Claytor Returns From OSU Camp

Offensive tackle Nick Claytor from Gainesville, Ga., performed well at Ohio State's senior advanced camp on Saturday. The massive tackle says he had a great experience in Columbus and will use the OSU visit as his measuring stick going forward. We also caught up with his father, Truman Claytor, who was a starter on Kentucky's 1978 NCAA national championship basketball team.

Offensive tackle Nick Claytor from Gainesville, Ga., had a positive experience at Ohio State's senior advanced camp on Saturday.

"I loved it, man," Claytor said. "It was great. Actually someone sent me a message on My Space and I guess they had some pictures of me up on your website. I was looking at some stuff. A lot of people are saying a lot of stuff about me."

No question about that. With the Buckeyes needing offensive linemen in this class – and with a shortage of top in-state OL prospects – Claytor's name has been a hot topic on message boards.

"Just makes me feel good to read all that stuff and see how much the Ohio State fans want me," Claytor said.

Claytor already has a scholarship offer from OSU. He has also collected offers from Auburn, Florida State, LSU, Georgia Tech, among others.

Claytor did not run the 40 at OSU's camp, but he did do 16 bench reps of 205 pounds. He also looked solid in the position drills.

"Oh, I got a great vibe from the Ohio State coaches," Claytor said. "They said they liked my film, how I played on film, and they thought I had a good camp. Now, it's just a matter of me making my decision."

But Claytor is in no hurry to decide.

"Yeah, I definitely want to wait a while because this is probably going to be one of the biggest decisions of my life," he said.

Claytor has strong athletic bloodlines. His father, Truman Claytor, was an outstanding basketball player at the University of Kentucky.

"Yeah, he won the national championship in 1978," Nick said.

However, even though he stands 6-6, 320 pounds, the younger Claytor decided not to follow in his father's footsteps.

"Actually, I stopped playing basketball my freshman year because I was only about 6-2 at the time playing center, and I didn't like getting my shot blocked," he said. "I kind of focused in on football and I think it's helped me out. I take football a lot more seriously than I did earlier."

Claytor will be a busy man this summer making the rounds to football camps.

"I think I've got Auburn camp next, that's June 10," he said. "Then I get back and I'll be here for a while, and then I've got Florida State camp."

Claytor spent half a week in Toledo, Ohio, visiting his father and other family members last week. But he is now back in Gainesville with his mother.

"Yeah, I'm back in Georgia," he said. "I actually had my first practice (Monday morning) back with my high school team. They wore me out."

Although he is not close to making a decision, Claytor has been very impressed with what he has seen out of OSU thus far.

"I think after that visit, I have a pretty good standard of what I think should happen," he said. "I don't want to say it's overwhelming, or they're my favorite, but it's going to be hard to go against what I saw at that camp. Just meeting the coaches, seeing the new facilities being built, meeting some of the players that were there, now I have a good meter. When I visit somewhere, I need to measure it up against how it was at Ohio State."

Mr. Claytor Hoping For Family Reunion

As for Truman Claytor, the former Wildcat makes no bones about the fact that he wants to see his son suit up for Jim Tressel next year.

"I'd love to see him come to Ohio State," he said. "That would be my dream come true. I still live in Toledo and everyone in our family is big Buckeye fans."

But Truman Claytor knows it's going to be a difficult decision for his son.

"Yeah, it's going to be tough, because he's played in the South and they always talk about the weather," he said. "But when Ohio State comes after you, it can't get any better than that. I love it here. Great facility; coaches are great. Great tradition and they're a winning program."

When Nick was in Toledo visiting the family two years ago, his father took him to his first OSU football game at Ohio Stadium.

"We went to a game in 2004 against Indiana," Truman said. "Nick has had his eye on the Buckeyes for a while, because he knows I'm a fan."

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