Claytor Looking Forward To OSU Camp

Gainesville, Ga., offensive tackle Nick Claytor is one of the top prospects in the nation and has deep family ties to Ohio. He will attend Ohio State's one-day senior advanced camp on Saturday and it will mark just his second visit to Columbus. Claytor will decide between six of the top programs in the country. We caught up with him for more.

Nick Claytor from Gainesville, Ga., is one of the top offensive tackles in the nation and has family ties to Ohio.

Claytor (6-6, 315) will attend Ohio State's senior advanced camp on Saturday.

"I'm definitely excited," Claytor said. "I've only been to Columbus and Ohio State one time. It was two years ago for the homecoming game against Indiana. I love the stadium."

The Buckeyes have not had much success recruiting offensive linemen in the South, but Claytor's family connections might provide an advantage for OSU.

"Most of my family lives in Ohio," Claytor said. "I've lived in Georgia for the past 11 years. But I'm back in Toledo, Ohio, right now. I'm hanging out with my family, getting ready to go down to OSU on Saturday."

Claytor has over 20 scholarship offers from many of the top programs in the nation.

"I just broke it down to a top six: Ohio State, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Notre Dame and LSU," Claytor said.

It's a good problem to have, but Claytor knows it's going to be a tough decision.

"Yeah, it's going to be real hard," he said. "I'm just going to wait until I know I found the right school for me."

Claytor is a massive tackle that could bookend either side of the line.

"I play left predominantly, but if they want me to play right, I'll play right," he said.

Claytor says he stays in close contact with OSU's assistant coaches

"I'm being recruited by (linebackers coach Luke) Fickell and (safeties coach Paul) Haynes," Claytor said. "I like them, man. They're great guys."

Claytor – who played the second half of a playoff game with a broken ankle – brings a lot of positives to the football field.

"Quickness, pass blocking ability, I can open up holes pretty well – especially in our offense," he said. "The schemes we run, it's great for me to get out in open space and open holes for my running backs."

Claytor's Gainesville team almost met up with Peach County and future OSU quarterback Antonio Henton in the 2005 playoffs. Henton went on to lead Peach County to the state championship.

"We lost to LaGrange in the playoffs and then LaGrange played against Peach," Claytor said. "I know of (Henton), but haven't met him. Our team finished 11-2, but I think we're going to be better this year."

He is being recruited as strictly an offensive lineman, but Claytor has also played defensive tackle during his prep career.

"I was starting at defense at the beginning of the year, but we had a transfer come in – a D-tackle – so I didn't have to play defense any more," he said.

Claytor explained what he likes about Ohio State.

"Close to my family up here in Ohio – I love that," he said. "I like the season they had last year. They won their bowl game. And wasn't it a BCS bowl also? (OSU defeated Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl.) Yeah, that was great. I like what they did and where they're going. They've got great talent and I know they're going to be good. They had a good recruiting class this year, so they're going to continue being good."

For a player like Claytor, depth charts don't really matter. He is going to be in the mix wherever he goes. But he did notice that OSU signed just two offensive linemen in 2006.

"Anywhere I go I'm going to compete and get my chance," Claytor said. "And at Ohio State, it definitely looks like there could be a chance to play early."

Claytor carries a 3.5 GPA and says he qualified with his first SAT score.

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