No Lack Of Communication For Roe

It's unusual for a high school student entering his junior season to be featured on ESPN Outside The Lines, which Lakewood St. Edward basketball star Delvon Roe recently had the chance to do. But the show did not turn out how Roe expected. Kyle Lamb recently caught up with Roe to discuss the show and get an update on where things stand with recruiting.

When Delvon Roe gives an answer to a question, there's an uncanny part of him that doesn't want to leave any reporter or reader guessing.

He doesn't always give textbook answers, you could say.

The 6-8 junior-forward-to-be from Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward High School came under fire for an OTL Nightly episode that aired this past week on ESPN regarding some alleged text messages received his freshman and sophomore seasons by Michigan.

According to NCAA rules, there are few restrictions with coaches and text messaging recruits, but the rules to state you are unable to begin sending text messages via a cell phone until after their sophomore year is complete.

On Wednesday evening, Roe addressed the OTL special as well as a number of issues with

Roe didn't directly refute the information contained from the program, however he was unhappy how the alleged incidents were portrayed.

"ESPN came to us after the tournament in Akron and they said they wanted to do interviews with us about our recruiting and about text messaging," he explained. "We agreed to do the interview but they didn't tell us it was going to be how it turned out."

He was surprised when he learned the show ended up being used to portray programs as dirty.

Instead, he thought he was answering questions just about how teams use cell phones as part of the process.

"All they had asked was some of the teams that were interested in me and the schools that used text messaging," Roe added. "We didn't know that's what it was going to be about."

Although little may come of the controversial show, Roe says he learned a valuable lesson about trust.

In the meantime, his recruitment continues to press forward at a dizzying pace. Roe begins a summer full of visits starting this weekend with a trip to Gainesville for an unofficial visit with the national champion Florida Gators.

"I like Florida a lot, and I also really like Ohio State and Michigan," Roe said for a list of schools he's seriously considering. "But I like all the teams I'm considering and after this summer I'll have a better perspective on things."

That summer, says Roe, will be spent with a trip to Florida, one to Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Connecticut and Indiana. He's already been to Ohio State and Michigan and plans to return at least a few times to both.

His busy summer schedule, which also includes the NBA Players Camp, Five Star Camp and Nike All-American Camp, will leave some teams like Illinois likely out in the cold for now.

"I'll try to go there," Roe said of Illinois, "but it will be real tough to do with all my other visits."

The trip to Florida has come about rather quickly. The interest started immediately after the King James Shooting Stars Classic in Akron and has grown.

The national champions have a lot going for them, and when you can hoist a trophy, it brings a lot of positive recruiting momentum.

"They got in touch with me after the tournament in Akron and they wanted me to call them," Roe said.

But when put on the spot about whether he could see himself playing at a particular school at this point in the process, he went a step further.

"I can see myself playing at Florida. I really like the way they play," Roe said before adding the usual disclaimer, "but there's a long ways to go and I have visits and I'm not anywhere near ready to say I'm going there."

Roe's teammate Kosta Koufos does know where he's going.

Last week, the 7-2 King James buddy committed to Ohio State. He and Roe speak daily and have become close because of playing together the last couple of years on the same AAU program.

The impact on Koufos' verbal to Ohio State could also play a small part with Roe.

"He's talked to me a lot about that," he said of Ohio State. "He's wanted me to visit with him and go to Columbus with him a few times. We were just there last weekend and got to drive around campus a little bit. I really like it a lot there. It would be sweet to play with him but I just have to look at some other schools and see if there's any place that's better for me."

There are a lot of people that expect Roe to do certain things.

Some have thought he would ultimately want to go to North Carolina or Duke because he grew up watching them. Others think his relationship with former King James Shooting Stars player Raymar Morgan would send him to Michigan State. There are plenty of people that think he would end up at Michigan or Illinois for getting in on him early. And then there are those that see the Koufos verbal as well as the distance issue as a plus for Ohio State.

But when it comes right down to it, Roe says he's not feeling any pressure from the expectations that follow him.

"It's not an issue," he said specifically to staying close to home or any of the other factors. "A lot of people talk about Duke and North Carolina and thinking I would go there but that's not really something I'm looking at. But around here, there are a lot of people that want me to go to Ohio State and a lot of those same people hate Michigan.

"That's to be expected if you're a Buckeye fan here in Ohio," Roe added with a laugh.

When Roe's busy summer winds down, he may attempt to trim his college list just a little bit. But for now, there will be no radical changes.

"I really like Florida, Ohio State and Michigan, but I want to take more visits and just let things play out a little," Roe added.

In the meantime, he continues to work on his game and improve as a player.

That's led to King James playing better in the last few weeks – they struggled back in April to win games Roe admits they should have won.

"We're improving and we're getting better," he said. "I've worked a lot with my father and my high school coach on my jumper and free throw shooting and I just keep striving to get better. I know if I can get better at these things the sky is the limit for me."

On the court, Roe still is able to let his play do the talking.

And that's the most important answer of all.

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