Captain's Corner: Wideout Talent Runs Deep

The headlines will be focusing on Ted Ginn. But Ohio State's wide receiver corps will be throwing plenty more options on the field than just Ginn. In the latest Captain's Corner, Jerry Rudzinski discusses the receivers and why they are dangerous past Ginn.

We have a lot to be excited about when it comes to the wide receiver position in 2006. The nation will think we are speaking of Ted Ginn Jr. as they pick up their preseason magazines at the newsstands, but the Buckeye Nation should be even more excited about the deep talent across the board at that position.

You do have to start with Ginn. He is a junior now. A big play here or a big play there isn't good enough when you are a junior. He will need to produce and capitalize each and every snap.

We've talked in the past about great receivers controlling not only their own body, but the defensive back's body. Jenkins, Carter, Holmes, and Boston were all great because that space belong to them. It is not about pushing off or size, it is about controlling the space. That ball and that piece of the field belong to only one person. Ginn needs to make sure it belongs to him.

With big talent comes big expectations. It will be critical for the Buckeyes to freak out defensive coordinators with the Shot Ginn, the reverses, the direct snap to Ginn, and of course the deep ball once a quarter. Gonzo, Smith, our tailbacks…they will have things much easier if those defenses are constantly spooked with Ginn.

How about Gonzo "backyarding" that pass at Michigan? It is still crystal clear to me. The amazing thing is that I think he makes that catch 9 out of 10 times. That wasn't a fluke. He is an athlete that will continue to make the play the team needs. He can go across the middle. Gonzalez's speed is way underrated. Above all that though, he has been meticulous with his study over the years. Gonzalez will be ready.

Roy Hall should be an intimidating player. Roy will not back down in Austin, at Iowa, against Michigan, etc. Any opponent…any venue…we can throw at Roy and expect favorable results. I like Robiskie and Hartline. Troy Smith was the most exciting part of spring. I follow that with the new linebackers. Third on the list of spring excitement was the emergence of these two wideouts. Tall, lanky, athletic and full of swagger would describe these youngsters. These two players will leave OSU with many highlights.

Troy Smith should have plenty of targets. I look for a productive passing game because we have some game-changing receivers.

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