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Duane Long checks in today with some recruiting stuff for club members. Today, he talks about Florida OL Andrew Bain, Maryland LB Wesley Jefferson, Tennessee OL Kenyon Buford, the must-gets from Ohio, and more.

There is much talk about recruiting offensive linemen. It looks like the Buckeyes are going to pass on all of the Ohio OLs. Matt Maizel has had his mail drop to near zero from the Buckeyes post-camp. It looks like if the Buckeyes come back on an Ohio OL, it will be Ty Hall unless someone comes out of nowhere with a monster year. At this point, I would be very surprised to see the Buckeyes offer anymore in-state players, although I could see an offer to cornerback Mike Phillips once the Buckeyes get an answer from Donte Whitner, Dareus Hiley or Ashton Youboty.  

I know the Buckeyes have targeted several out of state linemen.

Bain will be tough to get out of Florida, but he could visit.

I have spoken to Andrew Bain from Ely, Florida. He is a Student Sports Nike Camp 1st team All-American. He impressed them with a 5.15 forty and 32 reps at 185, but what really blew them away was a 4.68 shuttle time he ran. That is simply amazing for a 343 lb kid. I spoke to him and he keeps track of the Florida players who leave the state. I have spoken to him twice in the last couple of weeks. Based on my conversations with him, I think the Buckeyes could get a visit out of him. Jim Tressel is showing himself to be a master recruiter and does well in the one-on-one situations. Making sure he sees the depth chart has the potential to bring the Buckeyes an immediate impact lineman. He knows the Dillard players at Ohio State with Ely being nearby, and his teammate Ty Moss, a top 5 RB, is very high on the Buckeyes.

Kenyon Buford is another of those linemen the Buckeyes have targeted. He is massive, or should I say was. He is down to 340 from 370. I have not seen him but I have been told he was an amazingly agile 370 so he should be very impressive at 340. I spoke to him recently and he is very excited about the Buckeyes. He said Ohio State was his # 1. He is a quality kid and very well spoken. Keep the name in mind because he is the odds-on best shot for the Buckeyes to land a top offensive lineman. Buford is already qualifed.

Jefferson is still taking a look at the Bucks.

I have spoken about Wesley Jefferson on a number of occasions. I am very high on him and the Buckeyes chances of landing him. He has indicated that he wants to leave the region. He wants to go to a place where football is king. I spoke to his father recently and was as impressed with him as I was his son. Wesley Jefferson is what I call a "Tressel recruit." He is a high quality kid in addition to being one of the top 5 LBs in the country. I remember speaking to him about the policies coach Tressel implemented in regard to players going to class. He was appalled. He could not believe that Coach Tressel had to go to the lengths he has gone to to get players to go to class. He is already qualified and one of the majors he is considering is law enforcement. Something else that makes me think the Buckeyes have a real shot at landing him is that he is also considering Michigan State. That just tells me how much he is focused on the Big 10. His father was even more impressed when I told him how much Coach Tressel is committed to academic excellence in his football players.  

As I posted on the boards, I think there are 4 must haves in-state -- Prescott Burgess, Donte Whitner, Louis Irizarry and David Patterson. That is really not something I think; it is something I know. I am even more confident that they end up wearing scarlet and gray than I indicated there. Irizarry is already a Buckeye, and I can tell you a recent visit with Coach Tressel made that commitment all the more solid. I have had as much if not more interaction with Patterson than I did with Irizarry. The biggest shock of the recruiting year would be seeing Patterson go elsewhere. Whitner said he was 60-70% sure he was coming to Ohio State, but I think that is low-balling it. Burgess is a Buckeye in my opinion but something that has been buzzing around and won't go away is Florida is the Buckeyes biggest competition, not Michigan as everyone is assuming.  

Check back soon for more updates from Duane!

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