Photo Gallery : Dover Vs. Canton South

On a beautiful night for football at a terrific high school stadium in Dover, Canton South battled Dover until the last possesion that resulted in fumbled punt that allowed the Tornadoes to run out the clock and claim the hard-fought victory in front of the home crowd. Devon Torrence and his younger brother Devoe are highligted in this gallery along with Dover's Dan Ifft and Perci Garner.

Photo Gallery : Dover Vs. Canton South

Dover head coach Dan Ifft and South head coach Moe Daniska.

Dover cheerleaders

South cheerleaders

Devon Torrence

Devoe Torrence

J'Keem Waters

Dan Ifft

Perci Garner

Dover captains

South captains

Ifft hauled in a 15-yard fade pass for a the game's first score.

Devoe Torrence is about to break off an 80-yard touchdown run here.

Ifft was also making plays on the defensive side of the ball until he started cramping up in the second half.

Waters with the carry on this play.

Devon Torrence also cramped up in the second half.

Devon Torrence did catch a 14-yard touchdown pass with 3:42 left in the game to make the score 21-19. The two-point conversion failed.

South for Dover to punt but Devono Torrence fumbled the punt back to Dover with 1:34 left in the game. Garner about to take a knee to end the game on this play.

Final score!

For one night anyway, Dover was number one!

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