Angelo Chattams on Bucknuts Radio Hour (1/10/01)

(This interview took place on the first ever Bucknuts Radio Hour on 1/10/2001, which was before Angelo committed to Ohio State.)

Kirk:  It's a pleasure for us to welcome Dayton Chaminade Julienne wide receiver

Angelo Chattams to the Bucknuts Radio Hour.   Angelo is one of the top ten wide receiver prospects in the nation as well as being without a doubt the top wide receiver prospect in the state of Ohio this year.  Angelo, welcome.

Angelo Chattams: Thanks a lot.

Kirk:  Let's just review Angelo's situation a little bit now.  Back in the summertime he verbally committed to play football at Ohio State but due to the coaching situation right now, Angelo is now looking around to other schools a little bit.  So to start out, I'd like to ask you:  where are you right now in the decision making process?

Angelo Chattams:    I'm still pretty solidly committed to Ohio State.  I really want to go there but I am starting to take other calls from other schools.

Mr. Bucknuts:  What are the concerns you have right now with the coaching situation?  How do you break it down?  Would a different coach would make you feel differently about going to Ohio State?

Angelo Chattams:  Yeah, when I committed to Ohio State, I kind of committed to the coaching staff too.  And as they left, I kind of felt that I could start shopping around again. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Will you go out on a limb and say who'd you like see as the future head coach of Ohio State? 

Angelo Chattams:  Sure, I really want to see Walt Harris come in.  I mean, he is an offensive guru like Duane said,  That'd be nice to see him come in. 

Mr. Bucnkuts:  What schools were recruiting you when you were being wooed by the Buckeyes?

Angelo Chattams:  A lot of people.  I was recruited by Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Purdue, Northwestern

Mr. Bucknuts:  Who at Ohio State had responsibility for you?

Angelo Chattams:    I talked mostly to Coach Heathcock and Coach Salem, quarterback coach and defensive line coaches. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Did you have much interaction with Coach Cooper?

Angelo Chattams:  Not really.  I met him a couple times.  He's a nice guy…he was great. 

Kirk:  Let's put you in front of the Ohio State search committee right now.  If there was one thing that you could tell them, what would it be?

Angelo Chattams:  I don't know…I mean getting guys that you think would do the job and win right away. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Well, what made you originally want to go to the Buckeyes or look at the Buckeyes other than you are a nice loyal Ohio guy.

Angelo Chattams:  I mean, the coaches were real nice.  I really was very fond of Coach Salem, he was a great guy.  They made you feel special there. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  You've been at Chaminade for a couple years and you've got a brother at Chaminade.  Last year, give us kind of a re-cap of what you hoped to do and did you fulfill everything you wanted to do in your senior season? 

Angelo Chattams:   Actually, I kind of wanted to match my junior year numbers where I had 80 catches for 1,500 yards.  But I fell a little short, I got 78 catches last year for about 1,021 yards. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Are you pleased how everything turned out?  You had a heck of a team.

Angelo Chattams:  I was pretty happy with the team.  I wish we could have gone farther as we did in my junior year but it was still a great year.

Kirk:  As far as your game goes, what do you consider to be the strength of your game and what are some of the things you need to work on?

Angelo Chattams:  I think my breakaway ability is pretty good.  I think I can run sharper routes.  So I'll probably work on that in the off season. 

Kirk:   Duane Long has told us in the past that he compares you to Miami wide receiver Santana Moss... Who would you compare yourself to? 

Angelo Chattams:  I kind try to model myself after Peter Warrick.  I mean, that's a difficult task at hand but I try to be like him.

Mr. Bucknuts:  Well, that's high expectations you have for yourself and your game. 

Angelo Chattams:  Yeah, I suppose.

Mr. Bucknuts:  What do you think you need to work on at the next level?

Angelo Chattams:  I probably need to get a little bit stronger and then the whole mental aspect of the game will probably come in too, so I think it will all work out. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  You see yourself having an immediate impact if you get to Columbus next year as a freshmen?  You think of yourself as a freshmen redshirt or with losing four receivers this year from Ohio State do you think you see a chance to play right away?

Angelo Chattams:  I'm hoping so.   It's gets me pretty wide-eyed thinking of a starting position but I don't know how likely it is with all the great talent they keep up there.  But I'm kind of hoping so that I'll get to play some. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Do you know much about the other receivers or are there right now? 

Angelo Chattams:  I know John Hollins from Wayne, he's up there now.  He's a great receiver.  He was a redshirt freshman last year and Ricky Bryant, he's a pretty good wide receiver.   I saw him catch a touchdown again Fresno State in the last second of a game.  And then Andrew Lee and a couple others.  They're pretty good.

Mr. Bucknuts:  Are you intimidated by any of those guys?

Angelo Chattams:  Oh, not really.  I mean, I'm not intimidated by anybody.  But they are pretty good.

Mr. Bucknuts:  You were just at an all-star game, although it was a brief appearance for you and you got to meet some of the guys.  Right before the show I talked to you about Dustin Fox.  Did you met any of the other players who might be going to Ohio State?

Angelo Chattams:  I met Adam Olds and Ryan Cook.  They were great guys.

Mr. Bucknuts:  I asked you on the phone once about your brother, Andre.  Is he ever going to be the player that Angelo is?

Angelo Chattams:  He might be better than me, I hope. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Right now, who's better?

Angelo Chattams:  Right now, me…but he's a great wide receiver.  He's more prototype.  He's a little bit taller than me and a little bit faster, too.

Mr. Bucknuts:  He is faster?

Angelo Chattams:  Just a tad.

Mr. Bucknuts:  Then shouldn't we be after him and just forget about you?

Angelo Chattams:   (Laughs) You can't have him yet.

Kirk:  Angelo at this point, what needs to happen for you to finally decide on Ohio State to make it 100% conclusive?

Angelo Chattams:  I don't know…I want to see the new coach and be able to talk to him and see if they really want me as a player to come there and hopefully that will convince me. 

Kirk:   When can we expect to hear a final decision from you?  Do you have have a timetable?

Angelo Chattams:  No, I'm kind of really sitting back and watching everything unfold right now…so, I can't really say when I'll fully commit, but I'm hoping it will be sometime…

Mr. Bucknuts:  Well, you have three or four weeks before the February 7 commit date, so it's not like you have to rush into it by this weekend.  When you think about your college career, what do you plan on pursuing?  What do you plan on studying at Ohio State or wherever you end up? 

Angelo Chattams:  Not yet, I'm pretty much going to go in undecided but I kind of like going into business or maybe communications.

Mr. Bucknuts:  You think the business world will hold some NFL business for you one day?

Angelo Chattams:  I hope so. 

Kirk:  Angelo, it's been a pleasure talking to you.

Angelo Chattams:  No problem.

Kirk:  We wish you the best of luck wherever you end up at and we definitely look forward to seeing you play.

Angelo Chattams:  Thanks a lot for having me guys. 


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