Aaron Johnson Maintains He Has OSU Offer

The recruiting season is filled with interesting and often weird stories, and here is one that definitely fits the bill. It does not appear that Baton Rouge (La.) wide receiver Aaron Johnson actually has a scholarship offer from Ohio State, but he and his father insist they do.

There seems to be confusion on both sides, but Baton Rouge (La.) wide receiver Aaron Johnson maintains that he has a scholarship offer from Ohio State.

"Yes sir," he told Bucknuts.com.

Johnson (5-11, 162, 4.4) attends Southern University Laboratory High School where he played mostly running back and cornerback as a junior in 2005. However, he is projected as a wide receiver on the next level.

Johnson is also considering: "Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, USC and Auburn," he said. "Ohio State is still my favorite."

He was asked what he likes about OSU.

"The facilities, the coaches, the tradition and the campus," he said.

There were rumblings that Johnson was going to commit to the Buckeyes this week. But those reports were not accurate.

"It won't be this week, but I want to do it soon," Johnson said.

He then added this interesting question: "If you commit, does that mean that you can't go on any official visits?"

It was explained to Johnson that a verbal commitment is non-binding and he could take up to five official visits even after issuing a verbal commitment.

"Oh really? I've got to talk to my dad about when I'm going to commit then," he said.

Johnson's father – Hillery Johnson – is very much involved in the process. In fact, it sounds as if the elder Johnson will decide when the commitment is made.

"Yeah, my dad said he isn't going to do it this week," Johnson said. "He doesn't want to do it this week."

Johnson was asked to give his strengths and weaknesses as a wide receiver.

"I can catch and I'm fast," he said. "When I'm in the open field, I'm hard to tackle. I can shake somebody, or I can outrun them.

"I want to work on my strength and getting stronger, and that's it I guess."

* As for Hillery Johnson, he gave more details about this strange recruiting situation. (And that's being nice.) He was asked if his son will be committing to Ohio State soon.

"Well, actually I've been talking to the coaches a little bit – (John) Peterson – and we're pretty sure we will," Hillery Johnson said. "Actually, my brother, Aaron's uncle, has been talking to them a lot. But he's out of town right now."

Hillery Johnson was asked when Aaron Johnson officially received a scholarship offer from Ohio State. (The Johnson's originally said Aaron had an offer in May.)

"Summer. This year," he said. "Well, actually last year at the camp they wrote down about 10 players and they told me they were actively recruiting him and were interested. They said he was very fast and elusive."

Did Aaron Johnson actually get a letter from OSU extending a scholarship offer? Or a phone call extending an offer?

"Actually we never got an official letter saying they were offering a scholarship," Hillery Johnson said. "It's just from talking to me and my brother."

Aaron did not camp at Ohio State this summer.

"No, he had a conflict," Hillery said.

But he did camp at OSU last year and according to his father impressed the coaches.

"Right," Hillery said. "I talked with Coach Peterson every day when we were up there last year and he liked him a lot. We talked with (head coach Jim) Tressel too."

Hillery Johnson says his son is actually faster than his listed time in the Scout.com database.

"He's a 4.38 guy," he said. "At Auburn's camp a couple weeks ago he ran a 4.38."

Hillery Johnson was asked what scholarship offers are on the table for his son, but he didn't exactly give a straight answer.

"Auburn, Georgia, Florida said they were going to offer him once they saw some other things, but that was prior to him running a 4.38," he said. "The high school coach told me he had a lot of letters from them. LSU wants him to come to this camp next week. We told them he was more interested in Ohio State, but they are persuading him to come look at LSU. We've talked to a coach from Oklahoma."

Stay tuned for more on this story. But in our opinion, it does not appear that Johnson has a solid offer from Ohio State at this time. Maybe it's just simple miscommunication between the two sides. Or maybe there is more.

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