Helwagen Chat: Sept. 2 Archive

Here are excerpts from Friday's Chat with Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. He conducts these Chat sessions each week for Bucknuts subscribers. We have four Chats this coming week: Dave Biddle (9 p.m., Tues.), Ross Lucksinger of Inside Texas (1 p.m., Wed.), Steve H. (1 p.m., Thurs.) and Gary Housteau (1 p.m., Fri.).

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:50:18 AM)
Remember next week, we have Dave Biddle at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Ross Lucksinger at 1 p.m. Wed., me at 1 p.m. Thursday and Gary on Friday. Somebody said it's a big week, I dunno.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:50:36 AM)
Here we go. Remember this is a moderated Chat, all questions come to me and I post them as I get to them.

SpielmanForPres (Sep 1, 2006 9:50:40 AM)
Hi Steve. Does a hard fought, close victory tomorrow spell a long tough road this season? And give me your expected numbers for Beanie tomorrow.... THX

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:51:54 AM)
No, I don't think it means anything in the big picture. NIU is a quality opponent with experience challenging BCS teams. They have some star power on offense with Wolfe, Horvath and Free. It may take the defense a half to adjust. But I think Ohio State will flex its muscles and I'm not sure the NIU defense can stay with Smith, Ginn, Gonzo, et al. ...

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:52:08 AM)
Regarding Wells, I see something like 12 carries, 75 yards, 1 TD.

ohs (Sep 1, 2006 9:47:35 AM)
whats wrong with Dukes? has Small played that well?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:53:50 AM)
It says a lot that they listed 6 receivers and he was not one of them. I take that to mean the others have done better than he has in camp. Says a lot when Small, who's been here 3 weeks is ahead of Albert, who has been here for his third camp. Small must be showing something. They don't make decisions on one day. They look at everything. Always remember that.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 9:54:05 AM)
I know that we have talked a lot about our secondary, but the more I think about it the more I feel good about our chances. First, they don't have to be perfect, our offense will always score 20+ a game. Second, we all know what real competition can do for the performance of individuals. Finally, we have some awesome atheletes out there. I see some breakdowns, but overall I think it will be a motivated and aggressive group. Your thoughts?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:55:31 AM)
I agree. I think that there will be some breakdowns from time to time. But if the front can influence games, it will make that learning curve much less painful. I think this is a situation where vets like Jenkins and Mitchell can lead the way.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 9:55:37 AM)
Any injuries that we need to know about? How are L. Wilson and Homan coming along?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:56:17 AM)
Sounds like Roy Hall is questionable for this game. He seems unlikely to play. That is too bad because they need him to get going this year. As far as I know, Wilson and Homan are fine.

ohs (Sep 1, 2006 9:56:20 AM)
How much will Washington play at CB vs. Smith?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:56:30 AM)
Sounds like it may be a 50-50 proposition.

keato (Sep 1, 2006 9:56:42 AM)
Steve, I know all the talk has been about the Offense and how productive it will be but my concern rests on the other side of the ball. There is no way this defense is going to click right away and with Texas and Iowa this month and at night does this scare you as well???

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:56:47 AM)
Hey Keato ...

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:58:18 AM)
Yeah, the defense must come together quickly. I think they have the athletes and the coaching. The thing I want to watch tomorrow is tackling. The great ones tackle from day one -- like Winfield in 95, Katzenmoyer, Hawk, Jenkins last year. Great defenses minimize big plays by getting the guy with the ball to the ground. You believe they will be in position. Will they make plays? Will they make tackles? That's what I am looking for tomorrow.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 9:58:23 AM)
Any recruits coming to the game this week?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:59:01 AM)
I know Mike Adams from Dublin is due in. As for others, I assume they'll have 20-30 recruits there. We'll see the names tomorrow.

ohs (Sep 1, 2006 9:59:06 AM)
Will the team be already looking to Texas and overlook NI?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 9:59:36 AM)
No, not when they come into Ohio Stadium. They will be looking to bury NIU first. Troy Smith has been talking about NIU since February, I think.

mckbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 9:59:45 AM)
Steve - Great day to be a buckeye! Are we just supper hyped for what is going to be a tremendous season or will tommorrow be an eye opener for our weaknesses.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:01:05 AM)
It will definitely be an eye opener because I doubt OSU will play a perfect game. NIU is a quality opponent. Look at Toledo taking Iowa State to 3 OTs and CMU threatening BC (what was that swinging gate crap? CMU was playing 3 on 11 on that play). The MAC can play right with the BCS teams in a lot of instances. So areas that NIU does well, those will be considered weaknesses at OSU.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:01:24 AM)
But as John Cooper always said, "Sometimes you have to give the other guy credit, too."

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:01:30 AM)
I see us shutting down the NIU run this week. Our D-line and aggressive LBs will overwhelm them.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:02:22 AM)
Probably so. Stopping the run is and always will be job one with the Heacock defense and has been at OSU for many years. I look for Pitcock, Patterson, Freeman and Laurinaitis to step up. Yards between the tackles will be minimal.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:02:27 AM)
What is the latest word on O'Neal? How much PT does he get this week?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:02:49 AM)
Maybe 20 plays, maybe more if it's a blowout. Sounds like Mitchell is the guy at SS and Russell and Smith will be the nickels.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:03:16 AM)
What is the latest on Kurt Coleman?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:04:52 AM)
I think he is somebody who is in their plans. Maybe over time he'll earn a role as a regular. He is a guy who is going to be a star, I think, at Ohio State. He just needs to bide his time and earn the coaches' trust.

AspenBuck (Sep 1, 2006 10:05:09 AM)
Steve, Duane got me really nervous the other day about the D, but here is my "talk me off the ledge rationale"

AspenBuck (Sep 1, 2006 10:05:12 AM)
Marcus Freeman was puching Bobby last year and was the reason Bobby started repping at DE. Laurinitis was ok last year, but he was out of position on the outside, he gained weight and is as big as and twice as fast as Schlegal. We will have some growing with Kerr/Homan, but Homan will grow into that position and will be a great buckeye by the end of the season. You just have to hope we get pressure on the qb with the best DL in the nation because our DBs do worry me a bit. Anderson Russell will come on and hopefully Jamario gets it soon. One of the corners needs to step up until Coleman is ready.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:06:19 AM)
Best DL in the nation? I need to see it. I want to see guys like Gholston and Wilson and Barrow and Rose deliver the goods. Agreed on Russell. There is so much potential there.

AspenBuck (Sep 1, 2006 10:06:29 AM)
Is this rational thinking?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:06:49 AM)
Yes, I think you're on the right track.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:06:51 AM)
Is Gholston "better" than Wilson?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:07:33 AM)
In Heacock's eyes he may have a slight edge just because he's been healthy. Wilson has been banged up and missed time. Unless you're a proven star, that hurts your stock. Let's see how many plays each guy gets tomorrow.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:07:35 AM)
Latest on Ben Martin?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:08:08 AM)
Told me last Sat. he likes OSU, ND, Florida and Tennessee and will probably visit each of them before deciding. May not know until Xmas or early Jan.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:08:26 AM)
I think OSU is in a great position with him, by the way. His eyes lit up when he said O-State.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:08:31 AM)
Any significant recruiting news to update us on... what are your sources saying?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:09:19 AM)
Lots of talk of offers to junior today on Sept. 1. Maybe today is the first day offers can "officially" go to juniors. Some of the obvious ones are OLs Mike Adams and Michael Brewster. We're trying to track down some others.

tcombination (Sep 1, 2006 10:09:22 AM)
Steve, what is the NCAAs policy on steroid testing?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:10:10 AM)
I think it is left to the schools. At some postseason events, there may be drug testing, though. OSU has a stringent drug testing program, from what I understand. Gene Smith made that a priority.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:10:17 AM)
Other than T. Smith, who would be the hardest shoes to fill on our team if the injury bug gets us?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:12:04 AM)
Probably Ted Ginn Jr. just because of everything he does (and could do if he gets over on defense). I think they have the depth at almost every other position to fill in if somebody goes down. I see extras at safety, CB, LB, DE. Maybe Pitcock because they are not deep at DT. You don't want to lose any of those starting OL, either. They are a cut above the rest, it seems.

NYC Buckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:12:15 AM)
Steve - A quick recruiting question...Will there be a coincidence between the 1st weekend we can offer Jrs and all the OLineman that will be visiting the Penn State game? Sounds like we have a chance to solidify the OL of the future in one weekend. Your thoughts

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:12:45 AM)
yes, I think some of those guys are close to pulling the trigger. So I think it is a good plan to get them in for an early season big game. That should be a red letter day.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:12:51 AM)
If we go up 20pts in the second half will we see a lot of younger players? When does T. Smith come out? -who comes in?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:14:45 AM)
Probably after the first series of the 3rd quarter. The slippery slope is some of the starters need a full day's work to get a base in their memory bank for the Texas game. So let them get their work in, then get the young guys in the game. My guess is Zwick would be next for at least a series or 2, then Todd Boeckman.

teddybg (Sep 1, 2006 10:14:53 AM)
hey steve when is the earliest you think we will hear about which juniors recieved offers today?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:15:33 AM)
Those kids all have games today, so it would be unfair to contact them or their coaches looking for confirmation. That's not right. Just relax. We'll get the news out there as we get it.

cjdjbucknuts (Sep 1, 2006 10:19:50 AM)
I think we will have a huge advantage vs most teams in the offensive line. I think Pittman will get around 1500 and the Wells boys get another 1000 together, and If you add in Troy's passsing yards Does this offense have any chance to break any school records?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:21:06 AM)
Breaking records? Well there are some lofty records out there. I don't think Tressel is worried about that. If Pittman goes for 1500 and Wells goes for 1000, then I can't believe anybody could beat them. That would be incredible. I don't see them having quite that much success, though.

OTTOBUCK (Sep 1, 2006 10:21:11 AM)
Sorry I'm late. Who gets to dot the "i" on Saturday?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:21:23 AM)
Pittman, then Chris Wells, if I'm the coach.

jpars82 (Sep 1, 2006 10:21:25 AM)
What'd you think of Brandon Saine last week. He looked like a RB to me. I hear Gary's going to watch him this week(tonight?).

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:21:51 AM)
yes, looked like a stocky RB, love his breakaway speed, love the way he breaks tackles. Yes, GH is en route.

teddybg (Sep 1, 2006 10:21:59 AM)
will the light go on this year for jamario or do you not see him starting untill next season?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:22:26 AM)
Give him some time. Maybe he gets in there by midseason. It will be how he responds to coaching and learns his assignments, etc.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:22:30 AM)
How would you compare Oliver, Peake, Clifford, and Torrence? Are they all safties? How would you rank them?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:23:08 AM)
Oliver is a safety, Peake is probably an undersized OLB, Clifford is definitely a safety, Torrence could probably play RB, CB or safety, depends what you need.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:23:31 AM)
Ranking them? Clifford then prolly Torrence, Oliver and Peake in some close order.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:23:36 AM)
Does getting Torrence help us get his "little" brother? We are hearing that HE is the beast.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:24:03 AM)
It could not hurt. I think Devon likes OSU a lot. Have to think Devoe is probably the same way.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:24:14 AM)
They say OSU is a big deal in Stark County.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:24:23 AM)
Can you tell us what you know or have seen about Soloman Thomas. How good is he? How does he compare to those we already have?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:25:47 AM)
Thomas plays extremely hard. He is 6-5 and 225 pounds. He probably needs to gain some weight to play at the Big Ten level. I like him a lot. Rose probably wasn't far from this 12 or 18 months ago. He just goes and goes. He has a big heart and you can't teach heart.

me (Sep 1, 2006 10:25:58 AM)
Was Kerr moved to outside linebacker because he is better out there or it is easier to relace him with Homan or Moeller? Seemed like his(Kerr) fate was set in the spring game not to hold a starting job for the year.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:27:44 AM)
I think the move was made because they wanted Laurinaitis in the middle. They apparently didn't even tell the players until the start of camp. They obviously still think Kerr is among their top 3 LBs. Guys, this is a mix-and-match thing. My guess is James will also play some OLB as they experiment with personnel rotations. Roles are not clearly defined or etched in stone as some may think. Homan and Moeller have a chance to earn a bigger role, certainly. But the coaches probably trust the experienced Kerr a little more at this point.

hammbone1928 (Sep 1, 2006 10:27:57 AM)
OL we probably won't get O'Dowd & the kid from NJ , so we won't get any OL. this yr. from ofs, do you think OS offers Wetterer?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:28:59 AM)
They may come back in on an Ohio OL if they see they strike out outside the state. They already have Blankenship. They may only want one more.

woody68 (Sep 1, 2006 10:29:14 AM)
Have you heard about any 2008 prospects being offered today?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:29:58 AM)
I think Brewster and Adams are the top 2. I have a list of candidates but we have not confirmed them. It is a Friday game day for kids and their coaches. They're off limits to media today, usually. We will be following up in next several days.

Boomer (Sep 1, 2006 10:30:02 AM)
Any idea why Dukes isn't faring well on depth chart? The times I've seen him on the field, he moves like a thoroughbred.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:30:24 AM)
OSU has some great competition for him with Hartline, Robiskie and Small. That probably says it all.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:30:27 AM)
Why aren't we offering any QBs this year?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:30:51 AM)
They don't see any they like who they can reasonably get. They have 3 coming back next year. They must have their eyes on somebody for next year.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:31:00 AM)
Does a big year from T. Smith, and a more opened up offense, help us to get a bigtime "national" recruit at QB?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:31:05 AM)
It couldn't hurt.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:31:30 AM)
I see Kerr getting 7-8 tackles with his nose for the football. Does that keep Homan off the field against Texas?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:31:50 AM)
If Kerr plays well, they won't be in a hurry to play Homan. We'll have to see, I guess.

OTTOBUCK (Sep 1, 2006 10:31:58 AM)
Any chance of using Grant in a 3-4 with him on either side to rush?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:32:19 AM)
They may show some wrinkles like that. They never call it the 3-4, but at times that's what it looked like.

NYC Buckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:32:29 AM)
If you look at the OSU and Texas teams onpaper where do you see our advantages

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:33:34 AM)
Texas has a veteran team with great skill position guys and some talented linemen and LBs. They are a little weak in the secondary. They are almost mirror images. I think OSU has the edge at QB, while Texas has the edge with more experience than OSU on defense.

lharbers (Sep 1, 2006 10:33:40 AM)
What do you think Saturdays score will be?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:33:46 AM)
I said 38-17, home team.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:33:57 AM)
OSU should pull away as the game wears on.

hammbone1928 (Sep 1, 2006 10:34:03 AM)
What is the biggest priority recruiting next yr? I would say DT

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:34:16 AM)
Yes, DT and OL (they have that covered) and QB probably.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:34:45 AM)
How would you compare Barksdale, Jeremiah, and Brent? Can you rank them?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:35:35 AM)
Brent I do not know much about. I think he is highly regarded. Barksdale is a gigantic human at like 6-6, 315 or bigger. Prototype DT probably. Jeremiah will be growing into the position. I think he is like 6-4, 280 or so.

rbuck (Sep 1, 2006 10:35:43 AM)
Change of topics, Any word on Oden and the Multi Million Dollar wrist?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:36:31 AM)
I'm hearing rumblings it may not be as bad as everybody says and he could resume some activity. But when he gets back, he'll be back. There is no hurry. The committee will take the injury into account and look at OSU's record with him and base the seed (mostly) on that.

hammbone1928 (Sep 1, 2006 10:36:39 AM)
Depth at DT, is Denlinger listed in 2 deep? isn't he alittle light & short on exp? Thanks

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:38:05 AM)
It's either Denlinger or barely eligible Abdallah or freshman Larimore. Ain't exactly a ton of depth at the position. Todd earned it. He can play.

Boomer (Sep 1, 2006 10:38:13 AM)
Steve, aside from inexperience on D, what do you think coaches' greatest concerns are in terms of performance on either side of the ball going into this season?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:38:52 AM)
On offense it may be "protecting" Ted. With no Holmes, defenses will key on him. On defense, it has to be pressuring the QB to take heat off the back 7.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:38:58 AM)
How do the Buckeyes recruit guys all the way out in California? Tapes enough? Do they have "sources" out there?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:40:02 AM)
The staff is in constant communication with high school coaches out there. The coaches make trips out there when allowed and learn who the top players and underclassmen are. It's a process. I'm sure they have trusted sources out there as well making recommendations like former players, etc.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:40:11 AM)
When I think about our Texas game last year I remember putting up a lot of points even when we rotated QBs. Their defense is coming back but this is a much different offense. Can't we put up 30+?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:41:13 AM)
Lots of points is a misnomer. They had one TD and got cute in the red zone and had to settle five FGs. If they punch three or four of those into the end zone, then, yeah, they'll get their 30.

OTTOBUCK (Sep 1, 2006 10:41:23 AM)
Are you sure coach Tressel would like us talking about Texas before Northern Illinois?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:41:41 AM)
No, he probably would not approve (ha ha). Good thing is none of us will be on the field tomorrow.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:41:44 AM)
Any nice QBs in Ohio next year?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:42:02 AM)
Domonick Britt from Trotwood is nice. Good size, good athlete, will be a 3-year starter.

Boomer (Sep 1, 2006 10:42:08 AM)
IYO, which defensive player is most likely to have fans buzzing after the game?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:42:29 AM)
Freeman or Gholston. Freeman could get 10 stops. Gholston if he gets a couple sacks and looks good doing it.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:42:37 AM)
They are difference maker athletes.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:42:45 AM)
Can R. Small play after only summer camp?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:43:04 AM)
Why not? I don't think you will see him on offense much. Maybe in the return game.

westonbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:43:09 AM)
13-0! and that is all I have to say about that

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:43:24 AM)
I vote 12-1. They need to prove to me they can win road night games.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:43:30 AM)
Why do I not hear more about Amos? He was awesome in high school.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:44:13 AM)
He is still competing as well. They have 3-4 good young corners with Amos, Washington and Coleman.

JIMSHOES (Sep 1, 2006 10:44:23 AM)
re QB: any opinion on Belton from Northmont?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:45:04 AM)
I like him. Great upside. Some may not like him because he is big and mechanical, but he is a great kid. Great to see him pick up where he left off. I think he can help somebody. Maybe he is a pocket passing system QB.

hammbone1928 (Sep 1, 2006 10:45:37 AM)
Every yr. JT offers a lot of CB'S this yr it's 10 to 12 do you think he will even get 1, the best chance was the kid from Mich who committed to FL.ST. thanks

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:46:06 AM)
Yeah, it's weird the network databases have like 20 OSU offers and 10 of them are to DBs. Makes you wonder if they're all valid.

mckbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:46:33 AM)
Steve-OL prospect from Georgia - any news on him?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:47:14 AM)
Claytor committed to Georgia Tech, great way to get their big weekend started.

Boomer (Sep 1, 2006 10:47:31 AM)
Defensive player whose stock is likely to go up the most this season?.. I say Coleman. Seems like a playmaker!

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:48:09 AM)
Yep, I like Coleman a lot. If he gets a chance, he could spark some people.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:48:41 AM)
Let's see

hammbone1928 (Sep 1, 2006 10:48:47 AM)
One of the positions that really concerns me DT if we lose Pitcock we are in a bad situation do you agree?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:49:08 AM)
I agree. They are dangerously thin at DT. They need the three seniors to stay healthy.

westonbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:49:30 AM)
Are any of the walk ons who just got scholarships going to see any real PT? or is this just a thank you for your efforts kind of thing?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:50:27 AM)
Whaley is the backup center. Robinson is a key special teams guy. Franzinger must be on specials as well. It is a thank you. They couldn't run practice without walk-ons. This gives them all something to shoot for when they become juniors and seniors.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:50:35 AM)
Sounds like Robiskie is clearly ahead of Hartline. Also sounds like Hall better hurry up and get back on the field before Robiskie takes his spot!

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:50:46 AM)
I'll say this -- I want to see how Robiskie does.

OTTOBUCK (Sep 1, 2006 10:50:49 AM)
Isn't Kerr a walk on?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:51:27 AM)
John Kerr is a walk-on as a transfer from Indiana. Can't give scholarships to intraconference transfers.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:51:32 AM)
Where is Lyons? What seems to be the problem?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:51:39 AM)
He's hurt. Shoulder, I think.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:51:41 AM)
What ever happened to Joe Bauserman? What was the story?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:51:59 AM)
Got drafted by the Pirates to play baseball and took that.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:52:13 AM)
What happened to D'Andrea? His knee just couldn't take the pounding?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:52:35 AM)
That seems to be it. Tressel said it is a "quality of life" issue now and his football is apparently over. He needs surgery (again).

westonbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:52:44 AM)
I really got a good feeling about Hartline....do you?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:52:56 AM)
Yep, I liked what I saw in the spring.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:53:04 AM)
How much do the Buckeyes use the fullback this year?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:53:29 AM)
Not much, maybe 30 percent of the time. White could line up as a wingback.

Hicks74 (Sep 1, 2006 10:53:35 AM)

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:53:43 AM)
Ha ha. here's another.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:53:45 AM)
At what point in the season does Bucknuts update the high school rankings "stars"?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:54:23 AM)
Scout updates all rankings. We don't have any input on it.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:54:26 AM)
I am a question MACHINE

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:54:34 AM)
Yep, you are.

Hicks74 (Sep 1, 2006 10:54:36 AM)
He is typing with his friggin' feet !!

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:54:44 AM)
Ok, just 1-2 more and I gotta go ...

Mizax (Sep 1, 2006 10:54:47 AM)
Steve, your thoughts on Donald Washington, Nevada says he could be the next in line of the great corners at OSU.......

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:55:24 AM)
Yes, observers like what they saw of Donald at the public practice. He has some skills and can turn his hips. That is important. I want to see how he does tomorrow.

mckbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:55:30 AM)
Steve - Nice to see Northwestern win their game after Randy passed. Did you see Toledo? College football - what a game!

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:55:56 AM)
I saw some of the highlights of Toledo. College football is the greatest game out there. I don't like the timing changes at all.

mckbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:56:42 AM)
Steve - I'm afraid your right. Could take away some amazing finishes!

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:56:54 AM)
Any big upsets this weekend?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:57:08 AM)
Maybe Ga Tech at home over ND. I picked ND 31-30, though.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:57:24 AM)
I gotta run. Great to see you all.

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:57:26 AM)
Next Nevada chat?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:57:42 AM)
Usually third Monday of the month. So probably the 18th.

mckbuckeye (Sep 1, 2006 10:57:47 AM)
Thanks Steve!

chuangtsu (Sep 1, 2006 10:57:49 AM)
Steve, thanks for the awesome chat (and thanks for keeping up with all of the questions)!

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:58:01 AM)
Moderation is off, chat among yourselves if you like.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 1, 2006 10:58:14 AM)
Take care!!

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