Photo Gallery : Smith And Ginn Billboards

Back in April, Ted Ginn Jr. and Troy Smith were called upon to lend their celebrity to the new media blitz by the Cleveland Municipal School District that was focused on keeping their kids in school and out of trouble. Numerous billboards were placed throughout the city in the spring to help relay that message. Ted Ginn Sr. and his wife Jeanette gave Bucknuts an exclusive tour of the billboards.

Photo Gallery : Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Billboards

This particular billboard is/was located on St. Clair Ave. right near 111th street which leads to the back of Glenville High School.

This particular billboard is/was located a little more to the southeast of Glenville High School on Euclid Ave.

Troy Smith is like another son in the Ginn family household.

A recent request was made on our premium message board to see a photo of the billboards with Ted Ginn Jr. and Troy Smith so I thought this would be the perfect time to showcase the pictures that I had taken of the proud parents and the billboards back on April 29.

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