Ohio High Top 100 Countdown: No. 9

As we continue with our Ohio High Top 100 Countdown, we reach a familiar spot -- Cleveland Glenville. This year's highest-rated Glenville prospect is DB/LB Jermale Hines, who checks in at No. 9 in the state. Read on for more on Hines from Duane Long.

EDITOR'S NOTE – Today we continue our 14-part series where we unveil the top 101 football prospects in Ohio's Class of 2007. These rankings were assembled by Bucknuts and Ohio High recruiting editor Duane Long. They were originally published in the May 2006 edition of Ohio High magazine. Here is the sixth installment with a look at the player ranked ninth.

9. ***** Jermale Hines

6-2 210 LB/S Cleveland Glenville

Over the summer I got a call from Glenville head coach Ted Ginn, Sr. and all he could talk about is this kid that had transferred to Glenville from Georgia.

I saw the first Glenville game of 2005 and Hines made a mess of the first play he was in on. He came up on the ball carrier, took a bad angle then didn't wrap up and the runner continued on down the field.

That was the last mistake Hines made in all the tape I saw of Glenville this year, which ended up being a considerable amount of tape.

I am not exaggerating when I say I did not see him miss a tackle the rest of the season. Hines is a sure tackler in addition to being a big hitter. Sometimes that gets overlooked. So many big time high school players are so used to knocking ball carriers down that they develop bad tackling habits, but not Hines. He reads the game well and does a good job in pass coverage.

Hines has a great frame. I listed him before as a safety that could grow into a linebacker. Now, I think he is a linebacker that someone could try at safety. He is that athletic. Hines will fill out to 230-235 pounds. He runs under 4.6 and I believe Ginn, Sr. will get him out on the track this winter and again in the spring. I suspect he will be running close to 4.5 by the time he hits the combine and camp circuit this summer.

Hines is an outstanding basketball player and was good enough to get invited to AAU events while living in Georgia. This year, he also led the Tarblooder basketball team.

As a junior, he had 97 tackles, eight sacks and four interceptions.

Update: Hines reports offers from Cincinnati, Illinois and West Virginia. Some of his favorites include Ohio State, West Virginia and Florida State.

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