Crater Visits Ohio State

Anthony Crater has risen to become a top point guard prospect in the class of 2008. Ohio State hasn't waited to become a suitor as they have already offered a scholarship. Crater recently took a trip to Columbus to see OSU; learn more about this player and his visit in this update.

If you haven't been formally introduced, meet Anthony Crater. That's ‘Noopy' to friends and teammates.

Crater is a rising point guard, standing 6-1, in the class of 2008 from Flint (Mich.) Southwestern that coaches from many of the nation's top programs would just love to land. He's ranked No. 2 in his class at point guard by and continues to get better.

In having a terrific spring for the Michigan Hurricanes, Crater has found himself being labeled as an elite player in the class of 2008. The attention from coaches and media has picked up drastically.

"I have definitely noticed," he says of the increased focus. "I'm not really a guy that likes that attention. I just like to go out and play ball and not worry about the other stuff."

The other stuff has become pretty big as well.

Mail, text messaging and calling interested coaches have become a normal routine for Crater. It's especially become routine with a few select schools.

"It's Ohio State, Duke, Georgia Tech, Illinois and Florida," Crater said when asked for a list of schools he's considering.

Of those five schools, only Ohio State has offered thus far although Crater adds that Marquette and Iowa have also offered.

Although some will see Michigan and Michigan State conspicuously absent from his list, that's to be no surprise.

"I just want to go where I'm comfortable," Crater explains, "and it doesn't really matter where that is."

Although Crater may yet consider either one, it's not expected that staying in state will be a big priority for Crater.

Just Sunday, in fact, Crater went south to Columbus for an unofficial visit to Ohio State. It lasted for nearly a day and a half.

"It went really well," he said of the trip. "I got to hang out with the coaches, they showed me around, they showed me the academics, showed me the gym and the team got to play in some pickup games.

"It was a great environment," Crater added.

Crater said he most enjoyed the pickup games with the team, which included Greg Oden standing and watching on the side. Oden, of course, couldn't participate because of the torn ligaments in his wrist that were operated on Friday.

In addition to Ohio State, Crater has also visited Illinois.

According to Crater, the visit didn't stack up quite as well.

"Illinois is pretty good, but I really didn't get to do too much," he said. "They didn't show me too much while I was there. I saw the gym and I saw a few things, but they really didn't show me anything where I could get an idea of the environment."

Crater said the environment is what he likes about Ohio State the most.

"They are treating me really well and it's a great environment to be in," he said of Ohio State. "They have everything with academics, with the coaches, the gym being open 24 hours a day so you can access the gym. I basically want to be in a good environment."

He also talks about Duke, a team he has said on numerous occasions he grew up watching.

Although Crater is high on the Blue Devils, he readily admits he isn't quite as familiar with them right now.

"Duke seems like a good school. Education wise they're real good and basketball wise they've had a lot of success for a long time," he said. "I really don't know too much about them right now, but I like the style of play."

Crater hopes to hear more from Duke in the future, to learn more about their program beyond what he's seen on television.

He also says there won't be time for any more visits this summer. Crater has many tournaments and also the ABCD Camp coming up in Teaneck, NJ in July.

In the meantime, he says he will be working on getting stronger and also working on his shot.

And now you know more about Noopy.

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