Ohio High Top 100 Countdown: No. 5

Next up on the list of the Ohio High top 100 football prospects as rated by Duane Long is one of the state's top overall athletes, two-sport star Devon Torrence of Canton South. Torrence could play baseball or football as he shines on both the gridiron and the baseball diamond.

EDITOR'S NOTE – Today we continue our 14-part series where we unveil the top 101 football prospects in Ohio's Class of 2007. These rankings were assembled by Bucknuts and Ohio High recruiting editor Duane Long. They were originally published in the May 2006 edition of Ohio High magazine. Here is the 10th installment with a look at the player ranked fifth.

5. ***** Devon Torrence
6-2 195 Athlete Canton South

I have gone back and forth with where I think Torrence plays as college football player from corner to wide receiver to running back then back to wide receiver.

Torrance went through a growth spurt, so I thought he would be a running back. Now, the only thing I am sure of is he will be an outside player. The question is where?

He has the speed and athleticism that wide receiver is a possibility but last year he stepped up and showed a physical side. He could play safety but is a good fit for corner at his size. Everyone is looking for bigger corners to play against the huge athletic receivers that seem to dot every roster these days. Torrence is a player with the feet and hips to run with these freaky receivers yet big enough to press them at the line of scrimmage.

Some say the new rules have ended the heyday of the "lockdown" corner. I don't believe that and as the position evolves I think we will see the freaky athletes move over to corner. Torrence is one that could be of the first.

He was a fine two-way player as a junior. He had 99 tackles and a 90-yard interception return for a touchdown on defense and scored 14 touchdowns and rushed for 639 yards on offense.

If Ohio State offers, football recruiting is over for Torrence. The only thing that keeps that from happening is baseball. He may be an even better baseball prospect. From what I am told, it is not a matter of if he is first round choice in the baseball draft; it is a matter of how high he goes. While Torrence prefers football, the money on the table could be too good to turn down.

Torrence has solid grades and is a solid citizen. Penn State, Kentucky and Illinois were among his early offers.

Update: Torrence now has offers from a wide range of schools, including N.C. State, Kentucky, Arizona State and every Big Ten school except Ohio State.

While many recruiting services have Torrence listed as a cornerback, he indicated that all of the schools that have offered him are recruiting him as an athlete. When asked whether he had a position of preference, Torrence replied, "not really."

"Right now, everyone is recruiting me as an athlete," Torrence said.

Torrence's baseball commitments will keep him from attending camps this summer.

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