Recruiting Picking Up for Hopson

The summer is a time when basketball prospects can make or break their future, and one player who has had a strong summer and is starting to see his stock rise is Scotty Hopson of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopson is getting interest from some of the top programs across the country. Read on for more on this prospect.

Scotty Hopson hoped and expected a couple of years ago that he would be in the situation. 

But already, it's exceeded his wildest imaginations.

"I did expect this a little bit," Hopson told on Tuesday evening, "but I really didn't think it would go this far – I didn't think it would get to this point."

The 6-5 junior guard from Hopkinsville, Kent. is beginning to make a name for himself in the 2008 recruiting class.  This past July was the busiest month for Hopson thus far.

Hopson played well in both Orlando and Las Vegas, earning him the right to hear from some of the top programs in the country by way of phone calls and text messages.

"Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio State, Memphis, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Clemson, Indiana, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Xavier," he said, "there have been a bunch."

The interest is reciprocal. 

Hopson has spoken to many of these same teams about making unofficial visits to their campuses later in August or most likely, September or October.

"They (schools) have called in the last couple of days or weeks to have me come up for football games," Hopson noted.  "Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan State, Clemson, Ohio State, Arizona, Miami and some others have wanted me to come up."

"I haven't made any plans so far," he adds.

Hopson is an athletic, slashing guard that can also shoot the ball. 

The young up-and-coming player from University Heights Academy also plays in the summer for the Midstate Ballerz, a successful 16-under team.

"I would say I'm flashy and I'm a good shooter," Hopson says in describing his game.  "I think I'm an all-around good player."

There's always room to get better, however.

Hopson said he knows at the college level he will need to be stronger.  So along with improving some individual aspects of basketball, he says he's in the weight room a lot.

"I work on my strength," he said, "I really need to work on my strength to prepare for the next level.  I also work on my dribbling and I continue to work on my shooting all the time."

Living in a basketball hotbed like the state of Kentucky, kids are expected to often favor Kentucky or Louisville. 

Hopson says he has interest in both schools, although he downplays calling either one his favorite program.

"I always liked Kentucky and seeing their program," he explains.  "But if I have a favorite to watch in the NCAA, I would always pick them at the beginning of the season."

Regardless of what other schools jump in the mix for Hopson now, he's already satisfied with how things are playing out.

"My summer is going real good," he said.  "I'm playing some good basketball, I think, and a lot of schools are showing interest.  I'm improving my game every day."

It's likely to get better. 

And that would be OK with Hopson.

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