Tyus Down, But Not Out

The commitment of Illinois forward Evan Turner to Ohio State was a surprise to mostly everyone, including forward Alex Tyus of Cincinnati Harmony Prep. Only this surprise wasn't a good one for Tyus. Tyus was looking forward to a visit to Ohio State and a possible commitment, but the news concerning Turner changed his plans. Read on to find out more about what Tyus is thinking now.

If Alex Tyus was disappointed, you wouldn't have known from his play.

The 6-8 forward was one of the top performers at the Reebok ABCD Camp this week in Teaneck, NJ, scoring over 12 points a game, grabbing over four rebounds and shooting over 50 percent.

Tyus, No. 45 in the post-spring ScoutHoops.com 2007 rankings, was set to visit Ohio State unofficially last week with his parents before the Buckeyes called off the visit because of a verbal commitment from Evan Turner.

His parents still reside in St. Louis when Tyus is in Cincinnati during the school year at Harmony Prep.

Tyus may have issued a verbal commitment to Ohio State on the trip, or shortly after, over Florida and Illinois.

"It was very unfortunate," he said of the situation. "It really got to me and got me down, but I'm feeling pretty good. I'm happy I'm playing and being back on the court."

Despite hoping to be committed to a school before the July evaluation period, Tyus left for New Jersey hoping to start fresh.

He said he was playing hungry hoping to impress a new set of coaches.

"It's great to play here," Tyus said. "I'm playing as hard as I can. It feels great to be invited again."

With Ohio State out of the picture and Florida having not yet offered a scholarship, Tyus is now looking at new options.

More or less, he is starting from scratch.

"Right now, to tell you the truth, I'm just open and trying to see who's really interested after the summer," Tyus explained.

One of those schools, Illinois, lost Turner to Ohio State but may still have a shot at returning the favor by landing Tyus.

They are, according to Tyus, about the only school still in the picture.

"The only school that's been pretty good about it right now is Illinois," he said of recruiting him and possibly having him on campus in September for an official visit. "They told me they have one scholarship left, which was basically the same situation as Ohio State was in."

That one scholarship, according to Tyus, was up for grabs for he and Turner to Ohio State.

Tyus hoped to get back to Ohio State for a second visit, the first with his family, and if he was comfortable planned to commit soon thereafter.

But within 24 hours of leaving Cincinnati for Columbus, the plan came to a screeching halt.

"I knew they were looking at Evan," Tyus explained, "but I had no idea he was going to commit that early though, because he had not gone back for another visit and so I thought I could take my visit and commit after that if I liked it."

So now that Tyus is opening his recruitment to other schools, he laughs at the possibility he could end up at Illinois. He also knows the situation could have been reversed.

For instance, if he had beat Turner to the punch and committed to Ohio State, it may be Turner looking at Illinois and possibly committing there in the near future.

"Yeah, exactly. It was a funny situation but we (Turner and I) both knew it could happen," he admitted. "It's too bad, but I'll have to move on."

And if anything is apparent from his inspired performances at ABCD, he has in fact already moved on.

But he's learned a valuable lesson not to take things for granted.

"There's really no one to blame," he concludes. "It was just one of those things."

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