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Bucknuts Radio Wrap-up - 7/31

Today's Bucknuts Radio Hour featured Curt Lukens and Dave Biddle. <A HREF="">Click here to listen.</A> Below is a wrap-up.

It was a fun Bucknuts Radio Hour today as we were joined by Curt Lukens as well as Dave Biddle live from practice. 

Curt, who committed to Ohio State in June, was a great interview as he talked about his recruitment and plans for the future at OSU.  Curt was offered by Florida, Penn State and Pittsburgh, but when Ohio State offered, he decided to accept right away.  He said that Coach Tressel had offered him in his office, and then the coach left the room, and Curt's dad said that if this is what Curt wanted, go ahead and accept.  Curt was offered as an Athlete and plays WR and LB in high school, but he is looking to play either strong safety or free safety in college. 

Curt described himself as a mix of Jack Tatum and Jack Lambert.  He had a great quote -- "Nothin's better than going out and hitting on Friday night."  Curt is 6-2, 205, has a 4.47 40 time, and had 125 tackles and 10 sacks on defense last year with 50 catches for 950 yards on offense. 

Dave was on the phone right after today's practice, and he gave some thoughts on what he saw today as well as what he's seen so far.  He emphasized on the air that it is early and it's tough to tell, but based on what he has seen, he did make a few evaluations.  Here are some of the things he mentioned:

  • Today, Mike D'Andrea and Bobby Carpenter were switching back and forth between the Mike and Sam linebacker positions.  Coach Tressel was once again lined up at fullback with Coach Spencer at tailback.
  • Dave feels that in general, the players in this class are "huge" physically.  He said some look beyond their years in that regard.  He also said that this class seems to be very solid mentally as well.
  • Maurice Clarett and Michael Roberts have not been to practice, but that is because they are actually, by rule, not allowed to practice.
  • These defensive backs, as reported, are big.  Dave said Brandon Mitchell looks more like a linebacker, and Nate Salley is one of the quickest guys out there while being big.  Tyler Everett also looks good physically.  E.J. Underwood is the smallest of the four, but he looks very smooth. 
  • Roy Hall's size was helping in dealing with the big defensive backs.  Santonio Homes is definitely a smaller guy but was quick out there.
  • The majority of snaps in practice today went to Justin Zwick once again over Troy Smith at QB.
  • Dave said Jay Richardson definitely looked the best today out of the defensive linemen.  He said that Jay looked like he was "playing with a purpose."  They were working Richardson, Joel Penton and Tim Schafer at both the inside and outside.
  • At OL, Dave gives Rob Sims and Doug Datish the best shot at cracking the two-deep.   

Dave will be at practice in the coming days with more news and thoughts. 

Special thanks to Curt and Dave for the interviews!

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