the teams are playing. I have confirmed though that Texas (likely 8 p.m. ABC) and Iowa (likely 7:45, ESPN) will be night games. Rest should all be during the day.

AnotherBuck (May 11, 2006 11:07:52 AM)
Steve, I don't know what I have subscribed to anymore. What I know is I got many issues of Ohio High, Bucknuts Magazine and Sporting News. It is very confusing to me. What did I subscribe?

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:09:27 AM)
I don't know. We ran a promotion to get the Sporting News with Bucknuts last year. So you must have purchased Bucknuts. It is important to realize that Ohio High and Bucknuts are completely separate. We own Ohio High and are partners with Scout in Bucknuts. That's why all orders must be handled separately. I think a promotion where you could get everything (premium JJ and Bucknuts Internet and both mags) would be a nice thing. But we are not there yet.

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 11:09:32 AM)
When can we expect the whole football schedule be finalized

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:10:59 AM)
As I said, Sept. games will be known within next few weeks. Oct. and Nov. games are usually decided on a 6- or 12-day window. They may announce Michigan as a 1 p.m. start months in advance, but have not heard that yet for this year. ABC and ESPN have undergone some changes. The guy who programmed college football for years is gone, as are the ABC PR staff. Everything goes through ESPN now, which is a change.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:11:20 AM)
That may explain why we haven't heard anything yet.

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:12:52 AM)
Anything else before I go?

TheKaiser21 (May 11, 2006 11:13:04 AM)
Thanks for the info as always Steve.

kleintime16 (May 11, 2006 11:13:11 AM)
Thanks Steve, keep up the good work

SteveHelwagen (May 11, 2006 11:13:19 AM)
Much appreciated guys.

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