Olds on the Bucknuts Radio Hour (1/31/01)

(This interview took place on 1/31/01 on the Bucknuts Radio Hour)

Kirk:  On the phone with us right now is Adam Olds.  Adam is a senior at Dublin Coffman high school who has verbally committed to play football at Ohio State next year.  Adam was the best offensive line prospect in the state of Ohio this year, and he's coming into OSU as the heir apparent to LeCharles Bentley at the center position.  Adam welcome to the Bucknuts Radio Hour.

Adam Olds:  Thank you

Kirk:  Now Adam you've already had contact with some of  the new coaches at Ohio State…tell us what you think of head coach Jim Tressel and your offensive line coach Jim Bollman.

Adam Olds:  I like them both actually.  I met Coach Bollman yesterday and I actually met Coach Tressel about two weeks ago.  I think they are really great guys.  Coach Tressel obviously is a real people person and he wants to turn everything about the program around.  He wants to turn the national championship picture around and the academic picture around…so I'm really looking forward to that.  Coach Bollman came from the Bears.  I think he's a really good coach and they're both really nice guys. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  You were out in the National All-Star game and the reports we got is you really kicked some butt out there as the center.  Did you enjoy yourself?  Did you meet some of the other Ohio State players or prospective players?

Adam Olds:  Yeah…I got to play with Ryan Cook, Angelo Chattams and Dustin Fox actually. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  Can you talk to Chattams and Fox and get them to recommit to Ohio State?

Adam Olds:  (laughs) I haven't talked to them lately, but I was thinking about calling them pretty soon.  I think that Dustin actually visited yesterday or the day before…

Mr. Bucknuts:  Maybe you can persuade them …I think you're bigger than both of them aren't you?

Adam Olds:  Yeah…I think they will both still come to Ohio State cause Tressel's a really great guy.

Mr. Bucknuts:  That's good to hear.

Adam Olds:  Yeah, he's real good with players so I definitely think they will still come to Ohio State.

Kirk:  Adam, what are some of your personal expectations for next year's season?

Adam Olds:  Well, definitely I want to play a little.  I'm going to work as hard as I can.  I'm going to work like I'm going to be the starter.  But if I don't start next year, obviously LeCharles is really really excellent, so I won't be too disappointed.  But I'm going to push for a little playing time and I'm going to push for that back up position and starting position. 

Mr. Bucknuts:  I remember when Tam Hopkins came in to the program and he made the official announcement…you've got to beat the man to be the man.  And I guess LeCharles is the guy you're going to have to beat sooner or later or you're going to have to wait a year.

Adam Olds:  Well definitely.  You make your mark younger.  That's when you get real look.  So obviously I want to make a name for myself the day I step foot on the field.  I'm going to push him so it doesn't really matter to me…he's a real good player.  But if I come in thinking everyone else is so much better than me, I'm not going to be too well off. 

Kirk:  Adam, as far as your game goes, what are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

Adam Olds:  I'm been playing center since third grade.  I've never played another position.  So I know the position from front to back .  I'm pretty quick…I'm real quick off the ball.  I'm good at moving from the shotgun.  I'm good at blocking out of that.  I'm real good at blocking back and I can control the a-gap.

Mr. Bucknuts:  Between now and I guess right after you win the state wresting championship, what are you going to do to prepare for next year's football season?

Adam Olds:  I might play Lacrosse or I might work out with sprinters in my school.  I lift 4 times a week.  So definitely plan to work out and then as soon as I hit summer, I plan to go down to Ohio State and lift and run with Coach Kennedy.

Kirk:  (E-mail question from Gregory P.) How do you find that wrestling helps you as far as football goes?

Adam Olds:  Well, a big thing is leverage and hand fighting.  Wrestling can definitely teach you leverage and hand fighting like to get the inside control of your guy…it helps to control your man and by gaining a little bit of leverage…you can push them around a little more than he gets you.  It helps with positioning and quickness.

Mr. Bucknuts:  Do you know how many days there are till the Michigan game next year?

Adam Olds:  Quite a few…(laugh)

Mr. Bucknuts:  297.  I didn't know if you were counting or not.

Adam Olds:  Is that the official count?

Mr. Bucknuts:  Yes…we're just trying to get you excited.  Listen, we appreciate you coming on.  We know we had a little trouble getting through to you last week so we appreciate your tolerance.  And we really want to welcome you to the Buckeye family Adam and we'll stay back in touch with you.

Adam Olds:  Thank you. I appreciate it. 

Kirk:  Thank you Adam.

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