Bucknuts Announces Deal With Buckeye Legends

Bucknuts.com will be partnering with Buckeye Legends in the future for special events on the web site. This partnership will include Chat sessions with former OSU players. _

Bucknuts Media Network is proud to announce a new partnership with Buckeye Legends.

Buckeye Legends is a group of former Ohio State athletes. The group, which operates the web site BuckeyeLegends.com, was formed this past spring.

As part of this partnership, members of Buckeye Legends will make periodic appearances on Bucknuts.com and on the Bucknuts Radio Hour. In fact, this partnership will be launched on Friday, when former OSU quarterback Jim Karsatos will host a Chat session on the Bucknuts.com site.

This Chat, set for a 1 p.m. Eastern start, will be a free Chat. Check the Bucknuts.com home page on Friday for access details.

(In most instances, Chat sessions with members of Buckeye Legends will be premium events for Bucknuts.com subscribers.)

Karsatos will be available to answer questions on Buckeye Legends, his experiences as an OSU player, his work in recent years as an OSU radio network analyst and his thoughts on what fans may see with the Buckeyes this fall.

"We are excited to provide a forum for past OSU greats to connect with current Buckeye fans," said Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. "We feel our subscribers will enjoy the chance to ask these former Buckeyes questions about their playing days as well as what they think about the current team.

"We feel these Chat sessions, interview and Bucknuts Radio Hour sessions will be a lot of fun for our subscribers. We look forward to kicking this partnership off on Friday with the appearance by Jim Karsatos."

We will announce Chat sessions and conduct more interviews with members of Buckeye Legends in the weeks and months to come.

What Is Buckeye Legends?

Buckeye Legends LLC was formed with the idea that over the years that Ohio State has produced a large contingent of former athletes that have a collective strength that can provide potential value for our university, our community and the Legends themselves.

Using a web site as our medium, we can create a communication link that, if used actively, can bring opportunity and satisfaction to Buckeyes in general. There are many generations of Buckeyes who are looking for something that will tie their mutual passion together. Buckeye Legends intends to be that binder whether it be through the web site, promotion, print or electronic media.

The immediate reaction is that you have to be a superstar to be a Buckeye Legend. The reality is that anyone who participated in Ohio State athletics has an opportunity to participate. The simple qualification is that you have lettered at OSU for at least two seasons and been in good standing with the university during that time.

It can be men and women, from fencing to football and even on to the cheerleaders and Brutus. We are looking for Legends to be members and who are interested in participating in reuniting with each other and with the fans.

We chose participating in a web site since that seems to be the simplest venue to communicate not only with our Legends, but also with the general fan base. The idea is to get people to come to our site because that is where former Buckeyes and their fans congregate. There will be three different sections to start with -- the home page, the Legends Only section and the VIP section.

The home Page of BuckeyeLegends.com is a place for Buckeyes to come and hang out with other Buckeyes. There will be bios of the Legends including stats and info on what these Legends are doing now. Pictures of the Legends both from their playing days and currently will also be available. It will recap the best times of these Legends with their thoughts and memories.

Let's not forget about the young fans. We will have a section that will bring the Legends and OSU lore to those Buckeyes under the age of 12. This section will incorporate coloring pages of their favorite athletes, bedtime stories depicting some of the best historic stories of the university athletics, Sing-A-Long songs (so that there will be no song ever played at a Buckeye sporting event that the kids do not know the words to), and of course, games, games and games.

There will also be a place where the faithful will be able to chat with each other as well as with the Legends. The trivia competition, with questions provided by Jack Park, is going to be a lot of fun and there will always be a chance to win Buckeye Legends stuff throughout the entire site.

The Legends Only section is dedicated to the men and women who gave their all to their alma mater and the community that supported them so loyally. This area will be strictly for the Legends, and will include a Dire Relief Fund run by an advisory board of their peers, that will aim to help provide financial need for Legends.

There will be educational areas that the members will be able to access to improve their talents and careers. The speaker's bureau will provide an avenue for the public to access Legends to spread their experiences and wisdom. There will also be discounts for goods and services throughout central Ohio that will provide local members with the value that they deserve from this organization.

Let's not forget about the Buckeye Leaves program where the Legends will be awarded with Buckeye Leaves for participating in OSU promotions, BuckeyeLegends.com activities and community service events. The Legends can then exchange these earned Buckeye Leaves for items in the BuckeyeLegends.com Trading Post.

The VIP Section will be an opportunity for the fans to get up close and personal. This section is not ready for launch yet, but will be a place, for $9.95 per month, where fans can mingle with the Legends and discuss the Buckeyes non stop. There will be audio conferences in which the Legends discuss the hot topics in each of the OSU sports and other general sports facts. This section will be developed with the help of our Legends, and we hope to provide a non stop, action packed website section that will be filled with value for both the fans and the Legends.

Although the focus for Buckeye Legends is going to be the web site, we have a unique opportunity to do more than just provide an e-connection. Our fans and partners are going to be looking for more interaction, and we intend to deliver throughout this year and into 2007.

The first of these promotional opportunities is going to be our BuckeyeLegends.com Golf Challenge. This event will be held on Aug. 25 at Clover Valley Golf Course. This tournament will be available for registration on BuckeyeLegends.com soon. The basic format will be registered players paired with a Buckeye Legend for a fun day of golf, food and entertainment. All participants will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to the VIP section of the web site, and the winning team will also receive automatic registration for the 2007 BuckeyeLegends.com Championship Golf Series. Please stay tuned for more details about both of these golf events.

Other promotional opportunities that will be available through Buckeye Legends include, but are not limited to autograph sessions, group appearances, memorabilia appraisal shows and tailgate parties.

Buckeye Legends is proud to name Katie Bernal as its director, and she will be overseeing the development of the web site, coordination with the Legends, and arranging promotional opportunities with partners and guests.

Although Katie is not a Buckeye Legend, she is an OSU alum, and a big sports fan and she fully understands the hype that surrounds Ohio State University athletics. Katie is always available for questions, comments, as well as sharing how you or your business can get involved with sponsorships, advertising on the web site, or promotional opportunities.

Here is a link to the BuckeyeLegends.com site:

BuckeyeLegends.com home page

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