Helwagen Chat: June 9 Archive

Topics during Friday's Chat included Ohio State football recruiting, the David Lighty situation, the impending change in the OSU president's office and much more. Steve Helwagen conducts these Chats each week for Bucknuts.com subscribers.

keato (Jun 9, 2006 9:50:46 AM)
Steve, with Lauderdale 6' 8" and Koufos at 7' 0" where will Madson 6' 10" fit in at? Who are we looking at at the guard position for 2007? One last question- is Mayo a target for this class or will Huggy Bear get he and Walker?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:50:50 AM)
Hey Keato ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:52:02 AM)
My feeling is that Madsen is a hedge against 2 things -- the likelihood that Oden only stays 1 year and the possibility that Braden Bell may leave. It is ironic they chose Bell over Madsen 2 years ago. I have nothing to indicate that Bell is unhappy, but last year was a completely wasted year for him. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:53:00 AM)
I know they really seem to like Alex Tyus, who is a bigger athletic player in the 6-7 or 6-8 range. He'd be the kind of guy they could have had with Raymar Morgan, perhaps. Looks less likely Mayo will end up at OSU. Scholarships are tightening up quickly. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:53:45 AM)
My guess in Mayo and Walker is 40 percent K-State and 30 percent each of "hometowns" UC and WVU. Home is where the heart is, after all. They would be a big deal at UC or WVU in the Big East. That is for sure.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 9:53:57 AM)
Dear Steve, Welcome back! The week off made me realize how valuable a forum this is for passionante Ohio State fans who have constructive crititcisims/concerns about recruiting, the new defense, or just the dircection of the program. Your feedback as well as Gary's and Duane's accurate assesments of recruiting really keep us all well informed. Keep up the great work!

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:54:28 AM)
I appreciate it. Last week, Gary and I were bogged down with state track coverage and other things going on. Glad to see Gary back at it yesterday.

kleintime16 (Jun 9, 2006 9:54:33 AM)
Hey Steve, the World Cup has started and Germany looks alright. How far does the US go this year?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:56:12 AM)
I do not follow it that closely. I read the USA Today preview 2 days ago and they did not predict that USA would get out of pool play. They consider OSU to be a spoiler. They need an upset win, perhaps, to get to the bracket portion of the Cup. So we'll see. Crazy stories about what Team USA goes through getting to and from games (sounds like OSU's band at Penn State ... yech).

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 9:56:19 AM)
What do you think the chances of Jafe Pitcock earning a suprise scholarship this year? Being "little Quinn" certainly does not hurt his chances.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:57:49 AM)
That is interesting. I would say. I wouldn't bet against him. With him as Quinn's brother and on Saine's HS team, they know all about him. He won't get it by default. If he earns it, he'll be there. I thought he looked pretty good at the camp. But there is such competition for those spots. He is maybe more of an end now and there is not as much urgency there as at DT. Maybe he projects there down the line. I dunno.

keato (Jun 9, 2006 9:57:56 AM)
Steve, give me 4 in state and 4 out of state guys you think Tress would love to see sign with the Bucks...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 9:58:42 AM)
Four instate -- Ben Martin, Eugene Clifford and Devon Torrence and C.J. Peake (if everything checks out with the last 2 academically) ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:00:49 AM)
Four out of state -- Joseph Barksdale (need at DT is urgent), OL Kris O'Dowd (also a need position) and then maybe DBs Cedric Everson or Dionte Allen from MI.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:01:25 AM)
i dont get how you all said Ohio was supposed to be such a great year, 07 was going to be one of best classes, yet we dont seem to be offering any QB, FB, OL, DT, WR, K, P? and Oliver seems over rated. Am I wrong?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:03:04 AM)
We'll see. Last year turned out to be a great year in Ohio. I think this year can be very good. I think they will take an Ohio OL, DL and maybe a WR in this class before its said and done. They don't need a K or P. Oliver is a top-15 player in Ohio, I believe. He makes plays on the football field. Watch him this fall for St. Ed. I think he'll show well.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:03:07 AM)
Will we get barksdale?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:03:30 AM)
I like Ohio State's chances. They have a pronounced need at DT and Vernon Gholston is a cousin, I believe.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:03:33 AM)
is Donnie E. ever going to committ?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:03:42 AM)
Maybe after his time at the OSU camp.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:03:49 AM)
this madson b-ball player seems overrated? didnt seem to do much at vandy

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:04:03 AM)
Everybody is overrated, I guess ... ha ha ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:05:28 AM)
Seriously, have some faith in Coach Matta and his assistants. Sometimes you make the safe call. This is a hometown kid who will be there 4 years from now. You can call him a role player or whatever you want. But he is 6-10 and 245 pounds. He should be able to help them in the middle. He may play 3 times as many games at OSU as Greg Oden. When you think about that, it is not a reach.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:05:54 AM)
I think he was redshirted at Vandy ... and he used the time to develop.

keato (Jun 9, 2006 10:06:00 AM)
Steve, our Red Legs are hot, you planning a trip?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:06:45 AM)
I'd like to get down there sometime. Not sure when that will be. In the meantime, I'll just keep watching them on the tube. They are on a downhill roll, what is it 8 in a row?

kleintime16 (Jun 9, 2006 10:06:54 AM)
48-10, good score against PSU next year? win of course ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:07:34 AM)
No, that's probably too lopsided. PSU should have a decent offense with Morelli, Scott, Williams et al. I'd say 31-17 might be fair.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:07:45 AM)
do u remain worried about OL recruiting?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:09:34 AM)
Yeah, they seem to have all of their eggs in the basket of Nick Claytor and Kris O'Dowd. You wonder if Nick Schepis will get an offer. I think they need 3 (because they lose 3 after the season). The thing that is disconcerting is that so many of their existing OL have no experience (Cordle, Mitchum, Person, Skinner). That will change this fall. But what do I know.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 10:09:52 AM)
Steve, before my next "constructive comment" just wanted to make a quick kudo to JIm Tressell as well and how proud I am to be from Ohio ( even though I live in Manhattan now) JT has made me believe in OHIO football again. More importantly he has made OSU players believe in OSU football again. We dont choke in big games, we beat school up north, JT's special teams and defense are consistently tops in the nation. His players play 110% with sportsmanship and class. We tackle well hit hard and have "team" first selflessness. JT is a level headed class act. I am proud he is our coach.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:10:57 AM)
I agree with most if not all of that. And they are also strong in the classroom and, seemingly, in the community. 50 wins and an NC in 5 years. It's all going their way right now.

keato (Jun 9, 2006 10:11:52 AM)
Steve, I know the story just broke but have you heard of anything new to the Lighty situation?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:14:16 AM)
No, I have heard nothing new today. Just sounds like some mischief gone awry. I was hit with a BB gun as a kid and it does hurt just a little bit. It sounds like the jogger was not hurt, which is good. I think the standoff with the police (whom I support 100 percent) led them to "overcharge." In the end, those without records will probably get probation, fine, community service and time served. No idea what OSU and Matta may say, but he is not a student until 6/19.

byars (Jun 9, 2006 10:14:57 AM)
Could you rank the positions of need for this recruiting class?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:15:33 AM)
Mine are DT, OL, WR, DB. Those are probably the biggies. Then you just take the best guys available.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 10:16:13 AM)
Now that I mentioned what I love about JT, I have one question that continues to vex me. I feel if JT were a little more creative and took advantage of all the skill position talent he has had on offense like Pete Carroll, Mack Brown, and now Chuck Weiss has successfully done, he would be coach of the decade. Obviously, d, ball control, and special teams wins championships . But as we learned against Wisc./ Mich in 03, Iowa in 04, PSU and Texas in 05 sometimes you need an offense like USC to carry you through when your d is young or you are playing away. Why does JT refuse to borrow a little more from the Chuck Weiss/ Carrol offensive playbook which has proven to be so successful?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:17:32 AM)
Those questions did pop up early last year when the offense sputtered vs. Texas, SDSU and Penn State. But the last 7 games showed that he will turn his athletes loose. Be patient I guess and see what happens. Good news is they should again be able to run the ball, and it's amazing how that opens things up.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:17:36 AM)
is Ray Small are squarred away and qualified?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:17:54 AM)
No, not yet. I think he has to take a test this Sat. and hope he gets the score he needs.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:18:00 AM)
We gotta get some more receivers in this class

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:18:18 AM)
I agree, particularly is something is amiss with Small and if Ginn leaves early.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:19:42 AM)
Big announcement coming today on an online Tournament of Champions matching 16 recent national champions. OSU faces Miami's 2001 champions in the first round.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:20:20 AM)
Wonder if they will "right the wrong" of the Fiesta Bowl or give OSU -- the only 14-0 team in history -- it's proper consideration (ha ha). Should be a fun thing.

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 10:20:25 AM)
too bad we can't match up with their speed....

byars (Jun 9, 2006 10:20:29 AM)
What position is Saine being told he'll play?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:21:44 AM)
Saine has a good rapport already with Dick Tressel. Everybody is assuming RB. He is built. He looks somewhat like David Boston. Maybe he goes to WR if Pittman-Wells have RB covered in 2007. He is open to whatever gets him on the field.

kleintime16 (Jun 9, 2006 10:21:48 AM)
What do you think about the reports that Clay from Wisconsin is still considering OSU, Is he a Wisky lock?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:22:38 AM)
Yeah, I think he'll end up at Wisconsin. The best players up there rarely leave the state and they've done a great job of featuring backs through the years.

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 10:22:47 AM)
Saine was told he'd be used *similar to Ginn, but not the exact same, as Saine is more of a rb who can line up wide while Teddy is a wideout who you can put in the backfield.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:23:43 AM)
Good point. Saine has the makings of being an incredible athlete. And, after his "loss" in the 200, you know he'll be working harder so he can complete that sweep a year from now. He has a chance to be a 7-time state champion.

redondo (Jun 9, 2006 10:24:22 AM)
Steve - What's your take Pres. Holbrook? Did she not "get it". Or, is that a mischaracterization? what, if anything, do you think will change with a changing of the guard in the President's Office relative to the football program - relaxation of tailgate policing; relaxation on admissions, etc? Thanks for fielding an admittedly difficult question.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:26:11 AM)
Within our world, there has always been that perception that she did not get it. She was a woman (not that there is anything wrong with that), she was from the South and she had never been a president before at a major university. There was a big learning curve for her to understand "our" culture in the Midwest and at OSU. She did the best she could, but it was apparent early that some of the trustees were not happy. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:27:35 AM)
The next president's challenge will be to connect with the constituency like Gee did. I'm not sure Kirwan succeeded in that respect, either, although he knew the score and pulled the trigger on Coop and hired JT.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:28:52 AM)
If you have a Gee-like figure who commands respect from OSU's "fans" (and this is students, staff, fans, parents, Ohio in general), that person can demand excellence in the parking lots at games and with admissions and get away with it. She did not have that connection, so people resented some of the initiatives that they did not like.

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 10:28:58 AM)
and just to let everybody know.. Saine is training for a national meet in Carolina...he will run all 3 events not sure of the date

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:29:16 AM)
Good for him. It's usually this weekend or next weekend.

byars (Jun 9, 2006 10:31:48 AM)
Saw the Vegas odds for OSU football and Basketball. Wonder what the odds are for the Sears Trouphy?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:32:46 AM)
I don't know. That would be something to be in the hunt for both of the marquee sports. Women's basketball could also be up there if Hoskins recovers.

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 10:32:50 AM)
wanna throw out some names for us that we might be hearing more tOSU intrest in here shortly?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:35:27 AM)
It seems like OSU just offered Derrick Morgan, a DT from PA. That is good news. He will come out and check it out 7/1, Bob Lichtenfels is reporting. Beyond that, it's hard to say. Illinois DT Josh Brent is another name with a newer offer. I would have said PA WR Nick Sukay, but it does not seem like OSU will offer. He has narrowed his picks to PSU, ND and Pitt.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:40:05 AM)
Anything else today???

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:43:01 AM)
Next week should be hectic with North-South and Big 33 items. FSN will show the N-S game on tape delay on June 22. ONN should show Big 33 live on the 17th. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:44:09 AM)
OSU has a team basketball camp on June 16-17 and we understand that all of the verbals' teams will be playing. The senior advanced football camp is June 23. Worthington league starts June 15, although it seems like none of the incoming freshmen may play. We'll see on that.

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 10:44:12 AM)
ummm..... whats the deal with the S&C?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:45:04 AM)
Good question, I figured they'd have somebody in place by June 19. Maybe they still will. There is next week to figure it out.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 10:45:12 AM)
OSU has always been a Midwestern power and respeted nationally. How can we increase OSU's exposure and recruiting success nationally, like Miami, Fla. St, USC and now Notre Dame have?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:45:21 AM)
Just keep winning. That will do it.

iwishtobeabuckeye (Jun 9, 2006 10:45:32 AM)
oh...do you have any info on the june 24th passing camp at tOSU? I know Piqua is invited. It'll be interesting to watch Saine in action!

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:46:45 AM)
They have a passing tournament that day, usually. I have never been to it. I imagine it's pool play and then a bracket. Guys probably get 5-6 games. Those games are fun to watch at the camp.

redondo (Jun 9, 2006 10:46:48 AM)
Steve - there's a rumor that the OSU-Um start time will be 3:30. heard it?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:48:14 AM)
Have not heard that. ABC and ESPN add more games to their schedule every day. Not sure why they would do that. It's usually at noon or 1 p.m.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 10:48:29 AM)
Tradition: How can OSU take more advantage of it great tradition? National Championship and Big Ten championship banners hung in stadium would help TV audience learn. Even posting all names of All Americans along sideling wall. Seem like tradition sells to recruits and fans. Marketing this a little more could only help

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:49:04 AM)
They have done a little more. They have the retired jerseys and the Woody Hayes sign. They could add signs for the national championships and Big Ten titles. Those would be impressive.

redondo (Jun 9, 2006 10:49:08 AM)
Steve - Are the football Buckeyes negotiating a home and home with Alabama?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:50:35 AM)
That was rumored. OSU hasn't played an SEC team home and home in a very long time (I don't even know off the top of my head). It would not take place until the middle of the next decade. Their dance card is booked with one primary nonconf opponent for quite some time.

byars (Jun 9, 2006 10:51:44 AM)
Steve, New to the club. Just want to say I'm loving it. and I am wasting my life away. This stuff is addictive

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:52:31 AM)
It is a lot of fun. Just imagine when we get into the season and we have last week's game, next week's game and recruiting to discuss. I can hardly get in and out in 90 minutes on those weeks.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 10:52:34 AM)
Nebraska or Oaklahoma would be another attractive Nationally televised game to schedule.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:52:41 AM)
I have heard nothing in that regard.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:53:12 AM)
who gets clifford?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:54:03 AM)
That is a tough call. Michigan is working overtime on him. My guess is Ohio State wins in the end, but nothing would surprise me. He may wait and see who needs a player at his position the most.

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 10:56:26 AM)
Neither have I but those Texas vs. OSU or OSU vs. USC draw huge audiences and give the Buckeyes great national exposure as an elite program. The Miami game will be huge. Playing Nebraska another top 5 all time victory team would be a the first time the two programs had ever played and draw Texas vs. OSU like interest

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:57:27 AM)
one sec

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:58:19 AM)

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:58:44 AM)
Good point on Nebraska. Maybe some day that will happen.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 10:58:47 AM)
are we going to lose martin

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 10:59:43 AM)
Again, looks like a 50-50 proposition. This is strictly a guess. OSU can use an end. ND got one with Trattou. My feeling is that verbal could shift it slightly to OSU's side. We'll see, I suppose.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:00:47 AM)
anything else today?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:02:43 AM)
Guys, I am going to get going. I will turn moderation off. Feel free to talk among yourselves.

bucks4fun (Jun 9, 2006 11:02:46 AM)
Hi Steve, very late to the chat. Job and all. Maybe this was covered previously. OL commits for 07 will be?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:03:33 AM)
Your guess is as good as mine. If they get one of the big two (Claytor and O'Dowd) and then one other one they like, I imagine they'll be happy. My opinion is since they are losing 3, they need 3. But that's just my take.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:03:53 AM)
I think Claytor likes OSU a lot. We'll see if he can leave the South for the North.

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 11:04:17 AM)
what happened to blackenship or the OL from PA?

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:04:20 AM)
I am gonna run. Moderation will be off. Take care.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:04:26 AM)
Blankenship ...

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:04:50 AM)
I think he still has some offers. I just think overall the interest in him has come down a bit. Not sure why that is.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:05:04 AM)
OSU could still be in the picture there, too.

SteveHelwagen (Jun 9, 2006 11:05:11 AM)
Take care everybody!!

manhattan buck (Jun 9, 2006 11:05:22 AM)
Thanks Steve

ohs (Jun 9, 2006 11:05:28 AM)
thanks steve!!

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