Glenville's Jefferson Enjoyed Bus Tour

We have more exclusive coverage of Ted Ginn Sr.'s bus tour today. Wide receiver Kyle Jefferson from Cleveland Glenville made the trip and has collected nine offers thus far. Jefferson is one of the top receivers in Ohio this year and he would like nothing more than to receive an offer from Ohio State. We caught up with him for more.

Wide receiver Kyle Jefferson from Cleveland Glenville was one of the top athletes that took part in Ted Ginn Sr.'s bus tour that rolled into Ohio State Tuesday evening.

"I loved the bus tour," Jefferson said. "It was great. It was a great opportunity for me and my peers to go to a bunch of different colleges and learn and have fun. I got to know new people that I haven't known, and people got to know me, so I've been having fun. I'm kind of sad that it's ending (Tuesday). I would do it for another week if we could."

Jefferson (6-4, 181, 4.43) is one of the top receivers in Ohio and is ranked as the No. 25 overall prospect in the state by Ohio High. He has already collected a solid group of scholarship offers.

"Wisconsin, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Miami of Ohio, Ball State, Bowling Green… trying to remember some more but I can't right now," Jefferson said. (Akron is another school that has offered.)

Jefferson knew he would have a few offers thrown his way this summer, but he wasn't expecting so many, especially from Big Ten schools.

"I kind of expected it from some schools, but from some other schools it has been a surprise," he said. "But I've been working hard and they look at people who work hard and have a great personality, good athlete, good kid and go from there."

Jefferson makes it no secret that the one offer he really wants is from Ohio State.

"I love O-State," he said. "This is my home school and I would be happy to come here if I get the chance. It's just a great school. They have great academic programs and a great football team. And great coaches. The coaches here think of you as a son."

Jefferson is being recruited by OSU cornerbacks coach Tim Beckman.

"He's just telling me to keep going. Keep working hard," Jefferson said. "They stay in contact with me, and all I can do is do what they tell me to do and it will all come."

Jefferson is being recruited as a receiver, but he also plays defensive back for the Tarblooders.

"Yeah, I can play DB as well," Jefferson said. "I play a lot of free safety during the season. But I guess my prime position is going to be receiver. At least so far. It might change down the line."

Jefferson reports a 3.7 GPA (overall, not core) and has taken the ACT twice.

"First time I got a 16 and I took it again on June 10 and I'm awaiting the results on that," he said.

Jefferson is also a track star at Glenville. He helped the Tarblooders to the 2006 Division I team championship with a first-place finish in the 4x200 relay, a second-place finish in the 400 meters (behind OSU commitment Brandon Saine) and a second-place finish in the 4x400 relay.

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